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  1. General News Discussion

    I said: "Is the prospect of Bernie Sanders becoming president as mad and unlikely as Corbyn being prime minister?" without anything further from me, you then said: "Which is BY FAR the biggest problem with Corbyn. tony wants to pretend we all think Corbyn's a shit leader because of how perfect he is. Which only shows tony's faults alongside Jezza's." you popped first it's an easy mistake to make  
  2. General News Discussion

    I think you should recap on the thread.   You had a pop at me before I said anything  Now, I could call you a liar, but I'll put it down to a mistake
  3. General News Discussion

    Try to start a discussion about Sanders in America, in relation to Corbyn here, and in the blink of an eye, I'm being called a liar.... Hey ho 
  4. General News Discussion

    Have you seen the Monty Python sketch, with the phrase book where all the translations are completely wrong? I think Neil has a dictionary like that, where definitions are wrong. He has an interesting use for the verb 'to lie' I might make mistakes, but I don't lie
  5. Headliners 2016

    A headline set is usually not a full set. Anything less than a headline set is just a sample of an act.
  6. General News Discussion

    you nasty, small minded, stupid, patronising, obviously-had-isssues-when-growing-up-and-has-ended-up-being-a-bully, doesn't know a tight bunch of musicians fom a sloppy one, needs to win topics rather than debating them, thinks he knows what other people mean when he doesn't, lying, c**t
  7. General News Discussion

    feel better? 
  8. General News Discussion

    (^^that is a quote that I couldn't delete on my phone...I know, I'm stupid ) Is the prospect of Bernie Sanders becoming president as mad and unlikely as Corbyn being prime minister? 
  9. General News Discussion

  10. Headliners 2016

    any Hyde Park shows are gonna be shit. The noise levels are preposterous, half the crowd are on corporate jollys, then there's the curfew
  11. West Holts 2016 - would love to see list

    fuck my old boots, and my new ones... that's a great line-up!!
  12. Prince doing Hendrix @ Isle of Wight

    that's cynicism, isn't it..?  yea, he might have gone downhill, but I liked the stuff he was doing up until he died. If anything would have made him be less interesting in his possible later life, it would have been his management
  13. General News Discussion

    I don't think she's stupid.  In fact I know she's not So if you think she is, well.......
  14. General News Discussion

    I suppose we could have a pointless discussion about the difference between the 'edit rules' and the 'edit box' but fuck it.....
  15. Prince doing Hendrix @ Isle of Wight

    He might have got better...?