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  1. What the fuck did it say tickets are unavailable at this time for anyone else after they entered their reg details? Kept getting past booking page but it kept sayinf tickets are unavailable or 16+ tickets are currently unavailable!
  2. I didn't have a ticket, but I know some people that live in Pilton
  3. My sore throat has now turned into sneezing all the time, runny nose and fatigue. Post Glasto blues are creeping in now too
  4. Had a really bad sore throat sunday night and yesterday, now I have a full on cold and the shits. Fun times.
  5. Years and Years speech Michael Eavis singing durying Coldplay. It honestly looked like he was about to cry, you can see how much the festival means to him.
  6. It was a good year, not the best imo but still had a great time. 1) mud was fucking nuts, worst it's ever been. It wouldn't be so bad if it was that soft slushy type of mud but it was more of that clay/sticky type of mud, going into the south east corners there were tonnes of people falling over 2) fatboy slim at John peel, best set of my weekend, the crowd were amazing and everyone was dancing, sound was good but there was way too many people. The crowd was going back all the way to the bar it was that big, I think he deserves a bigger stage now. Although I'm pretty sure if the stage was where it was last year it wouldn't have been so bad. 3) only saw a couple of people peeing on the land, huge different to 2/3 years ago where you couldn't go anywhere without seeing someone piss. There was one girl in silver Hayes that squatted down right next to us though and had a piss. this was right in the open though next to the ice cream truck, mental. 4) need more hip hop
  7. Not arriving till 7pm tomorrow. Managed to get a last minute pass (tried in the ticket sales just to be safe but didnt get one) enjoy everyone
  8. I'm trying to visualise the south east corner. Maybe it's all the people that makes it feel bigger but the south east corner from above looks tiny.
  9. There are still Americans defending their gun laws ffs, how deluded are they?
  10. I drove past the site yesterday and I got all giddy. All the road delay signs are up around the glastonbury area.
  11. There was an article like this in the western gazette today.. to be fair I think we would be much less of a target compared to the Euro's, Bastille's music will scare them off
  12. Insane the amount of famous people dying this year. RIP
  13. ffs, I got all happy because the enter registration page came up, but when I click proceed it says admission tickets are currently not available.
  14. Didn't get any, none of us got through. Oh well I've got a couple backups to get in so hopefully they pull through
  15. I'm shitting it! I've been successful in every resale so far, think I've just been lucky though.