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  1. The Gaming Thread

    I was considering installing CS again CS:GO or whatever oit is now
  2. House Music

    you going to any WHP nights mate?
  3. Your favourite Glasto images

    Nice photo! not really important..but what time was that taken..just wondering
  4. Your favourite Glasto images

    ah yes flickr..also blocked by work as it's 'ONLINE FILE STORAGE' people might use stenography to steal ..something?! plus I do't get it if people wanted to steal stuff from the office they would work out other ways..setup a server on a random IP where you can upload stuff through the web..
  5. Your favourite Glasto images

    yfrog.com or maybe googles service allows it or imageshack.us if you must i cant view image shack at work so avoid there:P
  6. Your favourite Glasto images

    best thread.ever
  7. Rolling Stones...

    whats that about a new random twitter account?! why not just use their existing twitter to announce anything? does anyone know what Eavis apparently said to Oxfan then>?! re Oxfam twitter
  8. Your favourite Glasto images

    Like the bottom one..remember walking ap[st it a few times
  9. Glastonbury food with pictures

    I wouldn't cart too much with me..but i do like having some food with me..wake up have something to eat without having to go to nearest van or walk round finding something you fancy and then queue also late at night/early morning i just mix it up..buy a bit of food when out and about eat some of what i bought when back at tent/early morning
  10. Your favourite Glasto images

    some nice photos there james - this threads the best on the forum...some wicked photos
  11. Your favourite Glasto images

    Odd as it may be I think Lily Allen looks kinda hot there!
  12. Your favourite Glasto images

    Yeppp! I come back tot his thread all the time amazing pictures, so glad people post them here - i didn't take any photos and even if I did they wouldn't be a patch on the ones posted here!
  13. Glastonbury food with pictures

    haha yea juist saw that on the GFL official site! impressive work
  14. Your favourite Glasto images

    Thatd be the one, some great shots from him as ever
  15. Your favourite Glasto images

    um did paulo post any photos for this year? im sure it was him that had some amazing shots last yea

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