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  1. Pinkpop 2018

    Cheers dude.
  2. Pinkpop 2018

    Cool, cheers, yeah saw the tickets aren't on sale yet. I'll keep an eye out thanks. One more question, any idea on the nearest airport? On a map it looks like Cologne in Germany. Thanks
  3. Bearded Theory 2018

    Me pal said he's going with the flaming lips! This would just be too good. Too good to be true. But 'flamin' amazing.. sorry pun Has Frank Turner been counted out now? He'd be a quality booking in my humble opinion
  4. Pinkpop 2018

    Hello, anyone know if you can get day tickets for this? Can't see on the website. Pearl Jam is making me want to go. Cheers
  5. Kris Kristofferson.....

    You obviously weren't by us goons. Well I say sing along. More like ruin the song along
  6. Cut Capers (and any other new artistes)

    Yep Cut Capers were class, saw them at BT a few weeks before, they went straight on my must see at Glastonbury. Was at the Avalon cafe one too. Great dance.
  7. Kris Kristofferson.....

    I enjoyed it, watched it back since and enjoyed it again. Glad I went, for sure. So many good songs. Funny how we all see things so differently. We were right at the front. Had a good sing along.
  8. Flaming lips

    Yep it was perfect. Just perfect. one of my fave ever glastonbury sets. So happy I was there
  9. 2018 Festival - Glastonbury replacement

    Hello, cheers for your response. Defo going to look into for next year.
  10. Preventative voice losing measures

    It constantly happens to me, so annoying, but this year I took fishermans friends from Thursday onwards, just a couple a day, and I didn't lose it. first time in years. give them a go.
  11. 2018 Festival - Glastonbury replacement

    Just looking at that Fusion fest, looks interesting, the ballot is a problem though. What's the beer situation, buy it, or can you take your own? This is one thing all of us have said we want to be able to take our own booze - we've come accustomed to it with Glasto and BT. My pal went to Lowlands last year and loved it, but trying to get beer was hard, queues and stuff, however the legal herb is a massive draw in a foreign fest.
  12. Dave Grohl & Famous People

    Yep, that was pretty cool at Kristofferson. The film thing was mad before. I saw grotbags during a mushroom trip Saturday night. She was cleaning up some fluorescent foxes that had been pestering me in the healing fields. No other celebrities, never do. I've not got an eye for a celebrity spot
  13. The Good People

    Me pal was a state at rag n bone man, sat on the floor puking into a cup, people around us were so nice and helpful. Giving us wet wipes, stuffs to help her. Lovely people.
  14. Suicide Tuesday

    I'm feeling sad too, hard to be back, went the pub on the way home last night, just couldn't face leaving everyone, we stayed there till close, got home smashed, had to work today, but luckily it was a work from home day, just put the highlights on in the background. Cried several times! Bloody great festival again and always worth this grim feeling.
  15. So... Who else is on their last day of work clock watching

    On the train in for my last day, hopefully it'll be busy. Gonna hit up Poundland at lunchtime and get some last minute stuffs. Break the day up. Right we can do this people. 1 more day. Have a good one. See you on the flip side