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    John Otway +band, Cockney Rejects, Bad Manners,  from the Jam..........:)
  2. Phil Collins 'Out of Retirement'

    He should of just stuck to the drums

    Roll on Friday    
  4. Download 2016

    Unfortuantly not, Now that its later on (June 2nd and 3rd) it`s a week after Bearded Theory and a week before Download..... add Glastonbury at the end of June and it`s just not do-able  
  5. Oooh it's all new

    Like the new site, I find that with my eye sight (I am getting on a bit) it all seems to "jump" off the screen better. Theres another site I sometimes use that has the same basic layout as Efest old one and the differnce between the 2 really stands out,
  6. Download 2016

    Download ticket and Campervan pass bought
  7. Eavis birthday party

      LOL    her name is Violet Louise........... though the auto spell on my phone "corrects" it to Violent Louise  !!!!! thankfully i spotted it before I had text too many people
  8. Eavis birthday party

    My Grandaughter was also born on Sat   

        No Idea

    So BT are going to announce something via a video that's being filmed on the 18th, it features a goat and will be released a few days later   ??????? 
  11. Poll: Were you successful in the sale?

    Yep I got through and got my own groups tics..   The full picture though is :-   8 groups of 6 peeps    a total of about 50 peeps trying (friends of peeps in the groups etc trying)   I got through twice and got 12 tickets,   1 other person got also got through twice and got 12 tics   2 other people got through once and got 6 tics each,   NO ONE ELSE GOT THROUGH   !!!!!!!    so only 4 of 50 people trying got through and we got  36 of the 48 tickets we wanted,   not sure what devices etc the others were using but I was in work with a total of 7 pc`s in use with a variety of   firefox, chrome and IE
  12. NFR NFC 2016 - The Friendly Thread for Lovely People

    Hi all, not been on for a while (for a varity of reasons)   just read a few posts re NFRNFC facebook group so will join that later.   I have my own facebook  group set up for sunday for the 50 odd of us from glasgow, we hire minibuses and all travel down together  (THE BOILERBUSES), I am quite happy to try for peeps on Thur, I will be in work with 6/7 pc`s trying......... i`ll use it as a practice for Sunday 
  13. Anyone thinking of buying tickets Sunday week

    It`s just been announced that Glastonbury 2016 has been cancelled due to lack of interest so no point in trying on the 4th.
  14. Alchemy 2016

    Alchemy 2016 earlybird tickets now on sale.   2 for £100  bargain
  15. Early Finish

    Not certain but believe it was an issue with the lighting inside.     Once again a great little festival with good sounds nice people and very well organised. A great way to end the summer :)