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  1. Did the same having walked from Radiohead to The Park, caught the end of Flaming Lips and then marched up the hill. My first time at the Crows Nest and loved it. Was glad having been forced to give their JP slot a miss.
  2. No accounts of dangerous crushes for me this year. The sticky mud made last year much worse. Killers was very busy and I had to abandon two trips to SE corner but having waited until after the headliners it was naturally busy.
  3. Didn't physically stay and watch RnB but the railway line at the time was incredibly busy which gives some sort of indication as to the sheer volume of people there. Beat Blondie from 2014 easily, which was previously the biggest I'd seen on the Other.
  4. He actually ruled out it being Pink Floyd during the same Q&A.
  5. Missing England, for me.
  6. Got mentioned on these boards a few years ago and since then it has taken on a life of its own, with people asking about it every year but to no avail. It is probably a crew bar, but if not then it certainly doesn't exist.
  7. Know friends who missed their coach, were fortunate enough to find space on a later one and picked up their ticket once they had arrived. Because they'd travelled 'green' the Festival had no issue handing them over.
  8. Just about to get going in Iceland. Tonight will obviously be a good indictor as to what to expect in eight days time.
  9. Rews, October Drift, Future Islands, The Lemon Twigs, The Pale White and Pumarosa.
  10. Got three days to work out a back-up plan. I know the Theatre Bar has shown sport previously, albeit it Wimbledon/Euro 2016 off terrestrial. The worry might be that the hurdle the Glade Bar have been unable to clear with regard to showing it might affect all other bars. Would have thought it being on Sky is a problem.
  11. And they look awesome. Great work. Hope we get to see more as we get closer to the festival. But these galleries have been much more regular in years gone by; with updates coming via Twitter and Instagram on an almost daily basis also. There is probably nothing in that, but it comes amid suggestions of mass changes, a 'big secret' and only one version of the map being released.
  12. Just a thought: in the days and weeks leading up to the festival in previous years they have shared photos via their social media channels and galleries on their website as the build continues. They have been consiquous by their absence this year. Obviously they could control what they show us, so it is a bit strange that it hasn't been repeated. A tad suspicious, particular given that the webcam has regularly being out of action too. What are they hiding?
  13. Applaud this move from the festival. What time we lose in queuing up on Wednesday will be hopefully offset by: - Any security fears being eased by the comprehensiveness of the checks. - A reduction in the sheer volume of junk left behind by people on the Monday. - And scaremonger people into not taking illegal drugs into the festival.
  14. The RPM's. Sunday 11:45pm Rabbit Hole