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  1. Boomtown 2018

    So they’re reducing a lot of the festival, and have added a decent whack onto the price of the tickets? Seems a bit rough that.

    God, that was some way to close out the festival wasn’t it!
  3. Simian Mobile Disco Live

    ‘He’s not even a real hamster’
  4. Simian Mobile Disco Live

    Saw that, it sounds interesting, they’re expert live techno noodlers so would be cool to see what direction they take it.
  5. Tour Announcements & Upcoming Gigs

    I've got Four Tet, The Streets, Arcade Fire, Bon Iver, LCD & Bjork days at APE and Boomtown so far, which feels like barely anything to be honest.
  6. British Summer Time 2018

    When I went to Blur for £2.50 all those years ago (2?) the front pit was just the case of queuing for a wristband and going in, although that could easily have been because they hadn’t shifted many of the pricey tickets, and would have been dreadful if the band had come out to see a completely empty section of crowd.
  7. Album of the Year 2017

    I would also now add the Kehlani and Charlie XCX albums to my list.
  8. Electronica/Dance

    Nothing worse than an oversold night is there, I hate it when you spend half your night either getting bumped around or having to let people through the crowd.
  9. Electronica/Dance

    My mates live across the road from Oval Space and really like it as a venue, I’ve never been myself but I’ve only heard good things.
  10. Electronica/Dance

    Gave that a little spin last night Matt, very nice indeed!
  11. Electronica/Dance

    I’ve still not been to Bussey, which is mad because I live 15 mins away now, got no nights planned for a few months now, time hibernate and refresh once time for the spring/summer onslaught.
  12. Hip Hop, Rap, Grime 2017

    That's verrry good, have to say a lot of live hip hop performances have massively underwhelmed me, but The Roots have been absolutely amazing both times, lot of effort goes into the live show, would love to see them back on the farm.
  13. Hip Hop, Rap, Grime 2017

    The way I see it, grime and hip hop have has a huge couple of years in the UK, more so than bands in some respects, so they should have equal billing on the main stages, no need to have its own stage really. I don’t think a major stage should ever really just stick with one genre. Will be interesting how it’s managed at the best festival for sure.
  14. Album of the Year 2017

    Still a bit early, but lets give this a go, can't possibly put an order on things though. SZA - Ctrl Kelela - Take Me Apart LCD Soundsystem - American Dream Alessandro Cortini - AVANTI Mount Kimbie - Love What Survives Lana Del Rey - Lust for Life Lapalux - Ruinism Sinjin Hawke - First Opus Stomrzy - Gang Signs and Prayers Mr Mitch - Devout (notable albums, Jhus, Bjork, Cigarettes After Sex, Big Moon, Bonobo, The xx) It's been a very good year of music for me.
  15. Boomtown 2018

    Could the Chemical Brothers play Boomtown? Admittedly doesn't really fit previous years headliners, playing in live in Cornwall that weekend so touring the live show around that time...