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  1. Live at Leeds 2018

    Got my ticket for this, this week. Very excited. Suggestions would be very welcome. Bar the bands I’d already heard of, The Lightning Year, Cassia and Outsiders have caught my attention.
  2. Lineup 2018

    Finish fifth in the BBC Sound of 2018 thing, for what it is worth, so that has probably helped things. Totally agree. The female 1975 for me. Find everything about them exactly the same.
  3. Lineup 2018

    Thanks goodness someone was filming. Wouldn’t have believed it otherwise.
  4. YNOT Festival 2018

  5. Elton John

    He said during the live announcement the tour had been pencilled in since 2015. So very feasible Glastonbury were aware.
  6. Tour Announcements & Upcoming Gigs

    Eavis tried to book them for the Extravaganza a few years ago but it never happened, so it sounds like May is the one holding it up.
  7. Lineup 2018

    Would we care to speculate on the date for the first announcement? No teasers from the festival’s social media accounts as yet, but I’m going with Tuesday 5 December.
  8. All Points East Festival 2018

    So Nick Cave, The National and who else for weekend two? Any ideas?
  9. Foo Fighters

    Four sales this week. 9am Tuesday for those who pre-ordered the album through the Foo Fighters store. 9am Wednesday for people who subscribe to the newsletter. Thursday for those who have signed up to the venue presale. (London Stadium only) General sale 9am Friday No sign of the ticket prices however, which is rediculous less than 24 hours before the first sale. Though I guess it’ll emerge tomorrow, if not before.
  10. Neighbourhood Festival, Manchester

    I felt there would be and here they are. Idles being the significant addition.
  11. Neighbourhood Festival, Manchester

    Still waiting for a third and final announcement of bands. Wonder if we'll now get the rest with the times and venue splits in a week or so. The festival are offering no info at all.
  12. 2017 festival

    Everyone is welcome to enjoy any festival how they please, as is their right, but I can't understand why anyone would waste time with the signing tent.
  13. 2017 festival

    They've made a big deal this year about when specifically the times will be announced, so I'm guessing they're all coming at once now. Even by Festival Republic's standards, even they must have realised how monumentally stupid it was to stagger the release of the stage times.
  14. 2017 festival

  15. 2017 New Music Thread

    Hasn't hit the mark yet after about half a dozen listens, for me. Saw them play a few new tracks on Friday and it would be fair to say they didn't go down well. Though their regular sound issues didn't help.