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  1. Word Association Game

  2. Galtres Festival destroy Traders Lives

    https://www.facebook.com/galtresfestival.org.uk?fref=nf It is with great sadness that we inform you that Parklands Festival 2015 will not take place. Advance ticket sales have not met projections, and we cannot proceed without certainty that all event costs will be met. so no surprises there
  3. Galtres Festival destroy Traders Lives

    from the most recent post on facebook " We'd hoped to have been able to bring you more programme news this week, but there have been delays with contracts etc which are beyond our control " why am I not surprised, do you think there is a bookmaker anywhere that will take a bet that this festival will not go ahead this year?
  4. Galtres Festival destroy Traders Lives

    an update on facebook People who have bought earlybird tickets, Friends membership or merchandise they've not received may be entitled to a refund if they file a dispute with PayPal. That doesn't mean we're saying there won't be a 2015 festival - not at all - it's just that the company situation is still being unravelled and there's a way to go before the situation is clear. And there's a time limit for refunds. Of course, if you get a refund, there's nothing to stop you buying a new ticket for 2015 at a later stage. And if you don't it's likely the ticket you've already bought will be honoured by the company operating next year's event. Just all a bit uncertain right now. Sorry to everyone that it all got so complicated. We'll post updates here as soon as we can fortunately paypal has recently increased the time limit to claim for ticket disputes from 45 to 180 days so still time to claim
  5. Galtres Festival destroy Traders Lives

    I sent an email to Chamberlain and co wishing to be added as a creditor before the cut off time but have to date received no reply but even if on the list don't expect much back from that but the good news is Paypal has refunded the early bird so if anyone else paid for an early bird with paypal and not claimed best hurry up as I think the desdline expires soon
  6. Galtres Festival destroy Traders Lives

    not much good to me as the £45 on mine was for working on the bar but at least looks hopeful for the paypal claim for the earlybird ticket
  7. Galtres Festival destroy Traders Lives

    a new statement has been issued and restrictions put on the facebook group http://www.galtresfestival.org.uk/
  8. Galtres Festival destroy Traders Lives

    it is not only traders that will be out of pocket but I suspect everybody who had credit left on their card, I have worked on the bar for the last 3 years for which we get credit on our card and due to doing extra shifts and not feeling that well on the sunday it still had £45 left on it. I had already purchased an early bird ticket for 2015 but as payed with paypal started a dispute for non delivery as the payment was made to the company which has according to the galtres website ceased trading. But not surprised they are in trouble when they moved to the much larger site last year they expanded too much and lost a lot of the atmosphere it previously had, and that with the change from paper tokens to an troublesome electronic system put off a lot of people from returning this year.
  9. Festival Number 6 - Portmeirion, Wales

    £190.50 with a camper !! they can get lost at those prices
  10. The Documentary Film Thread

    I like the old classic such as 'Night Mail' and many others from the GPO Film Unit. released 1936, it only took 50 years for the sequal 'Night Mail II' to be commissioned and a bit more up to date 1972 Crystal Voyager (with Pink Floyd soundtrack) classic surf movie. American surfer-cameraman George Greenhough rides the waves from California to Byron Bay
  11. The Pets Thread

    got this imprisioned on my lawn which also often has hedgehogs on it not sure if they are passing through or friends of the bunny just visiting the incarcerated one.
  12. still here then. not banned yet

  13. Bon Matin, mon cher. So 100th not far off. lol. Any big plans?

  14. santa

    pics of drunken santa
  15. cropredy