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  1. Nine inch nails london show.....

    Mostly seated, would guess about 1000 standing tickets for the middle of the arena?
  2. Meltdown 2018

    Yeah it was much higher than supply, and it happens most years for the festival. I don't think they need to upgrade their systems to be honest, the expense for basically a single days ticket sales a year far outweighs the negative impact on some punters - all the tickets got sold, so as far as they're concerned it all went smoothly enough.
  3. Meltdown 2018

    They offer pre-sale to members for all of their ticketed events there, its basically the main draw of having the membership I guess, appreciate it often means that the 'genuine' fans of some of the bands that play at Meltdown don't get a sniff of tickets, and that absolutely sucks - I think that a 50/50 split between pre-sale and GS would be the best way forward for something like Meltdown.
  4. Meltdown 2018

    The Southbank Centre isn't run just for this festival, it does tons of free art, and free musical performances and a lot of community arts projects - all of which is paid for by the memberships they sell to their members, I can't begrudge them the perk of having earlybird access to the ticket sales at all, it's the same with the Roundhouse. If they did allow all of the tickets for a particular event to go to the members then that's an issue that should be looked at,but if that isn't the case then I can't see anything wrong with it at all.
  5. Jay Z and Beyoncé

    I know that the allocation that are being sold through the London Stadium website are £85, assume they are all going to be GA. https://www.london-stadium.com/event/jay-z-and-beyonce
  6. Boomtown 2018

    Think a firebrand southern baptist version of the Cuban Brothers, an awful lot of fun.
  7. Electronica/Dance

    Went to Printworks last night, boy oh boy does that place deliver! Sound and lighting were absolutely unreal, such a great venue, would say it’s probably the best club I’ve ever been to.
  8. Best ticket buying experience AXS

    I hate the AXS system for high-demand events, but largely because I always seem to miss out on tickets when using it.
  9. Bon Iver 2017

    Tonight, the first set was atrocious, mainly because the venue seemed oversold and the crowd were dreadful! The 2nd half was amazing though, seemed like 500 left the venue, less talking during the music and it was just great, he played the new album in the 2nd half tonight btw,
  10. Electronica/Dance

    Nah you’re fine with whatever footwear, just make sure you’re drugs are tucked up under your scrote.
  11. Boomtown 2018

    Gah you're right! I was off work on Monday and it has absolutely thrown by mind out of sync!
  12. Boomtown 2018

    Good to see they appear to have quickly done away with the Tuesday-Friday announcement schedule.....
  13. Wilderness Festival 2018

    A big group of friends that loved last year have decided to not go this year because the line up is just so shite - how on earth they can charge £180+ for a ticket is beyond me, and then they charge £200 for a campervan pass.....its madness.
  14. Electronica/Dance

    He is on at 9pm-11pm, wish I was going again this week, but I had to get rid of my Thursday tickets because I’m off to Bon Iver.
  15. Electronica/Dance

    Anybody going to the London Four Tet shows is in for a real treat, absolutely unreal, sound is amazing, lights are amazing, setlist is ace, and I spent my evening partying in the vicinity of Daniel Avery (who even had to get himself some videos of the lights) he’s so bloody exciting to watch live.

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