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  1. Bearded Theory 2018

    That said, this seems fairly specific "the main headliners are not quite there (one is and can be announced on the 6th). We decided against announcing say 20 acts now and then have to do a single headline announcement later which gives us less press."
  2. Bearded Theory 2018

    I just noticed that they had casually said "news within a month" in one of the their newsletters, so on the basis that newsletter came out of the 9th of Sept, I impishly assumed October 9th was the big day on the Bearded Forum. This was in jest more than hope, really, hence their response - "ya bugger" - as quoted above, as they obviously already regretted nailing themselves down like that. I seem to remember last year that announcements always turned up later than they "promised", which I think comes from their enthusiasm to share news as soon as possible, which comes a cropper when things don't get sorted as soon as they thought. Anyhows, they are now saying 6th Nov on their forum, which is specific enough to make me think it's the date a headliner gets confirmed, but it may just be because they're nice people and they've been asked and they're trying to be as informative as possible. I'm certainly not holding my breath, keen though I am to know.
  3. Bearded Theory 2018

    It's now the 6th of November - this is what happens when I try and do a Paxman on the Bearded folk
  4. Latitude Festival 2017

    its a very tiny obelisk - don't get too excited!
  5. Latitude Festival 2017

    I'm always easy, Ben - only said in jest. My comment is as much a reflection of my own utter fury at the sheer f'ing stupidiy of Latitude giving themselves over to Mumford vanity. and flags are, you are quite right, a retrograde step and a right royal pain in the arse ...as for the obelisk, I just thought you'd be interested. It's a very small obelisk, but seek and you will find.
  6. Latitude Festival 2017

    This bile may be getting a tad out of hand. The obelisk stage is so called because it sits in front of a stone obelisk - it being a country estate and all they have that sort of thing littering the garden.
  7. Latitude Festival 2017

    Further to my recent outburst, perhaps a "staring at a tree in the camping area for 90 mins" session should be arranged.
  8. Latitude Festival 2017

    I've been trying so hard not to join the anti Mumford momentum, even though they are not my cup of tea, but this really is the quite the most w*nkiest of moves of their part, and shameful of Latitude to defer to it. Why on earth would they want to corral a bunch of anti-Mumfords towards the main stage when they would rather be somewhere else? Mumford fans don't want us there, we don't want to be there, its such a misconceived idea of what festivals are about. I'm surprised how furious I am about this
  9. Latitude Festival 2017

    Cheers for that - will do likewise then
  10. Latitude Festival 2017

    On a similar subject, I was wondering if the car parks open earlier than the 2pm for camping. Turned up pretty much on the dot last year only to park behind loads of cars that must have been previously let in. I'd happily turn up that bit earlier and sit in the car a while if it meant a shorter walk lugging all my stuff. Does anyone know?
  11. Attention eFests Litterpickers / recycling crew

    After a few years in the hellish sheds I'm apparently doing back stage this year - does anyone have any experience of this? I'm imagining following Kate Moss around with a hoover, but the reality is probably more mundane. Interested to know if anyone has done it
  12. Post your clashfinder itinerary

    Cheers mate Just had a listen. As you say, could struggle with this on record, but live, on a sunny day, could work a treat.
  13. Post your clashfinder itinerary

    Could you point me in the direction of some "Kamaal Williams Ensemble" stuff? I have an instinct its for me but struggling to discover much content for this one.
  14. Latitude Festival 2017

    The difference, I would say, is that Glastonbury feels like a 24 hour party where ever you look, while Latitude has something to do if you go look for it. More objectively, I just had a quick look in last years programme, and on Saturday night, there was a reasonable variety on stuff up until midnight. Beyond 1am, however, apart from the cabaret, they were all DJs of various kinds. To say the comedy tent stays open til late, as latitude does in its night owls section, is a little disingenuous, as the comedy actually finishes by around eight, after which it turns into a cheesy disco. That said, it is one of the bigger dance venues, and there's a outside dance venue called the lake stage, which is decent. Apart from those, Sunrise is small, but has the better music (in my opinion). The Film venue has reasonably late night live music up until 1ish, but - like the Cabaret - can be harder to get into if something decent is on. The lavish lounge is also open late, but that is tiny. I think that's it. So without wishing to contradict funktownbro, because its true there are things to do, I would say that if you're used to Glastonbury, the much missed Big Chill, or even Bestival or Bearded Theory, to you it will feel as if things have suddenly gone very quiet, so its not a strength of the festival. I go every year, by the way, and love it, so I don't mean to put you off!
  15. Missing Glastonbury institutions?

    You're thinking of the Scottish band, I think. These were different Aliens, from the planet Spacerock, and certainly wouldn't be let loose on one of the main stages. Half of the people I saw that night, some of which I have since got to know, are involved with the running of the Mandala tent. Lovely people, and completely nuts.