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  1. Nick Cave

    A bit more wiki-research reveals the following explanation: 'In 2006, Clark began recording a studio album, under the stage name St. Vincent. In an interview on The Colbert Report, she said that she "took [her] moniker from a Nick Cave song, which refers to the hospital in which Dylan Thomas died. "The reference is to the line "And Dylan Thomas died drunk in / St. Vincent's hospital" from Cave's song "There She Goes my Beautiful World" off the album Abattoir Blues/The Lyre of Orpheus. Its the place where poetry comes to die, she has said. Thats me.[16] [6] The name is also a reference to her great-grandmother, whose middle name was St. Vincent.[17]' Very nice. I love that song but agree - it's kind of the reverse of Jubilee Street in that it's magnificent on record but rarely so great live. Incidentally, talking of TSGMBW as we are, my Uni English tutor described John Wilmot as being a cross between Mick Jagger and Lady Diana, which has always stuck with me. His poetry is filthy and brilliant too, if you haven't read it.
  2. Nick Cave

    I was not aware of this. Like her even more now: One of Clarks favoured musical tricks is to make the normal suddenly unsettling, whether by bending notes to make it seem as if the floor is shifting, or throwing in a guitar solo that sounds like an anxiety attack, or uprooting the mundane with an unexpected lyrical twist. On the song Birth in Reverse (its title taken from a Lorrie Moore short story, Which Is More Than I Can Say About Some People), she sings, Oh what an ordinary day, take out the garbage, masturbate. I tell her it made me laugh. No, she corrects, drily. That was deeply sexual. Thats weird that you werent turned on, fuck. Clark admits shes a comedy nerd (her first album is called Marry Me, after a recurring gag in the sitcom Arrested Development, and she has twice appeared in the sketch show Portlandia) and theres often a black humour in her lyrics. Not in a put the honking nose on the clown kind of way. Not like, you know, slapstick. But I think the Nick Cave song, There She Goes My Beautiful World, which I took the name St Vincent from, thats a hilarious song. It illustrates the squalor, and the grandeur. From Guardian interview (http://www.theguardian.com/music/2014/aug/07/-sp-st-vincent-interview-always-felt-like-weirdo)
  3. Nick Cave

    80%?! I know it's Friday but...
  4. Nick Cave

    With each of these lists I'm thinking 'Oh, yeah forgot about THAT', in this one it's 'Nobody's Baby Now', or 'Nobby's a Baby Now', as Scruffy would say
  5. Nick Cave

    Like it. Very different from mine which just goes to show you never will please all the people all the time when you've got such a stonking back catalogue!
  6. Nick Cave

    Similarly... People ain't no good Hallelujah Lime tree arbour Henry Lee Midnight Man There She Goes Tupelo Deanna Papa won't leave you, Henry Cannibal's Hymn (bubbling under Lucy, Mercy Seat, Into My Arms.etc.etc) If I could only save one from the waves, it would probably be Lime tree arbour - pretty much the perfect Nick Cave song, for me.
  7. Nick Cave

    The live Jubilee Street would be in my top ten Nick Cave tracks, the Push The Sky Away version wouldn't. I just haven't got into PTSA at all. I think it's trying too hard to not be a NCATBS album. Top ten songs - subject to constant change of course - now there's a challenge...
  8. Nick Cave

  9. Nick Cave

    If you pulled the chips from the tea that would be fine. In London everything's 'pulled' these days. Or drunk out of a jam jar.
  10. Nick Cave

    20,000 bumps
  11. Nick Cave

    Looking forward to this QUITE a lot.
  12. The National

    Was the first time I've seen him and I was impressed, although found the setting a bit 'meh.' The National also good, plus saw Caitlin Rose in the tent which was great. Not bad for a free ticket I was offered yesterday morning! And NY did finish about 10 mins early, but I guess fitting another song in might have been difficult, given how long they were lasting!
  13. Nick Cave

    Now now, we'll have no more of this - take your medication.
  14. Nick Cave

    I've got a feeling the same thing will be said about 'Dolly Parton Miming' in a year's time...
  15. Nick Cave

    I was looking for this thread - what a nice person you are!

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