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  1. I saw cast back in the day, playing Aston villa leisure centre, after about 2 songs Powers had a row with the drummer I think, they had tech problems, it all kicked off, called him a c*nt and walked off stage. Never came back on, I was prob 16, well annoyed that I was pissed and ready for a dance and they just left. I've got unfinished business with them. But I'm at skunk annansie if they are clashing. I also saw them at villa lesuire centre too. They didn't storm off stage, they just rocked it.
  2. Have Flogging Molly been ruled out? I can't remember why I stopped mentioning for them.
  3. It's not Therapy? They just said on their forum. we'll find out next week eh.
  4. Ah yeah, bet that was great, I'd have been all over it. Would dig Adam at Glastonbury too. Love Kimya. Same shit is one of my favourite songs. so moldy peaches for Glastonbury then. Let's get this going.
  5. Always get there for the Wednesay, milk every second I can in that beautiful place. Last year was latest we've got there, 6.30pm, we were on the 1pm coach from bham, so not to bad at all considering the carnage. Was hard getting a spot and setting up, but as soon as that was done, it was forgetton about. This year hoping to be back at normal time 8-10am, set up and let the good times begin.
  6. Hit me with some Lil Wayne, Billy Talent, System of a Down and the Moldy Peaches or even just Kimya Dawson... Good mix, shame none will happen.
  7. Now that's a cake I could get on board with. Good work yog, I can imagine it was very lethal. We made brownies with loads of green, rum, whiskey and me dads home brewed poitin, they were some 'game over' brownies. Haven't made them since
  8. Yeah I was toking while there, so prob that, but that rum was mega, tasted so strong of green. If here's there again (which I hope he is) I'll ask. My body actually hopes he's not! It was lethal!
  9. I love this thread. Last year I done sherbet lemon vodka, it was awesome both with lemonade and without. Started a litre of it Friday afternoon, none left Sat! Did share loads out of course. Gonna try one with gin this year, fruity one. Strawberries and raspberries I'm thinking. Some ace (and weird) ideas here. @Yoghurt on a Stick dude at Bearded Theory this year, a guy by us had a stall selling ganja rum! It was f'ing unbelievable, blew my tiny mind. Couldn't walk past the bugger without having some. Lethal it was. Tasted and smelt of pure green. He was a badass guy too.
  10. Yeah, I'd be all over that. Have requested a fair few times. Didn't they get close to having them a few years ago?
  11. Got the days off approved, just a formality mind, but stil nice. Had a look at some tents, not sure if to buy a new one.. looked at coach times and prices, gonna book when I get paid in 2 weeks. Been a Glastonbury productive morning at work today
  12. Gate A is the one you'd be in if you get the train/coach. If you're in Tangerine fields think you get access to a separate car park
  13. Strongly agree
  14. Stunning magical sounds announcement. Gonna be even harder to leave when I get in there. My fella has just said - did you write to then and tell them to what get! Banco Fri, reggae Sat arvo, system 7 sat night, then Bhangra and 3DM Sunday. Perfect. Need to stop wishing my life away till May! God I love this festival
  15. Very sad news. Sure I've seen him at every Glastonbury I've been too, was a Wednesday tradition. A gentleman, lucky to have seen and met him. Will be missed.