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  1. Suicide Tuesday

    This is the bit I hate.. you've been settled in for a while but when you look back at the fest it doesn't feel 'real'. It just feels like a really good dream. But you also realise what a special place it is compared to the outside world.
  2. Did anyone gain entry without their own ticket?

    I get in free every year pretty much. I always try for a ticket though so it's 100% guaranteed. It's who you know not what you know!
  3. Places you never made it to

    Never been to the rabbit hole, was going to go this year but didn't get round to it. Also didn't go anywhere near the john peel stage this year which was quite nice actually, I'm not a fan of that area of the festival.
  4. Worthy Farm is clean!

    What's it like being on site after the festival has finished? I hear a lot of people are still up at stone circle by the Wednesday/Thursday
  5. Rate Your Festivals

    2017 might be my favourite ever, 2010 comes close followed by 2015 , 2014 and then 2011
  6. Who should reform?

    sign pls https://www.change.org/p/michael-eavis-make-glastonbury-2018-happen
  7. Sat in bed with a cup of tea thinking about how I wish I was back at Glasto.
  8. Suicide Tuesday

    I'm feeling more depressed as the week goes on it seems. Maybe it's because Glasto is making me realise I need to shake up my life a bit, like get a new job that I actually enjoy. Anyway been listening to Afriquoi, takes me back to last Saturday at the west holts stage dancing in the sun with a Brothers in my hand.
  9. Interesting that there’s not much discussion of Ed Sheeran

    He doesn't push any boundaries, he is pretty much the stereotypical white middle class guy with an acoustic guitar sort of guy. Not saying he's that bad, just a bit meh. I went to see BBK and had a brilliant time.
  10. Your top Glastonbury sets ever

    I'll name 2 1) Foo Fighters 2017 2) The Rolling Stones 2013
  11. Dick move of your festival......

    Get new friends.
  12. Dick move of your festival......

    Probably the only thing I thought was dickish was the guy pissing on the fence on the other side of the west holts stage at about 4:00am Sunday when there were empty long drops about a 10 second walk down the track.
  13. Suicide Tuesday

    Have really bad glasto blues this year,, not sure if it's because of the fallow year or what. Been later in bed all day eating junk food and watching the foo fighters in Iplayer. Man they were something else.
  14. how do you feel

    The Japanese stall near the cider bus is heavenly Edit: But stay away from the noodle dishes
  15. Resale

    What the fuck did it say tickets are unavailable at this time for anyone else after they entered their reg details? Kept getting past booking page but it kept sayinf tickets are unavailable or 16+ tickets are currently unavailable!