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  1. Tour Announcements & Upcoming Gigs

    Efestivals flava' of the month are doing some UK festivals and a little show at Village Underground this Spring/Summer, the latter of which still has some tickets going circa £15.
  2. Arcade Fire

    I’m still in awe at the gig 4 days later. I’ve listened to nothing else but Arcade Fire since then. I’ve ordered the last 2 albums of theirs I needed on vinyl to complete the collection. Thinking of emigrating to Canada.
  3. Arcade Fire

    There were 2-3 touts max outside Wembley station on Wednesday. Would normally be 5-10 times that amount. So yep I reckon it’s working.
  4. Arcade Fire

    3 nights of pure triumph in London. Rave reviews all round. No doubt EN has a couple of stinkers, but the 4-5 tracks that are being played on this tour are decent, especially when blended in to a back catalogue as strong as Win and the lads have. It’ll be interesting to see which direction the next album goes in.
  5. Radiohead Headlining 2017

    It’s the hope that kills you.....
  6. Radiohead Headlining 2017

    Reckoner. The bastards.
  7. Arcade Fire

    Perhaps it was harsh of me to call it a weak moment. It was still an 8/10, it's just the rest of the gig was 10/10! Agree the entrance was fantastic. We must have been standing quite close to each other!
  8. I feel lost

    Rumours that Fatboy Slim and Mik Artistic might play. Hope that helps.
  9. Arcade Fire

    That was special. Just a non-stop party from start to finish. The crowd where I was standing was great, big sing-a-longs and everyone dancing. We were stood in an amazing spot, Win and Regine walked right by us several times when they did their bit in the crowd. (For anyone going to Wembley tonight, if you stand at the back of the “round” to the left there is a walkway marked out on the floor in bright pink tape). The new songs sound great live, especially Creature Comfort. Not sure they stand up to the rest of the set though, PYMOM probably the weakest point. Great gig though. One of the best I’ve been to.
  10. Arcade Fire

  11. The National

    Same here. Seems a little steep, although yearly exclusive vinyl is appealing...
  12. Your Dream Ten Acts for 2019

    1. Daft Punk 2. Daft Punk 3. Daft Punk 4. Daft Punk 5. Daft Punk 6. Daft Punk 7. Daft Punk 8. Daft Punk 9. Pablo Honey 10. Daft Punk
  13. 2018 New Music

    Their debut is great, looking forward to seeing if they've upped their game.....
  14. Arcade Fire

    My tickets for London next Wednesday have arrived! Do we know who’s supporting?
  15. 2019 Headliners

    Let’s hope they don’t have a Twix

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