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  1. Glastocam!

    Typical summers day at the festival...
  2. Glastonbury Sound Systems from the mid-1990's

    Heh, yep and there was also the argy bargy here and there that we've all heard stories of, though tbh I didn't encounter much of that even pre-fence. Personally feel people bringing less was probably a good thing. Seemed to leave less behind too.
  3. Glastonbury Sound Systems from the mid-1990's

    Watched the '95 one again. Hell, things were a lot more laid back and simpler then - less of that fight to get in, get yer place, get to every venue, fight through SE Corner etc., and no phones! The Babylon sound systems were where people went all night before the SE Corner, else they were probably around campfires back at the tent. My best year '95 too, when things just fell into place and the weather was the best I can remember from all my Worthy visits. I wonder if anyone has a film from the same year of the crowds dancing outside Joe Bananas or the Milk Bar...
  4. Bearded Theory 2018

    Just signed up for a rewarding BT this year. Hope it' a bit warmer come end of May!
  5. Glastonbury Sound Systems from the mid-1990's

    Ahh, quality! Takes me back.... Glastonbury in its florescence.
  6. Glastonbury evolves

    heh - this ^ And bring back The Church of Love or Loathe!
  7. Glastocam!

    Heh, I've actually got one of these 'Weather Stations' in my garden too, but hasn't got a camera...
  8. Glastocam!

    Perchance it is not dead, but sleepeth...
  9. it was ticketday last year today ......

    At least we are now 100% sure that there is no Glasto 2018 - bit late to change their minds now eh.
  10. Boomtown?

    Two shifts were for the same role, though the spot for that role changed over the course of each shift. These were for the Downtown Ring Road Ped and internal / external Vehicle Gates. I swapped for the second shift and did the Woodlands area which was fine until a lot of the other venues shut after which it became seriously rammed almost to the point of crush! There were about 4 substance casualties as well over about 90 mins after that point, which made getting the Med Team in a challenge...
  11. Boomtown?

    My first Boomtown and what a show! Managed to see around 12 acts I was interested in seeing, despite the Oxfam shifts which were all challenging in there own way. Great to be in an unfamiliar site where I get to find out where everything is and discover new places. Certainly got plenty of exercise walking up and down all the hills as well. Bumped into frostypaw, keplunk, Dee, Pilton Digger and other eFests people over the festival too. Still a bit ignorant as to the whole story arc which can be as deeply or as shallow to immerse yourself in as you like. Stage designs and townships were incredible, complex and detailed. Would definately go back to find all the bits I missed!
  12. Boomtown?

    Yep - leaving for site in 30mins and should be there by 3pm. No rain relent predicted until 7pm. Days following suggest conditions improve markedly though. Currently covering everything with bin liners!
  13. Boomtown?

    Ooo - thats looking a bit churned up now isnt it... Hope the campsites are still green. Not looking forward to trying to put up my tent in the pissing rain!
  14. Boomtown Fair 2017

    Been raining in North Wilts for several hours. Going down to the site this afternoon. Rain forcast for rest of day until around 8pm. Plus side - pretty reasonable weather predicted for the rest of the festival with only one other damp day. Reckon plan for a mudfest though - defaulting to wellies and wet weather gear...
  15. Boomtown Fair 2017

    Pissing down here now. Dont know if the site is escaping. Countryfile forecast puts Wednesday as the wet day and improving further into the week. Hope were not setting up in the rain...!

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