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  1. What have you done today to get ready for Glastonbury 2016?

    Just bought 1.75 Ltr bottle (and it's plastic) of Mount Gay rum for £16. I new there was a good reason for coming on holiday to Barbados
  2. Balance payments

    Payment page now closed.
  3. Resale, how many going back

    32 got 4 going back in 6 needed
  4. buy an eFestivals Mug, go on!

    As you asked so nicely
  5. Weather 2016

    This is the only way
  6. SO WHATS GOING ON !!!!!

    We bought earlybird tickets through paypal and are in the process of getting the money back, If I understand it correctlywe can still use the paypal receipt to get into Equinox fest, if thats the case we shall be donating the refund to the fest........ hopefully everybody who bought earlybird tics through paypal will do the same
  7. Glastonbury Survey - Dissertation

    10. In less than 10 words, how do you feel about Glastonbury Festival? In trying to sum up in ten words I would run out of words.... Oh Bugger!!! Done
  8. Glasgow to Glastonbury

    We are running a couple of Minibuses down to Glastonbury again this Year (AT COST about £70pp return) and have a maximum of 6 spaces. We go down during the day on the Tues, stopping at a pub about 8pm and into the queue about midnight, returning the Tuesday after the fest. PM me for details. It`s getting closer

    36 - 18
  10. Closing out the festival - how do you spend your Sunday night?

    Always end up watching the comedy in the cabaret tent last thing on the Sunday, great way to chill and get my head back together ready for the drive back to Glasgow on the Monday.
  11. That feeling of dread and hope - Who else?

    To give the ticketless some hope:- last year 35 of us got tickets (4 in the resale) and all went.This year 28 of us got tickets and there are 4 more peeps that we are trying for in the resale BUT of the 28 with tickets 12 (for various reasons) have decided not to go...... so that's 12 tickets going back into the pot.
  12. Digicel Reggae festival 2016

    Oooops trust you to spot my mistake. You gonna make it up for the BF at the BBBBQ? (Boiler Fest at the Boiler Bar BBQ)
  13. Digicel Reggae festival 2016

    amfy, thanks for a tremendous reply
  14. Digicel Reggae festival 2016

    Hi amfy, thanks for the reply. Not been to Barbados before but have been out to Jamaica, St Lucia. Staying at Dover Beach Hotel near St Laurence Gap,smallhotel I don`t do AI :). As we go the 19th and back 29th April I wanna planto go to the Beach Party day on the 24th. Any info you can give us would be great.
  15. Digicel Reggae festival 2016

    Just found out about this...........AND I`m gonna be in Barbados 19th to the 29th April..... it would be rude not to