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  1. Secret resales

    If you can - Roskilde is the next best thing
  2. Secret resales

    It's over isn't it
  3. Secret resales

    A friend of mine, who 10000% is not connected to EE in any way - won one last year
  4. Secret resales

    2013 Refund - Friday May 3rd Resale - Wednesday May 8th 2014 Refund - Friday May 9th Resale - Wednesday May 14th - 2pm 2015 Refund - Friday May 8th Resale - Monday May 18th - 3pm Lasted 13 mins approx 2016 Refund - Friday May 6th Resale - Thursday May 12th - 3.45pm Lasted 2 mins approx
  5. Secret resales

    The latest one ever was the 18th May
  6. Secret resales

    I think it is either today or never, getting too close to the festival now
  7. Secret resales

    My Page thing just went off
  8. Secret resales

    Has there ever been a resale after the full line up? This feels like the end of the road
  9. Secret resales

    hah sorry, I legit just remembered about it! Yeah it's unlikely but I guess they could just of heard the number of final returns and decided to not sell for that reason as they can tell pissed off locals "look we didn't even do a final final sale"
  10. Secret resales

    True, but they would know from previous years the rough amount of tickets that end up being returned in the final window
  11. Secret resales

    Just had a thought, I have a few friends who live close by the site and apparently due to the chaos of last year the festival had to make private assurances they would lower the number of people this year. Maybe that's why the final returned tickets aren't being sold.
  12. Secret resales

    Like repeatedly saying there won't be one?
  13. Secret resales

    Very quiet today on here
  14. Secret resales

    Yeah the mate has bottled going IMO
  15. Secret resales

    Non Transferable for us, easy for See to give it to someone - they print the buggers

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