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  1. Mad Cool 2017

    Anyone who's been before know what the situation is for drinking water? Are there free water points?
  2. Mad Cool 2017

    Thanks for the heads up.
  3. Flaming lips

    What a set, everything we could have hoped for and more. Confetti cannons, giant balloons, unicorns and zorbing over our heads and great music in The Park. A real highlight

    Just saw this post on Facebook - Fancy nattering on 6 Music with Lauren Laverne about Glastonbury? Drop lauren.6music@bbc.co.uk an email and you could be telling the nation all about that moment when...
  5. Poutine?

    Was it Passion and Smoke? - they had a fantastic barbecue stall last year - really hoping they are back this year. Also over the moon that Toots and The Maytals have been announced.
  6. Mad Cool 2017

    Such a great line up - a shame about Wolf Alice but really looking forward to this
  7. Coach Resale

    Managed to get 2 from Bristol on Thursday for friends so happy for them
  8. Resale 2017 - How many going back in

    6 reserved, 1 back in - trying for multiple friends who missed out in the original sale
  9. Self Confirmed 2017

    Land of the Giants have confirmed on their facebook page Listen up... We know we've been a little on the quiet side, but we reckon this will make up for it. We've got a huge summer lined up for you, but let's start with this... Glastonbury Festival (official) - we're coming for you!! A weekend of tunes and what can only be described as muddy mayhem, who's coming with us?!
  10. Glastonbury Free Press

    I love getting a copy of the Free Press and have finally got round to making a picture with some old copies, one of their posters and some bits and bobs from old programmes. It's got pride of place now and makes me even more excited for this year's festival when I look at it.
  11. Self Confirmed 2017

    Toots and the Maytals - self confirmed for 24th June on their Facebook tour dates. Yeah West Holts in the sunshine with the rum - bring it on.
  12. Next Announcement 2017 Thread

    Fantastic news
  13. Glastonbury food with pictures

    Tartiflette from Le Grande Bouche and also the wonderful home made cakes and cup of tea from the place by the acoustic tent - wonderful and some amazing onion bahjis from somewhere 3 great big ones for £4.50 plus a wonderful dressing - those were the stand out things for me this year. First year ever we didn't end the Sunday night with pie and no Growler either. The difficulty trudging through the mud definitely curtailed our efforts to try other food stalls this year
  14. 2016 Secret Resales - Whatsapp Group

    Just messaged to see if we can be added to group 2. Really appreciate it. Thanks

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