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  1. Lost Vagueness... the story

    Here you go. Last two episodes of series three. http://www.jonronson.com/this.html
  2. Lost Vagueness... the story

    There was an episode of Jon Ronson On on Radio 4 in 2007 (I think) that captured some of the things going wrong behind the scenes in Lost Vagueness at that time, including the spat with Trash City over the aeroplane parts. My band played a late night gig in the Casino that year and I remember being surprised that they could get away with (effectively) charging for entry. I don't think it made for a great atmosphere either. Lost Vagueness was great at the time, especially because before that you basically had the Rizla van for after hours entertainment, but it was nowhere near as good as what there is now. Not in the same league.
  3. I am you as you are me as I am he as we are all together. That's my theory anyway.

  4. Hi Rodimus, Hope you are well. I am curious, you have my name except for the imus bit. Perhaps you are me and I am you in that case I am talking to myself. Have a great festival if your going. Rod


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