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  1. See you there
  2. Example! Sat headliner. Disagree, not for me that at all. One for the kids I suppose.
  3. Badass. That's ace. £400 saved. Can buy a lot of cider with that..
  4. Yeah totally this. My best years have been when I've only seen 4 bands. Ace just stumbling into things.
  5. Flogging Molly (disappointing as it is for me) im pretty sure are out. Germany and France. Least they got some uk tour dates for the post Glastonbury come down. Really fancied them to be back this year though.
  6. Is Marley a no go now then? Damn. Was really hoping they had got him this year.
  7. Ace. I would've won too if your Hibs boys didn't screw me over! Dumbarton..really? Chuffed for you though.
  8. Started the pineapple gin. Me da is gonna shake the bottle every morning. He's added it to his morning routine of nothing. I wish I was retired. So we'll see in 3 months how it is. Have also decided to make pear drop vodka too, but gonna cheat and do the dishwasher method for that one.
  9. Yeah the 4.30 one was coming up cheaper for some reason. Sound that 25% off deal. You'll get there around 6 then is it? As for the gin. Yeah chop pineapple up, add to gin, shake everyday, ready after 3 months. Add sugar, reap rewards! Got the idea off the alcohol infusions thread. You see if you were on the 4.30am coach, you could've had some :-)
  10. You had me at egg. Thanks for that, sounds ace, hopefully pop along to that
  11. Cool, we're on the 4.15 one. How much? if you don't mind me asking. I was booking for 3, so didn't get the offer I bought a litre of gin and a pineapple to give the pineapple gin infusion ago. Takes 3 months apparently, so starting it tomorrow
  12. Cheers Lucy, quick question(s) how much gin? Just put the chopped pineapple into the bottle of gin? Sorry if that's a silly question, that's how I done it with sherbert sweets last year. Gonna give this a go on Thurs when at me folks. Me da will love looking after this little project.
  13. Tamikrest's new album out on Friday. Kidal. Looking forward to it. Got some tour dates May, I'd like to see them back at Glastonbury
  14. Ha ha @Yoghurt on a Stick handle little kettle which proved useful for making mushroom tea. That made me laugh.
  15. I laughed so much last year, me pal reckons it was his funniest year. It was hard, but you gotta laugh. On the Sunday night, up by the healing fields I got stuck, proper stuck in the mud, me pal was ahead of me, he couldn't stop laughing or get back to help. Some dude grabbed my hand, but I was laughing so much, he started laughing, he just couldn't free me, this went on for more than 5 minutes. It was so funny. Some girl told me pal off, she said is that your friend there. You should be helping her not laughing. That made it worse. Even now as I write this I'm laughing picturing the calamity that was happening. The random dude eventually got me out. Top dude. We were all still laughing as I thanked him and trundled on. It was mad round greenfields. I didn't get to SE corner, so don't know what it was like there, but everywhere else I went was well muddy.