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  1. The Uber Uber Uber mega list to end all list

    a bump to my own thread that was bumping/ copying another thread cos I'm starting to get my shit together tonight maybe useful or not to you
  2. The Uber Uber Uber mega list to end all list

    never really thought of pillow cases, I've always used blow up pillows with a t-shirt around/ on top
  3. The Uber Uber Uber mega list to end all list

    bumping, because i'm packing - slightly in the glasto mood!!!
  4. main

  5. The Uber Uber Uber mega list to end all list

        ye gods http://www.amazon.co.uk/Sony-Ericsson-K800i-Mobile-Phone/dp/B000QUOCEO 79pound!!!
  6. The Uber Uber Uber mega list to end all list

    your right I will take sky lanterns off - cos they're dangerous I know gazebos are discouraged, but if done right they do not take up any space
  7. The Uber Uber Uber mega list to end all list

    Ummm, please read the description "BASICALLY...it is pretty much everything/anything you could possibly need or want to take to Glasto, or any fest for that matter...it is NOT a list that needs to be utterly adhered to...merely an extremely long check list for one and all to tick off against!"
  8. The Uber Uber Uber mega list to end all list

    yes, I've cut the list down for me and added a 'dry bag' full of stuff for the trip home (snacks and clothes) I'll add it to the list
  9. Can't find the original - reposting since its just helped me with thanks to LusciousLucy Right... to save repeat thread syndrome...I have gone a bit of a harvest and have collated a list to end all lists. Its sort of in order and lists everything that has been suggested to take to a fest since 2003. BASICALLY...it is pretty much everything/anything you could possibly need or want to take to Glasto, or any fest for that matter...it is NOT a list that needs to be utterly adhered to...merely an extremely long check list for one and all to tick off against! There are the usual things then there are additional tranklements that are not necessarily needed. PLEASE dont do a quote in reply if possible cos once you see the size of this list you will see why. So here it is...I have gone as far back looking at old lists...enjoy! IF there is ANYTHING else that you can think of...I wish you luck my friends...please just post afterwards!!! tent + pegs <<< and a few spare sleeping bags rucksack tarpaulin rubber mallet flag, flag pole and flag spikes <<< get your order in ASAP with Skyblue! gazebo - NOTE these are being discourage by GFL, if you do decide to bring one, make sure you set it up as to not take any extra room up mobile phones spare mobile phone batteries <<< cheap off ebay and delivers you frm the need of wasting hours messing around with the Orange Tent! maglite torches/ lantern torch / lantern head torch/Orbital lights torch radio <<< wind ups are very good…there are solar panelled ones too spare batteries seating <<< PLEASE don’t leave behind unless it truly broken! Inflatable sofa/chair…highly recommended! cameras <<< invest in a Sony Ericcson k800i and a 2 gig card! Your festival friend! solar panels with phone charging capabilities <<< £9.99 from Maplins – every adaptor except k800s blow up bed / lilo <<< instead of blow up bed…buy at least 2 lilo’s from Poundland, uber cheap and light, and just as comfy as one of those heavy jobbies! Battery powered pump for the blow up bed pillows <<< blow up / snooz comfy type / normal type, its your call clothes pegs <<< for whatever reason…but ace for space blanket attaching to tent binbags <<< for campsite rubbish, v good as impromptu ponchos and seats carrier bags IKEA bags for lugging on site Sack trolley / wheel barrow / home made number…BUT tighten those nuts peeps! Granny trolley a no-no…don’t underestimate the size of the tractor ruts Pen and paper for message leaving swiss army knife Camping table / tray table thermal mugs solar shower water containers space blanket<<< if all goes well might be supplying the WHOLE of efests…watch this space wool blanket <<< but to lighten the load, purchase one on Wednesday evening at Joe Banana’s a short walk from the Zider