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  1. The Psychedelic Music of Glastonbury

    Me too! A lot! Julian Cope is the arch drood, a hero of mine and quite unmissable. However, the week before the festival first debut fiction novel is being released. His slot might not be musical, it might be a reading. In any case, I'll be there.
  2. Kasabian 2014

    Really like this interview: http://www.digitalspy.co.uk/music/interviews/a576080/kasabian-interview-weve-never-given-a-fk-and-were-real.html#~oGuRLsrlswDuUo "I remember if I had a CD that was like 15 quid or whatever, y'know half your wages and you would go 'Oh no this is rubbish what have I done? I've got to listen to it again!' and then 5, 6 listens in you're like 'This is amazing'. When you just give something 30 seconds on some laptop speakers and then you review it and go 'Oh this is s**t - bang, I just hate that'. It's horrible that culture of form an opinion after 20 seconds then tell everyone on the Internet it's s**t." Yes yes yes! Kasabian were fantastic live when they were touring their first album. They used to open with ID, and it was truly a shivers-down-the-spine opener. Not seen them since I made the immense mistake of choosing them over the Pixies at Leeds 2005. A cramped tent, full of horrible drunks, couldn't see a thing, couldn't stop thinking about what I was missing. Sort of put me off them. Then yesterday, I heard Days Are Forgotten in a pub, and I realised that a part of me actually quite fancies watching them at Glastonbury. It won't happen, though, as Massive Attack are on my bucket list.
  3. Nick Cave

    Pyramid does not - repeat, NOT - equate to the V Festival. Billy Bragg would NEVER play the V-Festival. V-Festival would NEVER allow for Mali musicians to open proceedings each day. And, most of all, NEVER IN A THOUSAND YEARS would you EVER see CHARITY videos between bands at V-Festival. I realised this year that the Pyramid Stage is the place where I can have my cake and eat it. There I can see some pretty huge acts yet still bask in the Glastonbury counter-culture glory. Also, though I've never been to V-Festival, I'm sure they dream of replicating the MAGIC of a PYRAMID HEADLINER. Also, Acoustic = Greenman? Try Guilfest. The Park Stage has more in common with Greenman. And though I don't quite buy your theory, for what it's worth, Avalon = either Beautiful Day, Wickerman or Bearded Theory.
  4. Nick Cave

    So it was a tent that was new in which bands played? Marvellous. I can't explain The Acoustic Tent either, but every time I glance at the line-up I vaguely understand why every band who's playing is playing in The Acoustic Tent. Like absolutely everything that has anything to do with music, it's one of those things that you just can't put your finger on but understand completely nonetheless. I'd quite like a tent that catered for the whole ATP scene. The Park is but halfway there.
  5. Nick Cave

    I've no idea what the JP Stage remit is these days. Between them and The Other Stage there seems to be room for anyone who might have played Reading & Leeds anywhere on the bill. It would make sense were it still, in anything but name, the New Bands tent. But in recent years we've had Gang of Four, Doves, Echo & The Bunnymen, DJ Shadow. It's "just another stage" now - albeit one that seems perfectly content to accommodate no end of flashes in no end of pans. I don't want Nick Cave to headline there, because in there it's horrible.
  6. Nick Cave

    I LOVE Push The Sky Away. I think its genius is perfectly encapsulated in a single line on Wide Lovely Eyes - the one that refers to mermaids hanging from lampposts by their hair. Such a dark, disturbing (and deeply strange) image in such a lovely song. The album's full of them. In fact, I can't think of a single other Nick Cave album (with the possible exception of Henry's Dream) more chock full of wonderful and vivid imagery. Every song's like a neon Bosch painting recast in stark black and white.
  7. Nick Cave

    Jesus. Does your boyfriend get stroppy when you're mean to him in his dreams, too?
  8. Nick Cave

    I assumed he was painting the fence. Creaming, though. My, what an image.
  9. Nick Cave

    I've heard your name round the way...
  10. Nick Cave

    Oh I don't know, Chewie. Smashing Pumpkins have a habit of clashing with Nick Cave.
  11. Nick Cave

    I'd like to see him play: Slowly Goes The Night Hidin' It All Away Oh My Lord The Carny (imagine!) When I First Came To Town Up Jumped The Devil Idieally back to back, in the same set, on Halloween night, in some kind of haunted castle.
  12. Nick Cave

    It's damp and scary here, but we're nice to each other and read a lot of books.
  13. Nick Cave

    I saw someone wearing a Fantomas t-shirt during Cave's set. Was that you? Quite near the front?
  14. Nick Cave

    Don't give up! That Nick was DOMINATING the Pyramid stage proves that he's a lot more suitable than the trust fund Wurzels. If Mumford & Sons ever play again, they'll play at 12:25pm on Sunday morning on The Pyramid stage in about 20 years - c.f. The Waterboys, 2007. If they can survive that long, that is.
  15. Nick Cave

    Wow, two exclamation marks and everything. Your conviction is...overwhelming. I find myself turning away from that which I hold so dear.