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  1. It's grown on me a bit now, wasn't sure at first. Intrigued to hear the album
  2. I was tempted, very tempted. But couldn't get the time off! Wouldn't wanna come home on the Sunday. The something else fests look nrilliant. Gonna have to plan better next year and get to one. Anyone going have fun
  3. Was trying for Brixton Sat night, got nowhere! Gutted. Stub Hub, the w*nkers, were selling them for £60 about 30 mins after they sold out. Pisses me off! So glad touts can't buy up Glasto tickets, it'd be horrible
  4. Thought you loved the pet shop boys Gnom, they were in my list just for you. yeah @Quark The Skints are awesome, that was great at the Gully last year, went from Motörhead to the skints, I flippen love Glastonbury. I really thought they'd be back this year, let's hope they return next.
  5. Some quality suggestions, kudos @dreadwing Nearly stole your list Off the top of me noggin.. and..after I've secured a golden ticket Levs, FD, Skints, Bar Steward Sons, Blockheads, Billy Talent, Less than Jake, Lil Wayne, Hilltop Hoods, Juno Reactor, Pogues, Rev and the Makers, Steel Pulse, Damien Marley, Flogging Molly, Jamie T, Pet Shop Boys, Kimya Dawson, badbadnotgood, Tori Amos, Lancashire Hotpots, Rage Against the Machine. cosmosis. reading that back, if I got anymore than 3, I'd be lucky (inc my ticket)
  6. Yeah Jamie T has to be back, that 2015 set at the Other was fucking awesome! Be gutted if he's on the pyramid, but I'd still be there, front middle. Bouncing... (I'm a 90's girl.) @spindles @Quark that Levs set 2010 at the Glade. Immense. What a flippen great dance. Good times
  7. @TuesdayBlues dude, that's out of order, they can't take your baccy, no rights whatsoever, that's so wrong .. Shame you didn't get the security number of the prick. He's basically just taking advantage of people. Really bugs me that. If that'd have been me, I'd be livid, would've really killed my mood. I luckily didn't have any dealings with security either way. But some of the things I've read on here are shocking.
  8. See I saw them last year, thought New Order were miles better. Enjoyed Hook, but wasn't a patch on new order for me. What about Pet Shop Boys returning, last played 2010 wasn't it? I'd dig that
  9. Did you say it took ages to get in, it was bloody awful, you wouldn't like it? That's what I meant to say, but all that comes out is the opposite!! I end up selling it more to people. It's easy for people to say now they wanna go after watching Adele, it's a different case come ticket time I find. we all thinking the 2nd for main sale then? Thurs before for coach?
  10. Yeah me too, loads of people commented to me on how much of a nightmare it looked.
  11. Yeah they are great fun. Jock did say this last year too though, so there's still a chance, all being well
  12. Had another great day here Sat, only went for the day, thought the Subways were awesome, haven't seen them since 2008. Forgot how good they were. Thought it was a lovely atmosphere. Had a great laugh. I want the Levellers for Sat next year.... Fair play Cov again. Great fun.
  13. Wahoo! Says 10am start on thier website. Wonder what these dudes have in store for us. Id love to see, anywhere on the line up...Flogging Molly, Frank Turner, The Skints, Steel Pulse, Less Than Jake, Underworld, Dreadzone, Tinariwen, Zion Train, Sisters Of Mercy... and Ferocious Dog :-) see y'all there....
  14. Ace, cheers for posting. Dead gutted I never made it to any of his sets. My plans were scuppered with the mud. Hopefully he'll be back next year.
  15. Ha ha, I had the same issue going to see Keavney on the Sat morning. hadnt got home till 7.30, but was up before 11 as me pal wanted to see Keavney, that was a long hard walk from bushy ground to be there for 12. Worth it though. Cracked a can when I got to the park, when I saw how far up a steep hill the bloody crows nest still was. Worth it though.