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  1. Films

    Saw it today, thought it was amazing. The effects were some of the best I've seen aswell. Very likeable cast too. Can't wait for the next instalment.
  2. General News Discussion

    Apparently no civilians in the Raqqa bombing. Fair play if true. 
  3. General News Discussion

    Enough is enough, as a pacifist I would happily have ISIS wiped out. It is truly horrifying  
  4. The Worst Thread in the world

    I don't care what anyone says, getting a ticket in the resale is 2x easier than the main sale
  5. Sold out

    Was stuck on the page not found for 25mins then got to add registration page then it said page not found again    I've gotten tickets in April for the past 2 years, fingers crossed for then
  6. Is it ok to be bricking it about oct tickets already

    Can't believe it's almost ticket day already, these 3 months have flown by.    Anyway, good luck everyone.
  7. The Libertines - why did they not announce it, ridiculous

    Tried at on my break at work at half 10 to get some bristol tickets but they completely sold out
  8. Pilton party

    take the piss that this went on sale to EVERYONE. Missed out on it because they listed the tickets on seetickets, tried getting tickets 3 days after they went on sale and found out they sold out. It's usually just for the locals and there's always tickets on door.
  9. Boomtown Festival 2015

    Ended up not being able to time time off work for this weekend.   Hope you all have a great time, by the way were there many sniffer dogs about? and how strict were they on the amount of alcohol you took in? Will most likely get tier 1 tickets for next year.
  10. Boomtown Festival 2015

    Well that's shitty, is there any way of getting round it?   Also it says they have sniffer dogs at the gates at all times as well, how do people smuggle in their stash?
  11. Boomtown Festival 2015

    On the site it says you can only take in 16 cans of lager.. how strict are they on this?
  12. Boomtown Festival 2015

    Looks like I'm going this year. I don't have any idea what to expect really. The pictures of the site look tiny, but then again I compare everything to Glastonbury. Really looking forward to it now!
  13. Glastocam!

    The site is looking rather depressing at the moment.. it looks so empty and quiet. Weird to think there were 180,000 people there 3 weeks ago.
  14. Anyone get the sense the end of Glastonbury is nigh?

    No thanks. As a southerner I like talking to all the northerners when I'm there. If there was a north/south festival the south would be 99.9% white and drinking pimms
  15. This time last week I was

    On my way to the stone circle