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  1. TRNSMT Festival 2017

    There's now a 3D map on their Facebook page. The two bars look small! Can see there being crazy waiting times when an act finishes. There's doesn't seem to be that many food stalls either. Does anyone know if you'll be able to leave the arena and then get back in? I know you couldn't at the summer sessions and R1BW
  2. TRNSMT Festival 2017

    It depends how much you want to be close to the city centre? There's two hotels out my way which have recently been refurbished to a high standard and are right beside train stations. One is the Belmill in Bellshill which is about 15mins from the town centre on a train and about £20 in a taxi. The other is Angels Hotel in Uddingston which is about 10mins in a train from town and about £15 a taxi. Both hotels should still have normal rates
  3. TRNSMT Festival 2017

    Yeah, I imagine theyll continue to announce acts an act or two every couple of weeks to push tickets
  4. TRNSMT Festival 2017

    Was thinking The View may be a decent shout for a King Tuts headliner one night - probably Friday or Sunday? Just with them being on tour this summer, having just played 6 gigs at King Tuts venue and previously posting on their twitter about the festival despite not having being announced as playing... And Geoff Ellis's love of them!
  5. TRNSMT Festival 2017

    Cliffs and a biro when I clicked on there. So that's biffy clyro confirmed
  6. TRNSMT Festival 2017

    Also, have Radiohead's other shows sold out? Was wondering if the delay could be due to them not wanting to be confirmed until there other shows had sold out
  7. TRNSMT Festival 2017

    I know a good few people that have booked hotels in Glasgow on the back of the daily record/sun articles which suggested that Kasabian would headline the Saturday with Liam Gallagher supporting. We now know that isn't happening but there's going to a lot of unhappy people who will feel duped when they buy tickets unless the headliners are confirmed tonight
  8. TRNSMT Festival 2017

    I wouldn't rule out Guetta as a secone stage headliner as he seems to be playing a few fests this summer.
  9. TRNSMT Festival 2017

    I take it it's not today then? I'm not buying tickets until I find out at least some of the acts
  10. TRNSMT Festival 2017

    Radiohead, Foo Fighters and Coldplay would be very strong headliners! I must admit that I'm quite excited to find out what the lineup is even though I'm not sure whether I will buy a full weekend ticket - I just hope it's not a major letdown like many of the T line-ups recently
  11. TRNSMT Festival 2017

    Is Geoff Ellis involved in this?
  12. TRNSMT Festival 2017

    What makes you think The Killers will be wrong? I thought DF would defo go for them considering how popular they are up here
  13. TRNSMT Festival 2017

    Biffy is a very weird one. 3 big Glasgow shows in a year off the back of the same album is ripping the pish
  14. TRNSMT Festival 2017

    Think that rules Noel out then
  15. TRNSMT Festival 2017

    Is there any confirmation of how many stages there will be? Anyone seen any planning permission documents. It will be interesting to see if they have a pop/dance music stage or if there will just be a stage for smaller acts. My predictions for main headliners are: Friday: Radiohead/Coldplay Saturday: Foo Fighters/Kasabian/KoL Sunday: the killers/Coldplay