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    Yeah but that's not as fun :-) it's like a part of the build up for me. I must watch Countryfile

    Ha ha, so true. I'm waiting for Countryfile, festival season is truly upon us
  3. Needing inspiration with lineup

    Dude, put it on shuffle, that's what I do, then you can skip the stuff you don't like. It really is great, perfect for finding new stuff
  4. The Glade announces

    Always nice to see them officially confirmed
  5. Needing inspiration with lineup

    Was just going to say this. That playlist is immense. I don't pay a subscription (I didn't know it was only 99p) but I can still listen and skip songs. id just give that a go @chestwig bound to be some random stuff you'll love..
  6. See Coach times up?

    Ah ok, yeah I can't see it being it there either with all the works going on. We should have E-ticket soon, so suppose see what that says. Thanks for letting me know. What coach you on?
  7. The Glade announces

    Yeah man, see you there.
  8. See Coach times up?

    Blast! Never thought of that, presumed it would be where it was last year. Erm, wonder if they'll use Digbeth by the coach station.. I take it you asked See?
  9. See Coach times up?

    Ace, glad you're sorted.
  10. See Coach times up?

    Yeah drop them a note, as I say they responded to me, seen on another thread some had called them for something and they were pretty helpful.
  11. See Coach times up?

    Have you contacted them? They got back to me when I got in touch. Defo worth chasing them. Give them a call maybe.
  12. Shangri-La Lineup!

    That's f'ing awesome. If I can get to see them, I'd be delighted. I'm gonna try. little bit gutted not to see The Skints on the poster...really hoping they'd be back again this year.. hopefully they'll be added somewhere.
  13. Last night i watched Jools Holland........... and

    I'd rather see him in shangri la than on Pyramid, but that's just selfish reasons, prefer the smaller stages. As gonzo said can see him cropping up a few times.
  14. Last night i watched Jools Holland........... and

    Yeah for sure, mine too.
  15. Last night i watched Jools Holland........... and

    Digging Protoje tonight.