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  1. coach times

    Jeez, that would've put me off coach travel. Grim times. You don't need that in a normal journey, but coming back from Glasto with a serious case of the blues, just wanna get home.
  2. coach times

    Good grief that sounds painful. I moaned coz our coach driver played shite radio stations all the way, but at least the clown didn't take 7 hours with no aircon. Good to hear you got a refund. i still haven't heard back off see! Although did notice the email address is of the lead Booker, so I'll ask me buddy to check his mail.
  3. PJ Harvey confirmed

    Payday treat, I've ordered the album, like what I've heard so far, but reading the comments here, not sure what to expect. Looking forward to giving it a listen though..
  4. Godiva 2016

    Yeah that's a great addition. Any other names for the rhythm tent? Doubt could beat last year for me, The Skints & Dreadzone. That was beautiful
  5. coach times

    I've emailed them, haven't heard back yet, some people said they told them times on the email form, so they must have an idea.. I'll let you know my findings :-)
  6. Return SeeTickets coaches

    Yeah you made a good point, I never thought of that, I'd have been livid if I didn't get on my coach that I paid for as others had it. But as that never happened, I didn't even think of it.
  7. Coach atmosphere

    We were boozingon the 6am from bham last year, other were too, there was no toilet though, so I only had the one. One of mepals wasn't so sensible! When the coach driver said it was another half hour to the services, she nearly cried. Was a good atmosphere, not rowdy though. The one home was extremely quiet apart from the drivers shit music blaring! Not cool
  8. Setlist-based Spotify playlist

    I can now enjoy your playlist BSR after securing a resale ticket Thursday. You do a sterling job, thanks dude :-)
  9. Return SeeTickets coaches

    Yeah last year they didn't even check tickets, just asked where you going. get there early enough and I'm sure you'll be grand.
  10. Sorry seems to be the hardest word

    Yep, secret resalespeople. Keep the faith
  11. Beverage Of Choice

    Ah love the booze threads. Strawberry and Lime koppos for breakfast start the day off, then a few bulmers for the day, hitting rumand / or gin for the evening. Drank loads more spirits last year as came by coach, will be doing the same again this year. Gonna add Jamesons and some honey brandy to the artillery this year too. Would love to find a decent Guinness on site, heard a place by Acoustic used todo it, anywhere else does anyone know?
  12. The dreams have started

    Glasto dreams are ace. I've had loads of late, while waiting for the resale, one involving me and my pal being snuck in by my cousin in a scooby doo van. enjoy your first time at thefarm. It's everything and more than you'll expect. see you there
  13. Glastocam!

    I canenjoy this thread again now I have a magic ticket It does also mean my work ethic is going way the webcam
  14. What have you done today to get ready for Glastonbury 2016?

    They went from the town hall, not sure why when they have shit loadsof room by that coach station. When you get the coach times it tells you where from. Old Crown is a sound pub. You'll be grand there.
  15. What have you done today to get ready for Glastonbury 2016?

    What pub dude? You on Wed coach? I got resale ticket too. That's the best thing I could've done for myself today for Glastonbury. I'm so happy.