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  1. Loving the Spotify playlist. Getting me right excited. I'm currently looking for a new sleeping bag, a warm decent one. I was freezing last year on the night. Even with my super beer jacket. When I got back to my tent, bloody freezing.
  2. Yeah 3DM will be mooching round, not Glastonbury without them, seeing them in Birmingham in a few weeks. I'll see you there dude, Avalon is where I spend most of my time too, this years line up is adding to it. Dohl Foundation and Hakney Colliery Band gone straight to must sees
  3. My first thoughts too. I basically took it as a given they would be there and be on at the Avalon.
  4. You should copy and save that post for re-posting in a month, and change the last bit to I've had to re buy all this as I drank it all before June :-)
  5. I had faith. Just coz it's them and thier tour dates. They had Sunday free.
  6. Ace, I'm there whatever stage. @guypjfreaksee you there :-) Aye @cidy I agree, new album is quality.
  7. Yep, That was amazing.
  8. He couldn't tell his wife he liked festivals? Wow. No wonder it's ex wife. I didn't mean than nastily by the way. Realised when I typed it, it might have looked that way. why couldn't he say he liked festivals? sorry I'm no help on your actually issue. I have a broken one in my possession too!..
  9. Along with crowdsurfing rabbit :-) Yeah saw Paul and Jacqui a few years ago in the acoustic, perfect sing along. The beautiful south have never failed me in the times I've seen them.
  10. That's crazy, I can't understand how people can just leave brand new tents. I've had mine for years, even when it broke in 2015, I took it home. I can't afford to leave a tent, do these pillocks just buy a new one every year? How much money do they have. It's really horrible, but a needed video mr worm. Thanks for sharing (I think!!) We were in bushy ground last year, most people by us took their stuff away. It sure didn't look like that.
  11. Love this thread. 2009 was my first year, I'd mentioned it to a few pals in 2008, but as soon as we saw Rage against the machine were headlining Leeds we went to that. But I said next year is Glastonbury. It took 9 hours from Bham. But I remember not even being bothered and it actually didn't feel that long. We camped in Dairy and I just couldn't believe the size of the site. Can remembered walking round the Thursday and I was just buzzing. The vibe, everything was like nothing I had ever felt before. The Friday me and me pal hung out, it was amazing and became the start of the best friendship I could ever ask for. We knew each other for years, but that day we just clicked, he's my best pal now, we never go to any festivals without each other. I went off then to see Steel Pulse and The Streets on Jazzworld on the Friday, then tried to get to acoustic and meet my pals for Ray Davies. I never found it and ended up somewhere mental, which I can only presume was the alleys in Shangri la, smoked a joint with a wizard and met so many nice people, I was by myself that night and couldn't believe how friendly the place was. I saw some mad metal band and woke up in my tent with a sheet of A1 clipboard paper with bizarre lyrics on it. I remember the Saturday night in shangrila, there was this microrave box, that you went it, pressed a button and rave music came on, after 30 seconds it beeped and we got out! Madness. Chilling at the stone circle. Falling in love with the Avalon field. Sunday I choose prodigy as I'd seen blur before, I had a good dance, I don't regret it, I'd never seen the prodigy before. But blur did look stunning. I cried leaving the Monday, but knew I'd found my new home. I couldn't wait to get back.
  12. Desperadoes. Taste good still warm, get you nice and rattled too.
  13. Yeah can imagine, bet the sing along was ace. Did you see when they played sonisphere a few years back, had a mosh going, so funny.
  14. I wish there was a Mad Dave's Metal Bar!
  15. You must have been using the 'monorail' :-) We come by coach and me pal reckons we were doing around 14 miles a day. Defo on the Wed and Thurs. it's well easy to clock up miles there.