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  1. Lack of T Day nerves / excitement

    Well those numbers ARE ascending...
  2. Lack of T Day nerves / excitement

    *sets alarm for 8.30am every Sunday in October just in case*
  3. Lack of T Day nerves / excitement

    Would it be next Sunday or the Sunday after though? Didn't they confuse us all last year by going a week later than usual...
  4. Foo Fighters

    It wasn't buried within an email, I tried to buy tickets (and failed) and it very clearly said that the lead booker would need to be present and that ID would be required before you even entered the "waiting room" to try and buy tickets. Gutted I didn't get tickets as it sounds like it was an awesome gig but I am pleased to hear they have actually enforced this policy... while it must have been horrible for those who were turned away at the door, I think sadly there are going to NEED to be a few well publicised instances of people who have bought on viagogo etc being turned away from gigs (and sellers subsequently losing out on payment) before people start to learn that they can't get away with buying tickets just to sell them on at an inflated price anymore. They do need to address the issues faced by those who had the tickets in someone else's name for genuine reasons though... my suggestions would be that they need to offer a refund deadline (like Glasto does) for those who genuinely can no longer make it, and they need to add an option when booking to change the names on the tickets if they are being purchased as a gift.
  5. One month on...

    Every now and again, I'll be just doing something normal and all of a sudden the thought will pop into my head... "it's SO LONG until we can be at Glastonbury again." It's so depressing.
  6. Free baseball caps

    We got a blue cap given to us by our campsite as we were setting up on the Wednesday
  7. What made you cry at Glasto?

    Go and read through the tummy bug thread, it will cheer you up about this!!
  8. What made you cry at Glasto?

    Elbow - One Day Like This. I walked down the aisle to it and it always gets me! Foo Fighters - shed a few happy tears during Everlong. I'd waited so long to see them play the Pyramid and it was everything I wanted it to be. My hangover on Sunday Going back to the tent for bed on Sunday night I always get sad knowing that when I wake up the festival will be being dismantled, and it was even worse this year knowing that we won't be back for 2 long years.
  9. Tummy Bug ...anyone else ?

    It's these sorts of rumours starting which put the festival at risk. They test the water constantly and would never allow people to drink it if there was a problem. Much more likely to be poor hygiene/low immune system from 5 days of no sleep and constant drinking.
  10. Tummy Bug ...anyone else ?

    Oh they were good wings. I had some on the Saturday also. I prepared myself by washing my hands with water, then scrupulously cleaning my hands with a few antibacterial wipes, including cleaning under the nails, and followed up with antibacterial gel. There was NO WAY I was eating those bad boys without some finger licking going on!
  11. Liver damage

    That's made me feel a bit sick...
  12. Liver damage

    Oh god, you didn't...?
  13. Liver damage

    Hot weather makes it worse too. It's not so bad in years like last year because you don't sweat so much. We each had a rehydration sachet every morning of the festival this year because we all just felt so dehydrated... I don't think I ever recovered from the Wednesday really. I commented before that the toilets were so much better this year but on hindsight it was probably because people were using them less!! There was also a very terrifying moment when one hungover morning I found a water bottle on the floor of the tent half filled with pale brown liquid and I thought my husband was so dehydrated that his pee was that colour! Turned out to be Jack Daniels
  14. Clash regrets...I've got a few

    I wish I'd seen Katy Perry instead of Liam... the sound was awful at Liam and the crowd were clearly just there for Oasis songs which made it a bit flat when he played all his own stuff. And I wish I'd seen The Pretenders instead of the inside of my tent with a hangover.
  15. Liver damage

    It's amazing how people can drink so much and be functioning... a few years ago I worked with some Drug & Alcohol Addiction services and the stories would make your jaw hit the floor. There was one guy who was completely functional for almost a decade whilst drinking two bottles of vodka EVERY DAY. He only got found out because he eventually had a heart attack. When you drink that much that often the body just builds up a tolerance so you don't even appear drunk.