Bus Schmangle blanket disposable knife/fork/spoons OR a camping cutlery set cool bag/cool packs <<< if you don’t mind lugging a load, freeze 2 litre water bottles and your mixer juices before hand, these will defrost slowly and keep your drinks / bacon cool til Friday at least Disposable BBQs Firewood bags <<< if you can be buggered to carry them Fire bricks <<< last longer than fire wood…will search out old thread about these kettle / saucepan frypan washing up liquid and bowl if cooking bucket for water carrying/beer cooling plates <<< plastic or disposable scourers/brush tea towels cooker <<< gas type in a case/trangia/gas standy uppy sort Meths for Trangia / gas canisters for cooker firelighters lighters string Scissors Safety pins gaffa tape <<< your festy friend straps/bungees/clingfilm plastic cups pee tools <<< wide necked bottles (ewww) or for the ladies, a she-pee loo roll <<< rumours of free stuff still needing finalising tissues <<< multi packs of Handy Andies from Poundland…a total festy essential for the girls wet wipes <<<THE ULTIMATE festy friend…gives gaffa tape a run in the contest for most important item sunglasses sun hat sun cream e-45 cream aqueous cream Savlon Vaseline Lip balm ear plugs shampoo (2-in-1) leave in conditioner soap <<< sealable placcy bag to keep it in toothbrush toothpaste razer contact kits compact mirror <<< flat pack sort from a cheapo pharmacy v good but hide deep in your rucksack cos of no glass rule insect repellent hair brush gas powered straighteners if you MUST! first aid kit eye masks (wtf!) apparently very useful for mid day power naps hayfever tablets <<< or start your Beconase course NOW! Rehydration packs Imodium <<< although the Tesco’s own stuff is half the price and exactly the same ingredients! Condoms Throat sweets Dust mask deodorant Multi vits mouthwash <<< but only if you want to! flannel small towel noodles / easily cookable food snack food <<< Nutri grain always a good un orange squash/juice complan/soup tea + coffee UHT milk <<< start lifting small cartons from cafes now! Booze <<< cans for beer and placcy bottles with spirits in! NO GLASS…or the security will take it off you Fags to last the fest Baccy Rizlas Camera film case to use as an ashtray and fag butt holder 5HTP <<< for serotonin boosting…work the following week will be SOOOO much easier! Indulgences <<<whatever takes your fancy…but remember...JUST SAY NO KIDS! Chewing gum Ketchup! Some non-water soap/alcohol hand rub <<< festy essential, v good for staving off Glasto Belly! OR JUST WAH YOUR HANDS AT EVERY OPPORTUNITY!!! ibuprofen paracetemol Waterproofs, tops and bottoms waterproof mac in sac poncho wellies <<< DON’T leave in the boot even if the forecast is for sun all weekend! Sturdy boots trainers socks x 10 knickers/pants enough as you like warm jumper <<< one will be enough unless the forecast is bad, bring 2 festy ware <<< check weather threads for what to decide what to pack gloves/wrist warmers e-festivals t-shirts x 2 efestivals fleece pj's warm hat to sleep in camp decorations camo netting for shade fairy lights (battery powered LED ones have 50 hour life) OR try Solar ones off ebay from Hong Kong fancy dress outfit(s) pirate gear cowboy hat fairy wings guitar harmonica frisbee Juggling balls Poi Glowsticks Beer belt Pack of cards Cheque book Cash A 'dry bag' full of stuff for the trip home (snacks and dry clothes) Decent bag for carrying stuff around during day <<< those drawstring bags are best for dancing in Water carrier rucksack with the bladders and nozzle thing Next of kin notification Driving licence/car documents TICKET! A compus mentus DES for the drive home <<< YOU take all the shit back to the car if someone is kindly taking you home! Let them sleep and get their energy, sanity and safety levels up to a respectable level. FINGERS CROSSED FOR SUN! OPEN MIND STAMINA A CLEAR HEAD A REPLACEMENT LIVER NEW PAIR OF LUNGS ENOUGH DAYS BOOKED OFF WORK ON RETURN A WARM BATH AND A SICK BED TO RETURN TO Reminder...this is merely a guideline! Hope that helps...PLEASE DONT QUOTE ENTIRE LIST!!!! Ta and happy packing peeps!

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