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  1. Very sad news. Sure I've seen him at every Glastonbury I've been too, was a Wednesday tradition. A gentleman, lucky to have seen and met him. Will be missed.
  2. Great stuff, much deserved.
  3. I thought the Florida thing was sugarhill gang. Such a shame about LTJ, was gutted when I saw that slam dunk line up. For me LTJ would be perfect for BT Ah well, maybe next time......hopefully
  4. Ace, there's a load of beauts in that line up, really great announcement. Gonna be badass!! Is it May yet?!?
  5. Dude, you never heard of Skunk Anansie? Enjoy, got many good memories of them back in the late 90's. Chuffed with the line up so far, some right nuggets. @Kay95 yep the Rev in the woodlands on the Sun night will be a beautiful way to end the festival. Great stuff already, I bloody love this festival!
  6. Since seeing that download line up I've been getting my hopes right up for SOAD and / or Prophets, I'd bloody love it, then I come on here and see this, my hopes grow higher. Just seeing them being talked about. Gonna be disappointed ain't I! Till they announce billy talent for the Leftfield stage and I'll be buzzing again :-) gotta have Glasto line up dreams haven't you..
  7. I've been asking for them on their forum. I hope it's them. Yep, be a great fit. Ace live
  8. Saw chumbawumba a few years ago and they were brilliant. They kept saying we're not playing tubthumping, we don't play it anymore, the when they had literally just go off the stage, it got played. Pretty funny. I was chuffed they didn't play it, stuff they did was much better.
  9. Nice one for posting. Gnom, good little read. @Thearg my mum didn't approve made me laugh too. Would love Ray Davies back, in the Acoustic again like 2009 (that I missed coz I couldn't find the tent! Ridiculous....I was at Jazz world too, right near it.) shit thinking of it, did he play 2009 and 2010? Was ace at Pyramid that Sunday
  10. Trick is growing on me, but it's my least fave.. Joan of Arc is stand out for me. Subbing radiohead on the Friday? I could see that happening. Would rather Other headliner though. Well I'd rather JP headliner, but them days are gone for him now.. Got a good feeling he'll be on the line up somewhere though. And I'll be there :-)
  11. Would dig The Roots. Every year have the same hope for it... Be swell if it happens this year. Lil Wayne is on my wish list. For me there is no one better. Cant imagine it ever happening though. Love to see Lil Dicky too, can't make any of his current tour dates.
  12. Excellent stuff
  13. Saw on their Twitter a few days ago, band news in the next 10 days.. Could be some more news shortly to go with the already awesome Thursday line up. Frank Turner? For some reason I really think he'll be there. Not logic behind it, but just a good feeling.. I'd be well chuffed too.
  14. It's grown on me a bit now, wasn't sure at first. Intrigued to hear the album
  15. I was tempted, very tempted. But couldn't get the time off! Wouldn't wanna come home on the Sunday. The something else fests look nrilliant. Gonna have to plan better next year and get to one. Anyone going have fun