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  1. They are only free the Friday I think. That would be 5 nights in a row. I'd reluctantly let go of the idea of them being there, but I'm talking myself back into it now.
  2. Hello dude, got a response this morning, saying it's fine to go and sent me a little map. Well cool. So they are defo responding to that contact form. hope you get hospital dates sorted and that you're ok. We're going Easter weekend. Dreadzone are in Frome that weekend too. But it's not as close as I thought to where we are staying. So not gonna make it. Looking forward to a walk round the farm though.
  3. Sorry dude. I've had no response either. Just a generic one saying they rec'd my email. I was pointing out how sad I was for getting excited about an automated email from Glastonbury. I'll let you know now when I hear back. When you going?
  4. I hear you, don't understand the appeal. Like you say, good booking and all that. But nah, not for me.
  5. That's awesome. why the devil have I not seen that before. Cheers.
  6. Thanks, I've used that. Going at Easter. I got an instant generic reply on my email and genuinely got excited seeing the name glastonbury come up. I actually shrieked! I've got serious issues!
  7. Great way to spend a day
  8. They just liked my tweet when I said hopefully see you at Glastonbury. I love the way I now take tweet likes as Glastonbury confirmations! What have I become.
  9. Rev and the makers are proper badass live. They'd be a great addition and I'd be all over it. They love it. Great fun.
  10. Wouldn't the coach be better? Surely there's an national express coach that leaves Monday really early. Might be worth checking that out. Good luck in the resales dude. It'll be worth all your efforts.
  11. I'm both. Too excited all the time. Last year me and me pal made a pact to be up early and get out, it was great being up about early. Struggled a bit, but once the booze got flowing I was fine again :-) Swap from cider to spirits in the evening and I'm on for it, not too fussed with SE area, much prefer round greenfields. Chatting jive and smoking a little something something. Last year on the Sunday we got back to the tents about 4.30, but I just didn't want it to end, so I went back to the stone circle with me hispflask of whiskey and chilled. Beaut it was
  12. Yeah it's about the undercard for me too now. Il go the Friday and see the Stranglers though
  13. Example! Sat headliner. Disagree, not for me that at all. One for the kids I suppose.
  14. Badass. That's ace. £400 saved. Can buy a lot of cider with that..