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  1. Efests Recipe Book

    Take drunken cocks discussing daft drunken recipe ideas online. Add wine. Discuss further. Add more wine. Then cook whatever is quick. Eat lots. Drink more. Then talk more bollocks. Classic Coq-avec-Vin. Avec infininitum vino.
  2. Efests Recipe Book

    I can't even bring myself to try a "The Burato" (TM).
  3. Efests Recipe Book

    Well, That's me educated YOAS. There was me (still getting drunker) thinking, "If I post this to somewhere, then it's date stamped, and, therefore, provable as my idea". Much along the lines of the old: If you compose a song, record it on a cassette and then post it recorded delivery to yourself. Just in case Madonna comes to one of your gigs and then knicks it.
  4. Efests Recipe Book

    Because of a drunken conversation this evening, I hereby claim the trademark/copyright for "The Burato". Like "The Cronut" (TM) but for meat and spuds. Did a Google search. Nothing relevant. It's your traditional Burger in a Bun. But. Instead of The Bun. It's a Baked Potato ! Add your own fillings. Kerching right? I'm going to Dragons Den to pitch a franchise.
  5. Who's watching what on tv

    Last one of the season was a cracker. A fan boy episode for sure.
  6. Who's watching what on tv

    Last one of the season was a cracker. A fan boy episode for sure.
  7. Who's watching what on tv

    Has this thread died? Is no one watching nafink on TV these days? The Orville. Seth McFarlane's Star Trek type show (rip off). The latest one (episode 7) was just a classic old school morality play like Roddenberry used to do so well. Could well have been written by Charlie Brooker (it "borrowed" heavily from Black Mirror). Good old stand alone episodes. Like The X-Files used to do so well. What happened to them? It's like every show has to have an overall, soap opera like story arc in these days of binge watching. Compare The Orville to Star Trek:Discovery. I know which one I prefer. And which one's more "on cannon". I'd be interested to know how Mr.McFarlane is getting away with such a blatant rip off. Oh. Hang on. Maybe the same way he's still getting away with blatantly copying The Simpsons. Can't wait for the inevitable The Orville/Star Trek:Discovery crossover .
  8. Foo Fighters

    Family emergency apparently: http://variety.com/2017/music/news/foo-fighters-reschedule-show-family-emergency-1202595916/
  9. Who's watching what on tv

    The final season of Episodes was just wonderful. I've always liked it but this season just excelled. Lot's of great set ups that enabled characters to give some hysterical performances. It wound up nicely. Great writing. Hopefully it will finally get the credit it deserves. Mr Robot. The intro to episode 2 of the latest season was just class. Had me glued. And. Red Dwarf is so back on form. I still miss Holly though .
  10. The Gaming Thread

    Aaaand. Talking of daily challenges. Does anyone else have any daily challenge games they regularly play? My Vita is my main machine (I know, I know) and I am aware of Spelunky (daily, almost religiously, it's a love/hate relationship), the Olli Ollis, Race The Sun & Velocity 2X off the top of my head. I'm reminded of my delinquent youth spent down at the local arcades competing for best scores. And to give it The Big I Am (erm, that's Was [past glories]) Iirc I won at Pacman, Scramble, Frogger, Tron and many pinballs (the good arcades kept High Score logbooks. They had to. I think the first machine to remember scores after switching off was Defender). It's a daily global thing now, and apparently, I really really suck at gaming these days.
  11. The Gaming Thread

    Sony are turning off the servers for Everybody's/Hot Shots Golf for PS3 & Vita on 21st December. Hardly world shattering news but I've been playing the Daily International Tournaments erm, daily (bar Mondays) for about three years now, and also enjoy the multiplayer. I think I'm going to have withdrawal symptoms. How to alleviate them? Everybody's Golf is out on the PS4 now. So that's buy a PS4 (+ I'd need a telly) and EG at £30, plus at least the same again for the DLC (which you will need if you want to compete). Fuck you Sony. An "open world" game where you can't actually go to certain places unless you pay extra. It's like holding code hostage (and creates 2nd class online citizens). If you want £60 for the game, then charge £60 for the damn game ffs. They recently gave away the PS3/Vita version to PS+ members. So they've pretty much milked everyone they can for the DLC for that one. Get 'em hooked, then take away the cheap supply and only leave the pricey stuff. Classic. Don't get me wrong. I can totally see why they've done this (weekly D.I.T. entrants are in the low hundreds and you can hardly get six players together in the evenings these days until silly o'clock when America wakes up) and I wanted to get a PS4 eventually anyway, but it really angers my inner cynic.
  12. Liam Gallagher

    Surprised nobody's mentioned that he did an AMA the other night. https://www.reddit.com/r/IAmA/comments/75bxpe/im_liam_gallagher_and_you_are_not/ He can be just as funny as his brother sometimes, but in a different way. I think my favourite was: "What's your favourite jacket"? "Jacket potato".
  13. The Documentary Film Thread

    Recently watched Hired Guns about session musicians and Industrial Light & Magic: Creating The Impossible which my inner nerd loved.
  14. Things that annoy you ?

    I marshal traffic a fair bit in my job. They still get me almost every time. Follow me. Why aren't you following me? Oh, you were following me. Couldn't hear you. I remember hearing around a decade ago about said silence being a possible issue and people suggesting that they should make artificial noise, like digital camera shutters do (though for very different reasons). This led to me thinking, hmm, technically, they could play any digital sound file they fancied as artificial engine noise. Everyone could have their own car engine tone. Like everyone has their own ring tone (this was ten years ago). Can you just imagine how insanely annoying that would be? That HMRC story is just brilliant and deserves a bigger audience imo. Did you phone actionline? Did they then tell you to phone HMRC? Infinite Loop Hell. What a scam. Oh. Hang on. Thought it through whilst drunken typing. It was a scam, and not, technically the kind of fraud I think HMRC mean. Though Yog (YOAS(?)) has a point quoting "report all types of fraud".
  15. Pink Floyd?

    Just had a look. Advertised at £249.90. Booking charge £24. That's £24. Like you said. Robbing twats. I don't get this. Why can't they just be upfront about how much the total cost will be? It's like Americas daft after sale taxes and we don't really do that here, do we? I'll be fuming if he doesn't add an O2 or Wembley show. I paid £200 for premium entry to be three rows away from Geddy Lee a couple of years ago as it was definitely last chance to see. Possibly the most enjoyable £200 I've ever spent.