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    Balance paid!!! That's one more off the list. Now we need to get a towbar fitted and buy this caravan.....

    The option is there to pay the balances individually too.
  3. Worthy View, Tipis & CV Fields Sale

    Lucky I noticed both of your posts.
  4. Worthy View, Tipis & CV Fields Sale

    Just the holding page as usual....
  5. new here? introduce yourself

    I'm further north, Mayo/Sligo area. I was in Kerry last week, the rain was biblical!
  6. new here? introduce yourself

    I'm not exactly new here, but it's been quite a while! I'm based in the west of Ireland and hoping to get tickets this year after missing out the last 2 years.
  7. Just noticed it's sold out. Sorry
  8. Have the page open here on explorer after getting through on my iPhone. PM detail if you want.
  9. Refreshing for an hour and a quarter on a PC using Firefox, Chrome and explorer. Turned on the wifi on the iPhone opened safari refreshed 3 times and hey presto. Definitely seems to favour safari/ios over windows.

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