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  1. Post your favourite picture from this year

    Edit - Wrong thread
  2. Tribe called red pulled out

    Balls. Was looking forward to that.
  3. worried about youngsters and drugs?

    One young kiddie on Cake cried all the water out of his body. Just imagine how his mother felt. It's a fucking disgrace.
  4. Hot weather advice

    Make use of the stages before the acts begin to get some shade if it's getting a bit much. Lots in Silver Hayes to pick from. Worked well in 2010
  5. Weather 2017

    We are looking at Wednesday and Thursday, the days when everyone can sit, drink and take it all in being roasting. Then Friday, Saturday, Sunday when you need to wiz between stages being a bit cooler but still pleasant. This sounds like perfect festival weather! It's all too good to be true. It can't be real.
  6. Weather 2017

    Holy shit, that sounds hotter than 2010 was.
  7. what happen if you miss your coach?

    That probably depends on the coach driver. Worth asking when on the coach though
  8. what happen if you miss your coach?

    I think the coach driver is supposed to hand over tickets that nobody claimed to an office near gate a.
  9. Weather 2017

    Perfect weather for running through fields of wheat.
  10. So... Who else is on their last day of work clock watching

    It's going to be such a great feeling putting my out of office on.
  11. Weather 2017

    Everything's coming up roses
  12. Weather 2017

    I still wake up screaming with the memory of this
  13. Weather 2017

    Spot on.
  14. What's your poison?

    Cider for the day, spiced dark rum for the night. Plus some extras. Will not be taking red wine this year as I sat drinking it like pop at the Other stage in the pouring rain on Sunday last year and I was a drunken slurring mess by 2pm.
  15. What's your poison?

    I'll stick with Cake. What is Cake? Well, it has an active ingredient which is a dangerous psychoactive compound known as dimesmeric andersonphosphate. It stimulates the part of the brain called Shatner's Bassoon. And that's the bit of the brain that deals with time perception. So, a second feels like a month. Well, it almost sounds like fun...unless you're the Prague schoolboy who walked out into the street straight in front of a tram. He thought he'd got a month to cross the street.

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