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  1. Right I'm done. All set. See you all in the fields tomorrow :-)
  2. I'm just sitting in a park in Bham on me lunch eating a samosa, hoping this time tomorrow I'll be sitting in a field with a can of Stella!
  3. Cheers dude. Yeah know roasters. Was thinking there. Other thought was a Toby carvery breaka by bham airport. Mmm tough choices for a Thurs morning :-)
  4. Out of interest where is good for breakfast round there? Me and me pal planning that, was thinking Tamworth as coming from south bham and I know Tamworth. I really can't wait now. Just get this work day out of way. Packed last night too, just a few bits to get tonight, and im done.
  5. don't trust google, only trust the good ones - so right now that's BBC. We'll stick with that Just to be on the safe side I'll unpack the sun tan lotion and put the wellies back in.
  6. Paul - they are great, as if I wasn't excited enough. I cant think of anything else at the moment - its looking so good. Thanks for sharing Just need the next 2 work days to get gone and I'm a happy girl @tjamestHa, I invested in a warmer sleeping bag too, also got all me thick jumpers out to come with me, last year was crazy cold. But the forecast for the nights wasn't bad at all on countryfile last night..
  7. Are The Amazons any good? never heard of them till I saw them on the Godiva line up
  8. Me too. Got a nice big smile on the train rather than the usual Monday morning frown. Also got a lovely bar gathering in the front room. 3 work days to go. Can't imagine I'll be doing too much work. Gotta do some lists for what else I need, that's my first job of the day. Roll on Thursday
  9. Just made rhubarb and custard sweets vodka. It looks awesome. But is very strong. Will need a mixer..maybe. But my gosh it's good. Lucky it's coming to festival on Thursday with me, no way it would've lasted till June. @lucygingerhello dude. Quick question re the pineapple gin, it's happliy infusing at the moment, what's next in the process when the 3mths is up? Cheers for any advice / help
  10. Ha ha. I reckon the gingerbread rum will have the same fate and not make glastonbury
  11. Love that post Sparky, First year for us was 2012, Glastonbury fallow year. Me and me buddy looking for a decent alternative. I saw Levs were playing this, jumped on it, they actually didn't play that year, Jon fiddle player broke his finger, replaced by Adam Ant. We've never looked back since. It's a beautiful festival, we met so many lovely people, danced, chatted, hung around with decent like minded folk. Couldn't wait to get back, now it's a must go to every year. Can't wait. See y'all there :-)
  12. My gosh. That would be incredible.
  13. I bought some rhubarb and custard sweets and a bottle of vodka last night. Gonna infuse the weekend and test it at Bearded Theory next week. If it's good. I'll defo make more for Glasto. Does anyone know what you use to mix with? Or will it be more of a drink to drink straight? Cheers.
  14. That is good to hear. Cheers Ive just bought some rhubarb and custard sweets and some vodka. Gonna infuse it the weekend. It'll prob be gone this time next week!!!
  15. Yep, hoping to be tucking well into the beers by now. weather like this would be swell too :-)