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  1. Swear I recognise the left guy from Friday night I think
  2. There're probably more private places than the A303 mate.
  3. Think that would have been DJ Dan from Propaganda most likely. Really nice bloke whenever I've met him and an ex Oasis tour DJ I think so no reason to lie
  4. The sound was awful but he sounded great. People were climbing on the toilets at the back to watch
  5. I've noticed this! Fooking everywhere
  6. Not enjoying this heat not going to lie. Can't do anything and the only semi shaded area is the wood
  7. Load of noise, gate a must be open?
  8. Can't even see zig zag queue yet! By the pylon at the moment
  9. Yeah in the queue now. It's massive. Right back to the car park
  10. I'm 99% certain Ian wants to release new music, and I'm pretty sure Mani is the sort of person who would always be up for it. John Squire maybe less so, but the problem definitely seems to be Reni. Ian and Reni were the only ones not to embrace after the Belfast and Wembley gigs so there's clearly been a falling out, and general consensus is that Reni is being particularly difficult with regard to gigging and recording.
  11. His voice isn't great but it genuinely doesn't matter. It would sound rubbish on TV but live it's quality. Maybe I'm a bit biased, but last night was electric, absolutely magical, and they would make perfect Glasto headliners. Shame it will never happen.
  12. Exactly. Ian and Reni were the only ones not to embrace after Wembley and Belfast.
  13. Anyone go to Wembley last night? Was it or was it not absolutely amazing?
  14. Don't get me started on people like that. The classic night out situation where when you plan where to go, no one pipes up, and when you end up somewhere they don't like, they complain. I really wonder how some people ever get anything done.
  15. Well of course it is, I can't stand it. But if someone has genuinely stumbled across this and they post it then it's not 'rubbish' in this instance to be fair. Or it could all be a wind up.