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  1. here`s one thats worth a look.
  2. Just thought id pop by and wish you all a happy new year, and hope to see you at THIS YEARS GLASTONBURY FESTIVAL xxxx
  3. Excellent line already
  4. I`ve been going to Glastonbury since 1981 and have seen the changes (for better and worse) as they have happened, the only constant thing has been the site. any event put on at a alternative site would not and could not be Glastonbury.
  5. Hi Krisesk, we organize (been doing it for the past 6 years) 2/3 minbuses and a transit with all the gear in from Glasgow:- leave on the Tuesday morning about 09:00, plenty of stops on the way down with the last one being at the ASDA at Bristol to replace the booze drunk on the way down :). then onto a pub just outside Glastonbury where they make us very welcome and let us order pizza`s to be be delivered to there ( 2 for 1 Tuesday) we leave the pub about midnight then into the queue, normally on site and tents set up by 09:30. We leave on the Monday 4-5 pm and stay in the Glastonbury Travelodge ( we have all booked our rooms and the prices have now gone up) or some stay in local B&B`s or the YA at Street. We leave Glastonbury Tuesday morning about 09:00 for the trip back to Glasgow. Most years there are about 30 of us ( always some new people each year) of all ages 18-65 we do this at cost and it is normally about £70-£80 each. I will be sorting this out in January (deposit £40) if you are interested PM me and i will add you to the preliminary list
  6. Take your wifes passport as ID and drop the driver a score........ sorted
  7. A regular has contacted me and I will be trying for them on Thursday, so no more requests please
  8. will be in work on Thursday the 6th and am willing to help someone trying for coach tickets ( 4pc`s on, 2 auto refreshing and 2 F5ing) PM me if you would like me to try for you, (only regular posters eg 100 + posts) will be trying for tics on the 9th, 7 groups of 6. so the practice will be good !!!!
  9. Well this morning has been like a bit of a practice run for ticket day....... Bearded Theory tickets went on sale at 9am and i wanted to get one of the 1500 early bird tics. got em, they sold out in 6 minutes
  10. earlybird tics bought
  11. It`ll be an excellent little fest, it`s back on the old Alchemy site as well :). normally plenty of camping space.
  12. A week to go to the early bird ticket sale, I see they are doing installment payments as well
  13. Just 1 driver per van, done this for the past 6 years, we go down on the Tuesday, steady drive a few stops the last one being at a pub just outside Glastonbury town were we have food sorted. Into the car parks then into the queue...... normally in and pitched up by 09:30 am We stop in Glastonbury Town on the Monday night, so we don`t leave the festival until late Monday afternoon (means we can all have a GOOD Sunday night)
  14. merago, give us a shout after ticket day, there is a group of us who go down from Glasgow in self drive hired minibuses (normally 2 or 3 17 seaters) always a mix of some regulars and some new peeps. We do it at cost which dependent on fuel price is between £70-£80 return.
  15. Hi, anyone on here going?