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  1. The Green Gathering 2018

    The Green Gathering WON at the UK Festival Awards last week - this is the Greenest festie in the land - official! http://www.agreenerfestival.com/2017/12/green-gathering-wins-the-uk-greener-festival-award-2017/ And earlybird tickets are flying out from here: https://www.bristolticketshop.co.uk/eventdetails.aspx?e=16129
  2. The Green Gathering 2018

    First bands announced for GG 2018: 3 Daft Monkeys, Smiley & The Underclass, One Eyed God... This festie's up for a UK Festival Award in the 'A Greener Festival' category. Earlybird tickets £90 while they last https://www.bristolticketshop.co.uk/eventdetails.aspx?e=16129
  3. The Green Gathering 2018

    The Green Gathering will return to it's gorgeous site near Chepstow for its 8th year, 2nd-5th August. Earlybird tickets are £90 https://www.bristolticketshop.co.uk/eventdetails.aspx?e=16129 We had a lot of weather this year and getting off site was a bit tricky for some, but we did a LOT better than some other festivals and mostly our site was green and grassy, not rutted mud trenches! It's such a great festival, real depth - LOADS to do for all ages - proper friendly, community feel - inspiring, feeds your soul - non-commercial - 'a festival beyond hedonism'. Check out the website for more flavour http://www.greengathering.org.uk/ If you're going to miss Glastonbury and usually spend a lot of time in the Green Fields... try The Green Gathering, you'll LOVE it!
  4. Family friendly festivals

    The Green Gathering. Free for kids under 11 years, £55 for 11-15 year olds. Lots of family and child-friendly activities all across site as well as a concentration of kids stuff in the Kids Garden and on the Village Green. Big, spacious, rolling site with open areas and wooded copses for running around and playing in too. www.greengathering.org.uk/kids-teens/
  5. The Green Gathering 2017

    Campervan tickets nearly gone, cycle to GG with Tandemonium, Camplight tent discounts and other news, here: http://www.greengathering.org.uk/news-reviews/
  6. The Green Gathering 2017

    Latest announcements ffrom The Green Gathering... campervan tickets likely to run out in June so if you wanna bring wheels don't wait too long! http://mailchi.mp/greengathering/springtime-news-ticket-info
  7. The Green Gathering 2017

    You can have a campfire (bring a brazier); you can bring your own booze (just not to sell); the food is top quality and not overpriced, and the same goes for the bars. If you sometimes want to do something other than get messy and listen to music at a festival, you'll probably love The Green Gathering. Over 100 talks on topical issues and workshops in everything from tango dancing to wild food foraging, from spoon carving to laughter yoga, from songwriting to dowsing. The music's great, the stages are small - so you can get right up to the bands rather than seeing them as tiny specks in the distance or on a tv screen. Spring Advance Tickets are £95 from Bristol Ticket Shop: http://www.bristolticketshop.co.uk/eventdetails.aspx?e=13171 Check out the eFestivals reviews from 2015 and 2016. They're pretty good
  8. The Green Gathering 2017

    Latest from GG: So Green, such music, so much more... http://eepurl.com/cGr4gT
  9. The Green Gathering 2017

    The Green Gathering - line up so far is here - http://www.greengathering.org.uk/line-up/ with some big new announcements expected in a week or so! This festival is about so much more than music though - it's about changing lives and bettering the world and inspiring minds and making hearts sing!
  10. Sunrise Celebration 2016 - is it going ahead?

    I don't know about the person's past, but yes you're right, it is someone new with a background in event security who now owns the Sunrise name.
  11. Sunrise Celebration 2016 - is it going ahead?

    I don't think it'll be on the same site as 2014; there were a lot of complaints from residents about Sunrise that year, which I think would make it tricky for them to get a licence for that site again. If they have managed to convince the site to take them back, license restrictions on timings and noise will be severe.
  12. Festivals with craft workshops for adults

    The Green Gathering has a large and fantastic Crafts Village which is expanding even more in 2017! It's one of the most popular bits of the festival, check out some info here: http://www.greengathering.org.uk/crafts/
  13. The Green Gathering 2017

    Latest Green Gathering news - earlybirds end date and live acts announced - http://eepurl.com/cxEh9j Earlybird tickets (£85 including booking fee) ALMOST GONE! Get yours here http://www.bristolticketshop.co.uk/eventdetails.aspx?e=13171
  14. The Green Gathering 2017

    Earlybird tickets (£85 including booking fee) ALMOST GONE! Get yours here http://www.bristolticketshop.co.uk/eventdetails.aspx?e=13171
  15. The Green Gathering 2017

    The Green Gathering will be back in its gorgeous location, just 18 miles from Bristol, 3rd-6th August 2017. New website launched today www.greengathering.org.uk with EARLYBIRD TICKETS £85 from Bristol Ticket Shop until they run out. Just a few acts announced so far - its early days - One Eyed God (punk-ska-reggae), BAAB (Swedish folk with a difference), The Antipoet (cabaret-meets-poetry-meets-punk/folk), Banjo Bill Lloyd (Appalachian, Bluegrass, Irish, and Traveller tunes), Creedy (psychedelic folk) and The Wierdstring Band (a whole lot of strings, humour and an 'anarchist ceilidh'). The Green Gathering usually has a good and eclectic selection of bands across intimate and outdoor stages; and a whole lot of other stuff too. More workshops, debates, crafts, and interesting stuff to engage with than most festivals except the real biggies like Glastonbury... all in a 5000-person festival that's easy to get around and about as friendly and laid back as anyone could hope for. With reasonably priced bars, really good food, loads for families to do, spacious campsites... it's good.