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  1. Strongly agree. i was out in a club Sat night and a song came on, bloody awful it was. Me and himself had no idea who it was, but the yoof were loving it. I shazamed it, bloody catfish. Should've known. Turgid it was. Then I saw a goon wearing one of thier tshirts! That was shit too
  2. Cheers for sharing @Charm that's brilliant.
  3. Good photos @Bisque and @pilton diggergoing at Easter. Looking forward to it. I'll email before I go. Can't wait to see it.
  4. Yeah you should do, such good fun, they do a late night set most years too, that's great also. See you there
  5. Hello dude, thanks for the recommendations, booked to go at Easter. We couldn't get in the White House. But booked another b&b pub thing. Well excited. Any idea on how I can get an email address to find out about access to the farm? Cheers. I'll of course report back with photos. Really looking forward to it
  6. It needs to be 9am, as it'll be so hot and sunny we'll have to be out of our tents, morning work out with a morning cider, pissed again by 1.30pm. he was at bearded theory a couple of times. Never made it to see him. They involved way too much energy.
  7. Skindred on the Hell Stage!! That would be immense.
  8. We need to be camp neighbours. Me dad gives me his cousins home brewed poitin in a hispflask (it comes over on the boat in water bottles!) every festival I go to. It's very popular at bearded theory, but doesn't get as many takers at Glastonbury.. The older festival goer is more party to have a go! As for the White Russian drink, I've never had one! Is it baileys and vodka? I must give it a go though if a good man like yourself is saying it's the breakfast of champions. Although desperadoes are a good contender
  9. Love how this thread has gone from safety at festivals to booze in the mornings. my morning tipple upgraded its self to desperados this year. The pint cans. Such a treat. edit to note who the duece were them goons at shambala squaffing at 4pm tequilas?!? Is that for real? 4pm tequillas are what festivals are about. Well they are now for me :-)
  10. Glee Club Bham, 8th March I think. Very much looking forward to it. Hopefully they'll be joining us in June. Were you at the acoustic tent gig? (2014 maybe) rammed! Bloody great.
  11. Yes dude, going to see them in a few weeks. Will be delighted if they are back at the farm this year. West Holts. :-)
  12. I saw the darkness at Bham academy (the old one!) way back when they first came out, bloody brilliant. Used to love a few of their songs - get your hands off a my woman was badass. But then I kinda moved on and lost interest. Not sure what I make of them now, not thought about them in years. Wouldn't they suit the Sat more though? with the later finish and that. Anyway, I want the Levellers for the Saturday. I hope I get what I want.
  13. I generally am, so we should be alright. Yeah Park Stage would be perfect. Let's hope eh.
  14. Yeah park stage would be immense. I reckon theyll be Other stage 3rd down though. They free all weekend?
  15. Im pretty much convinced they will be there. I will too.