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  1. Rockaway Beach 2018

    Have a good one anyone else who is heading down to this tomorrow Definitely a few less bands on this year but still looks fun and a bargain. Looking forward to it.
  2. Bearded Theory 2018

    Does anyone have a realistic sense of when this might sell out? Need to get organised but in middle of moving house so brains not fully focussed on next year.
  3. 2017 - How was it for you?

    Excellent for me. First one since 2014 and it seemed very familiar but with a couple of improvements too. Echo the thanks for organisers, toilet crew and litterpickers etc. Jobs not made any easier on sunday. Musicwise i enjoyed seeing Ty Segall, Slowcoaches, Spook School, Car Seat Headrest and Omni for the first time. Also the chance to see Brix, Moonlandingz and the Jesus and MaryChain again. Wouldn't buy lemon twigs or king khan records but enjoyed both in a festival setting. I tried (a little bit) but still don't get why Mac De Marco is a headline act anywhere but he seemed to draw a decent crowd. Will definitely be back.
  4. You get 10 bands and 10 bands only

    Hmmm. Cuurrently Car seat headrest Shame Slowcoaches Spook School Moonlandingz Nadine Shah Omni Perfume Genius Ty Segall Girl Ray More research needed to subject to change...
  5. Y Not Festival 2017

    All good points but I hope they scale things back a bit next year. The reason we didn't get tickets this time was partly due to the rapid expansion and disorganisation last year. Their website used to talk about "steady organic growth". Maybe they can retrieve things by going back to that.
  6. Bands for 2017

    The Rough trade End of the Road sampler compilation is worth £9.99. A lot of new stuff on there for me. tracklisting here https://www.roughtrade.com/music/rough-trade-shops-end-of-the-road-17
  7. Bands for 2017

    Thursday is looking prety special to me. Bo Ningen, Brix and Moonlandingz have each been excellent when I have seen them live. Slowcoaches album is well worth a blast too. Hope theres enough room in Tipi to allow a bit of coming and going.
  8. Bands for 2017

    I really enjoyed seeing Shame live recently. Proper attitude that doesnt come across on the recordings so much. Worth a look.
  9. The Unsuccessful

    Sold out
  10. The Unsuccessful

    Keep trying http://glastonbury.seetickets.com/event/glastonbury-2017/worthy-farm/1100001
  11. The Unsuccessful

    put details in and getting a tickets unavailable message .
  12. The Unsuccessful

    Morning all Decided against it this year so trying for a few friends. Still got that familiar knot of anxiety! Good luck one and all on here
  13. Bands for 2017

    Hmm. Saw him at Glastonbury last year and was a bit disappointed. Anyway. Been studying the lineup again today.not bothered about a couple of the headliners but plenty of good and unheard stuff to explore so definitely getting a ticket come payday.
  14. Tramlines 2017

    Found my 2014 programme today and had a look. 171 bands listed. This year there are 72. Quite a remarkable change. Guessing same amount of bands will be on in and around ~Sheffield but the split between event and fringe has altered a lot.
  15. is it just me

    Same. Maybe an element of protecting myself against resale disappointment but a lot of it looks like bookers have been sticking pins in a list of previous performers. I know really that there is always something good to be watching and I will be gutted if I end up seeing RtJ and the National just on tv though.