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  1. I think I would prefer the CGI snake to play an extended free-form jazz set.
  2. I cant believe nobody has mentioned the multi-award winning Anaconda yet. Heathens...
  3. There was one but I think he's been banned....
  4. Penguins, beavers, koalas and heart attacks just about covers the last 20 pages. Oh and a massive cockwomble.
  5. Are there enough knob jokes and koala Gifs to sustain another 200 pages?
  6. If I would've known, I would've bought you a beer to say thanks for the hard work you do for us all.
  7. They're always good fun. Luckily enough, I get to see them again this coming weekend at Shindig.
  8. Ha, I watched Dub Pistols at Vegfest in Bristol last night.
  9. drugs

    That certainly makes more sense. I was thinking you would give them a pill, they would then test it and then turn around to you and say "these are fucking great" before throwing it straight in the bin
  10. drugs

    I think I read in the BBC article that they destroy the drugs after testing which seems like a pretty big downside to me.
  11. I thoroughly enjoyed having a drink in The spike last year. Just off the railway track near the Glade.
  12. First single: Hole in my Shoe- Neil from the Young Ones First album: Flash Gordon soundtrack - Queen First tape: Thriller- Michael Jackson (maybe) First CD: It Takes a Nation of Millions to Hold Us Back- Public Enemy First download: Ray LaMontagne- Trouble First 'now' album: Never had one but my sisters had Now 1 First gig: Oasis-Earls Court 1995 (not counting various raves from 91 onwards) First glastonbury: 1998
  13. Nail on head
  14. Yep, all in it together and I'm sure it will be a good un. Line up is pretty excellent too. The forecast is looking good but if there's one thing the glastonbury weather threads have taught me over the years is never trust long range forecasts (unless Jackone does them). Unfortunately, I haven't managed to get tickets for glastonbury so may just hit this one bandy instead.
  15. Im on the registration page and pressed proceed and it came up with the 'we are currently processing the maximum amount of......' message and took me to a holding page. Pressed back and tried again and now it stays on the registration page with no tickets available. WTAF is going on. For absolutely no rhyme or reason I think today will be the day and I hope we are all successful.