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  1. On the train in for my last day, hopefully it'll be busy. Gonna hit up Poundland at lunchtime and get some last minute stuffs. Break the day up. Right we can do this people. 1 more day. Have a good one. See you on the flip side
  2. ha, suppose, but the fact that I saw it happen to 2 people, is enough for me. Just no shade I found was the issue. Don't get me wrong I love it, but I feel I cope better in the lower temperatures at Glastonbury. I'll still be buzzing, cant wait. whatever the weather. Just get me there now
  3. I like the sun, but there was no shade, as someone else mentioned, people were collapsing with the heat. was too much for me, felt like I was melting during the day, don't get me wrong I loved it, but 18degrees and cloud cover is perfect for me, can still wear me runners, sit down anywhere, but not melt.
  4. I hear you! 2010 was hard going, 18 and cloudy is the dream for me too..surely anyone who was there in 2010 remembers how hard it was. Ace you can sit down anywhere though (apart from at the brothers bar where everyone must have been eating noodles and leaving them on the grass!) but really I don't care what the weather does - just delighted I am going. Factor 50 and wellies packed!! Cant wait
  5. Think there's a few bands I might be at alone, (Cut Capers in Shangrila for one) due to the time and location more than friends tastes. In the day I don't mind, it's the late nights when nothing I want to see is on are harder i find, but there's a few others coming this year (2 of whom have never been) so I'm hoping they might be more up for late nights.. Sorry OP I don't really know much about justice, but I'll be at Dreadzone and then hopefully hackney colliery band. (again prob myself) I'm sure you'll find some people to hook up with. Have fun.
  6. Ha ha, you know I actually typed his name, giggled, then removed it.
  7. I'd be right livid at that. Im livid for you. But yeah most people wouldn't do that. Off last minute shopping today. Adding a mallet to my list.
  8. Love them photos dude. Get me there now.
  9. I've never seen it, but I've never gone exactly looking for it, I bring my own, I like slim line, never sure if they'd sell that, also at 80p for 2 big bottles it's worth the lug for me. So really I have been no use. Sorry. Am sure you'd find some there though
  10. My gosh that sounds amazing. Cheers. Thanks for sugar advise dudes. I'll let yous know what it's like, and if I see you round site. You can try some.
  11. I'm going with the 3 stages. Defo part 1 out of work at 4 next Tue, part 2 is coach at 4.15am Wed, part 3 tent up, smoke on. Happy days. Ace thread. Made me smile.
  12. Cheers dude, does it need to be caster sugar, or will normal sugar suffice? Me pops has got it, it's his little project, he said "ask the people in the know what sugar, we can't ruin this". He's 77 and is very serious about this drink. Funny. To be fair I'm pretty excited to try it. Cheers for the help people's
  13. Mine pineapple gin has been infusing for 3 months. Gonna decant it the weekend. How do I go about the straining and is caster sugar needed? Haven't opened it at all. Just shook it daily. Cheers for any help / advice :-)
  14. I really thought Jesus and Mary Chain would be added. Tinarawen and Tamikrest too. All got new albums. Just presumed they would be there.
  15. I saw Papa Shango, in Maui Waui they were flipping mental. Was ace. Really enjoyed Maui Waui this year. Yeah slaves so early at Glasto is an odd one. I think my head that morning will tell me if I go!