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  1. Is it ok to be bricking it about oct tickets already

    I got tickets on my iphone 4g before. wireless work computer was useless, switched the 4G on the phone - job done. me pal got our coach tickets on iphone last year too. but think that was wireless.
  2. Is it ok to be bricking it about oct tickets already

    Yeah I got one yesterday, none of me pals who are registered did though.
  3. ticket price confirmed - £228

    Have the coach ticket prices stayed the same? Am sure Bham return was £49.50 last year. same as this.
  4. 2016 Other Stage headliners

    Ha ha. That made me laugh this morning.
  5. Headliners 2016

    The hype around it would be immense, but yeah it would never happen. If this European tour happens though, I know i'd have to go to one of the dates, I'd owe it to my younger self.
  6. Headliners 2016

    Thought the NWA talk is only about a one off, due to the release of Straight Outta Compton film? is there more to it than that? shit, I hope so. that would be immense. Imagine NWA on the Pyramid. wow. But I just don't see it really. I'm now off to scour the net for more of this tour.
  7. Who were your top 5 of the weekend

    Was that Thursday? Think it may have been Mad Dog Mcrea, they do a cover of The Bare Necessities - and they're ace fun
  8. Funny things overheard at the festival

    Yog! Sigh
  9. Headliners 2016

    Yep. Sadly this. I'd give everything to see The Cure headline pyramid, but it ain't gonna happen, which is such a shame
  10. Your 2016 Wish List

    Jack Penate, haven't heard of him in ages...wheres that indie landfill thread gone! He's prime for it. Weezer and reformed Streets I'm down with.
  11. Is it ok to be bricking it about oct tickets already

    Yeah totally this
  12. Rolf Harris - Were you there too?

    Faces? Don't remember faces, I was more of an XL's and Eddies girl though...When Eddies was Eddies and was flippen brillaint
  13. Rolf Harris - Were you there too?

    Hello Yog, Haven't been to the new snobs..can't bring myself to do it. Think I'd like to keep my hazy memories as they were. That's pretty mad about the faces though, I thought they were keeping them. Shame you couldn't get one. Yep Rolf really did a number on us all.
  14. Rolf Harris - Were you there too?

    Ha. No, no one stole it..I went to a fancy dress party as Rolf, we ended up in Snobs, and at the end of the night some random dude asked me if he could have my didgeridoo as he had just been to Glastonbury and saw Rolf's set...I said I had been too, we hugged, and I gave him the didgeridoo, the dude got in his taxi so happy.. My point was that how did Rolf fool us and this dude were so in awe of him. It pisses me off now that Rolf sold us down the river!!
  15. Rolf Harris - Were you there too?

    I'm really cross, I bloody cried at both them sets. At the time is was immense. I even went to a fancy dress party as him a few months after the 2009 set! We were in a club in b'ham and I had a homemade didgeridoo and on leaving some dude came up to me and asked for the didgeridoo he said I just saw him at Glastonbury and he was amazing...I said I was there too, we hugged and I gave him the didgeridoo. He left so happy. This makes me shudder now! How did he fool us all.