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  1. TRNSMT Festival 2018

    It'll probably not happen, but I'd love a Gorillaz and friends day, really enjoyed the Hydro gig, doubtful I know. If I were booking the rest of the weekend going by what's on at the time, and trying to be somewhat sensible... Sunday 30th - Gorillaz / Chvrches (will be promoted big on return, IMO) / Vince Staples / The Vaccines / De La Soul / Little Simz Friday - QOTSA / Royal Blood / Iggy Pop / Run The Jewels / The Hives / more tbc Sunday - The Killers or Arctic Monkeys / Lorde (she's popping up in alot of places) Franz Ferdinand / HAIM / more tbc Totally expecting to have that all taken away when Snow Patrol, The Prodigy and the likes off get announced saying all that
  2. Future Headliners

    I haven't seen them mentioned really anywhere, but Gorillaz? Really enjoyed them in Glasgow the other day, probably can rope in a few guests to play over the day too
  3. TRNSMT Festival 2017

    For folk bringing up Pixies, they're playing two nights in Kelvingrove Park in August, couple of other names like Brian Wilson and Texas playing other nights too
  4. TRNSMT Festival 2017

    It's not so much a T replacement but an early in the Summer Sessions weekender isn't it? I like the majority of the announcement though and will probably go on Friday and maybe Sunday. Speaking of the Summer Sessions, will they still happen with this on?
  5. TITP 2017

    Going by their show at Bellahouston (which did sell out in the end) and good showings at L/R I'd still say Biffy are safe as potential headliners. On that gig, was quite impressed with the setup at Bellahouston Park, general feeling between myself and friends was there was potential room for them to expand it to allow for an extra tent stage in the fields either side of the stage and make it a day long/weekend wide things to potentially replace T, maybe even having it there and another similar sized site somewhere else in the country to split potential crowds. Would mean sacrificing camping but that might not be the worst thing in the world.
  6. Headliners 2016

    Foo Fighters Rihanna Radiohead
  7. WWE

    just half way through listening to it, was always a Punk fan but knew he was a bit of an arsehole, but listening to all these points regarding his health and so on really happy he got out now, will be interesting to see how any of the current roster react to this on the dirtsheets and such
  8. Kasabian 2014

    giving a few listens now, much better than I expected it to be, I say that as a fan too. I laughed and sort of understand the Jez and Super Hans reference though (though I might not think of it as a bad thing, any Peep Show fan would love to see that)
  9. Kasabian 2014

    Saw them in my town tonight, apart from a power cut they were as good as I have ever seen them (which is probably too many times) Bumblebee is massive as an opener, they do a snippet of Kanyes 'black skinhead' into shoot the runner, eez-eh works much better live but still the weakest of new tracks played and just before LSF they do a slight cover of fatboy slims 'praise you'
  10. WWE

    This may have broke me, Heartbreaking stuff
  11. WWE

    I'm quite content with the ending of the Taker match, I didnt expect it, but in a way, if it was ever 'going to end', its really too big a title for nearly anyone that works fulltime to take. As seen last night, Brock/Heyman are going to get alot of resentment for it, just because its something that no one really wanted to see die, and because of who they are and the stage of their careers, they will thrive on it. Give that to a Reigns or Wyatt, they have to have it weigh them down the rest of their careers, title wins will seem insignificant in comparison etc. I'd be happy if Taker called his time and left it that really, last night painted him as having nothing left and if what various places are saying is true, maybe shouldnt even have been fighting due to being so broken down
  12. WWE

    "@Pools19: Just lost a £35,000 bet on The Undertaker to beat Brock Lesnar #wwe #wrestlemania30 Don't know whether 2 vomit or cry /YiPvNRZ689" Wow.
  13. WWE

    Great Mania, did not see 'that' coming!
  14. Set lists

    That would be magic, thought they should have done that on the tour than use it on I wanna be yours. The biggest gripe I got from the AM tour (glasgow) setlist is that they didn't play Kneesocks. Not really bothered about them dropping old tracks, a lot of them (505 especially) were starting to get tiring. Would like more Humbug tracks saying that, though I'm sure I'm in the minority there
  15. WWE

    Nothing official on it as of yet, but Punk has definately needed a break for a while now. Can understand some of his unhappiness too, I reckon he is a guy that wants to see not just himself get in a good place but your Bryans, Rhodes, Zigglers etc rather than all these names that they keep bringing back, and there is bound to be alot of bitterness from that