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  1. Moving Kissmet is all good for me in terms of clashes. They were fantastic last time at BT and it would be very hard to miss them.
  2. More newbie questions; how far is it from car park to camping and is it flat, uphill etc ?
  3. The theme announcement will be this Friday we have been told. They are waitingfor the preparation of artwork !
  4. At least one more for Friday I think.
  5. I beleive, from hearsay on other sites that an announcement on this year's theme is immanent.
  6. Well so far the only problem I have with the lineup is that Sea sick Steve is likely to clash with Kissmet.
  7. 21st is my birthday. Thank you very much !
  8. Do we know when the next announcement is going to be ?
  9. Vey well deserved award.
  10. Im so stoked for Skunk Anansie, I have been asking for them for a while and here we are ! Thanks BT. So in that vein ... can we have Amy MacDonald and Inelda May please.
  11. The Mavericks ? From Florida and would be a good fit .
  12. Always something decent somewhere.
  13. Cant imagine any of the locals were happy. This is the sort of thing that could really cause problems for the festival. Imagine living on the route ! Imagine ljving on the route and needing an ambulance.
  14. Can't wait. The parking and access last year was excellent, a huge improvement. More toilets is good, more urinals freeing up cubicles would seem like a good way to go. The woodland stage is just a beautiful spot, so good that it is almost becoming a victim of it's own success, getting in and out even to the toilets was a nightmare. Might need a rethink ? Love this festival and will definitely be back next year.
  15. Flogging Molly keep being suggested,I think they would go down an absolute storm. A perfect fit.