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  1. Comics Thread.. resurrected!

    Does Viz Comic count? I've been collecting that for almost a couple of decades. Too mainstream? Definitely not as funny as it used to be. Q magazine seems like a comic these days.
  2. Things that annoy you ?

    But, as a kid. Grown ups: "One big present or two small ones"? Young Me: "Can we add Easter to the one big present thing"? There's a panto call and response joke in there somewhere
  3. The Gaming Thread

    The Amiga version?! That was a ground-breaking game. Those rotoscoped graphics just blew me and my mate away at the time.
  4. Things that annoy you ?

    Edit: Forward: With huge apologies to anyone who needs a job and doesn't have one. Oh. And. My Christmas & New Year shift pattern has (and still) sucks. I'm working every night now until the 3rd. A conversation I had tonight: A Mate of Mine: "But MrZed, you get back at 2:00am on New Years Day. The Prince of Twats Pub is open 'till three". Me: "Yeah. So I'm gonna walk into that New Years Eve/Day drunken scenario, having driven from work, totally knackered and pissed off from a busy day at said work, completely sober, in uniform, not able to get unsober because said driving, and I have to grab some sleep, and then, somehow, wake up in the just about legal eleven and a half hours I have between shifts, to drive myself back to work for my next shift???" "Nope mates. Thanks for the invite but that's not going to happen. See you on the 3rd. Could we possibly do Christmas and New Year and My Birthday when I have some time off during January then?" Mates: "But then we will be back at work. And skint from Christmas and New Year". Every fucking year (almost). (I'm not really as miserable as I come across [I sincerely hope]. I had today and this evening off when many were working and have made the most of it. This thread's for ranting right?). Proper Edit: Happy New Year y'all (as I'll probably be so busy at work at the proper time)
  5. Things that annoy you ?

    My Mother's malignant narcissism. Annoying is an understatement. It's been more of an unchosen enforced lifestyle. I wish I'd found out what the (her) problem was about thirty years ago, rather than just a couple or three. I may have been able to escape less damaged.
  6. The Gaming Thread

    Loved my Amiga. It's still sitting in its box on top of a cupboard somewhere. All of my student days essays are on a floppy somewhere for some obscure WP programme. Would love to play Cannon Fodder again. The PC version was rubbish. And SWOS.
  7. The Gaming Thread

    I've had PS+ for about two and half years. Have a huge backlog for the Vita, but also have been purchasing the PS3 & PS4 offers despite not owning either console. One day I'll get my act together and upgrade, and have a huge unplayed backlog for each machine to complete. They're are only two evenings left until they switch off the Everybody's Golf servers. I posted here earlier regarding this. The bastards. I am so going to miss my Daily International fix. I guess there's still Spelunky. I may be wrong there about the not making them any more bit then. Still very popular in Japan so possibly. I'm so gutted my Vita broke. I have a two hour each way commute and don't have a smartphone, so my Vita is my main music and video machine. Right stick doesn't affect that, so it's not a problem. Until I decide to buy a replacement joystick, attempt a repair and possibly completely fuck the whole machine up. You're dead right about ebay. I've previously bought a second Vita on there just for the 64gb mem card and flipped the rest of the bundle. So it's about a fiver for a replacement joystick, around twenty for a broken Vita to butcher for parts. Or a second hand working one for anything between £80-£120. I'm think I''m going to leave that decision 'till after Christmas.
  8. The Gaming Thread

    My Sony Vita has (slightly) broken. The right joystick no longer registers. It is as dead as a dead parrot. Hugely baffling that it was that bit that broke as it is definitely the the least used/pressed/touched/programmed for thing on the said thing. The PSP didn't need a right joystick is what I'm getting at. Hence, it's not that big a deal. But. It's still annoying. No more twin stick shooters for instance. There's a twenty minute you tube video on how to open a Vita and replace said joystick but I think it may well be beyond my abilities. Love my Vita. They're not making them any more.
  9. I can remember being annoyed in 2012 that there was no Glastonbury. And then hearing that Scissor Sisters had a new album out and were touring and feeling relieved that we wouldn't have to suffer them. For 2018 however! What The Serious Fuck? Roger Waters. Pearl Jam. Depeche Mode. The Cure. Taylor Swift. All doing shows around that time. They're just the ones that have caught my attention. What could've been? Thoughts please.
  10. Radiohead Headlining 2017

    Ditto for both sentences. Was inside the barrier so not "such" a big deal. But, for a band of such calibre, I just want to see them play. You don't need to add visual trickery. A bigger issue for me was the the chattering types around me.You know the sort. They're only there 'cause that's where to be and they don't really get it. No need to apologise at all. Each to their own. Glad you loved it. I loved it too and felt so privileged to be there. It was hugely anticipated and no doubt culturally significant and a gig of hugeness. But imo there are way better live Radiohead performances out there. I looked on TPB. Still has 17 seeds apparently.
  11. Radiohead Headlining 2017

    If only they hadn't got all pretentious and artsy with the screen projections, which I think has been discussed here. I preferred Steve Hillage with The Orb at The Glade (was on the rail for the duration and I love a good theramin). Barry Gibb into Chic was amazing. Had a great time at The Darkness at Margate Winter Gardens last Wednesday. Now that's a band with stagecraft, as I was compelled to tweet. They were like old school Queen, and I caught a plectrum so added bonus points. Watching bands in pubs is kind of my weekend thing, and Psychedelic Warlords (a Hawkwind "tribute" act) really got me going twice this year. Proper authentic. In a proper tiny venue. And, again, I love a good theramin. Great thread derailing question @Wooderson and you forgot the question mark. You have enraged my drunken grammar nazi To stay on thread I hereby declare that I truly love Radiohead. They are a wonderfully amazing band.
  12. Album of the Year 2017

    Pinewood Smile.
  13. Got any gigs coming up?

    Just got back from The Darkness in Margate. If you get a chance to see them, they are well worth it. Rock gigs don't get much more fun.
  14. General News Discussion

    They could have gone with a choice of front cover. With a similarly posed and photoshopped Charlie Brooker instead? They kind of share a beard.
  15. Glitter ban?

    Woah dude. Energetic post. I think you may have missed a chance to involve tales of vagazzling light sabres somewhere. It's killing fish is the point. I exchanged a goodbye peck on the cheek the other night with someone, and then was giggled at for having glitter cheek. It's the new lipstick on the collar I tell ya. Gitterbombs are a well documented terrorist tactic: https://glitterboom.uk/?gclid=EAIaIQobChMI-_mI2YHb1wIVr7ftCh37tQ2xEAAYASAAEgJ03PD_BwE Stay well.