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  1. cheers mate - will do
  2. Anyone know somewhere closer to the site? Got a longish journey so thought I'd set off today and staying overnight in a travelodge on the A38 - almost walking distance from Catton Hall. Roasters looks good, but its way to go for breakfast!
  3. But tap in a few surrounding towns and that shower on Saturday moves about - meaning it's an isolated squirt of no importance that could land anytime, or not at all, and soon dissipates in the still boiling temperatures. Granted, Sunday is a trickier sell, but if it really had been 25c all weekend with no cloud cover it would have probably been a little much. Yes, I like the security of knowing there will be no rain, but with these more sensible temperatures, a light dusting from the rain fairies on Sunday might be just what we need. ...and its still better than we have any right to expect at this time of year, so its all good.
  4. Some fella called Hayfield is doing some major rejigging of my clashfinder. All looks a bit weird to me - includes a 12 o'clock shut down of Magical Sounds, which is fine by me, but not what they say. He either knows something in a major inner loop kind of way, or is as mad as a box of frogs. I can't fathom which. Do I go with the flow or revert? I just can't decide - are you out there, Hayfield? Where are you getting your info?
  5. A danger of wandering into the deranged territory of the Glasto weather watchers here, but with less than a week to go this seems ruddy marvellous. The significance here is not just the temperatures, which are frankly absurd, but that the good weather extends either side of the festival, so it isn't even a window that has to hit just right. What I also realised that I am genuinely too superstitious to unpack my raincoat and wellies, despite them adding considerably to my burden, for fear of tempting providence. I guess that scratch beneath the surface and we are all NFRNFC nutters under the skin.
  6. This is sad news - loved the fluffy folk. Whatever the official reason they weren't very happy last year - having a right old moan about what they saw as restrictive practices. Glastonbury, according to the cafe, insist on the traders buying supplies from them centrally. I presume the festival would say this is ensure they are ethically sourced and its the only practical way to do things but the traders (or at least these ones) saw it as an opportunity to charge them hiked up prices which made it hard to turn a profit. The truth, perhaps, lies somewhere inbetween, but as a regular purchaser of their excellent £2 egg sandwich I will miss them. Seemed like decent folk who offered a fair deal.
  7. All these youngster in their forties thinking they old - shakes head in knowing manner First single: Dambusters March - The Enid First album: L - Godley and Creme First CD: So - Peter Gabriel First 'now' album: Now that's what I call Hawkwind First Download: Bend Over Beethoven - !!! First gig: Dr Feelgood at Crocs in Rayleigh in 1978ish, recording the album "As it Happens", meaning the first gig I went to was committed to vinyl - how good is that? First Glastonbury: 2005 after taking a nineteen year break from festivals - what was I thinking? First Act seen at Glastonbury - the Zutons Age: 55
  8. Two years ago, and two days before the festival, I was congratulating myself on not buying a ticket, given that the forecast had been, and still was, rain for every day. On the Wednesday, around midday the forecast changed, the sun came out, I bought a ticket on a whim that evening, and the next day drove all the way from East Anglia on my tod, having packed very poorly. The festival, as you will know, was dry pretty much all weekend, and despite very quickly realising I had forgotten many things, included a sleeping bag, I became a zealous enthusiast for a festival I'd been meaning to check out for years. I was then rewarded the following year, having cajoled a pal into coming with me, with glorious sunshine. I realised then what I say to you now We have nothing to fear but fear itself.
  9. which suggests, therefore, no Space Ritual, I guess, otherwise he would have said that too. Shame that - not seen them for a while now
  10. I'm looking at this pragmatically. Although tempted by the Foos, and it is a shame, at least this way I can nip into Shangri La before the crowds build up. The DKs were never going to be on any earlier, and any later, I just couldn't have hacked making my way through the crowds, or being in what would have been a completely rammed space. That said, my immediate thought when announced was "shame they're not at Bearded Theory" - now that really would have been something.
  11. They do, as far as I can see. Here's a set list from this Jan. Mostly from Fresh Fruit, and some from Plastic Surgery. All the classics as far as I can see Forward to Death Rawhide Let's Lynch the Landlord Insight Too Drunk to Fuck Jock-O-Rama MP3 Get Off The Web Kill the Poor Moon Over Marin Nazi Punks Fuck Off California Über Alles Bleed for Me Viva Las Vegas Holiday in Cambodia Chemical Warfare
  12. This seems to suggest they are, indeed, as a result of Earache at Glastonbury - so the Truth stage it is then. Blimey - I'm going to have to go to the SE Corner. Hadn't reckoned on that
  13. The best album names ever "Give me Convenience or Give me Death"
  14. No - he and the rest of the band fell out badly over royalty rights - went to court over it. A lot of folk think of the current Dead Kennedys as being not the real thing. I did see Jello with them about a hundred years ago and I can understand that point of view, but the other three are originals, which is more than can be said of many bands. Having dug out my copy of Fresh Fruit for Rotting Vegetables I was reminded of how great those songs are and shall be down the front, moshing with my zimmer like a fool.
  15. Is there a reason they are thought to be on the truth stage? For all their punkish reputation, by today's standards they are surely quite melodic. I could see them being on John Peel, or perhaps the Park, as the Fall were a couple of years ago.