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  1. Wyefest

    yes Soz, meant Weyfest
  2. Wyefest

    Not been to this one before, but quite fancy it. Opinions from anyone who has been before?
  3. NFR NFC - to tide you over the fallow year

    Hi, all. The next one still seems a long long way off Hope everyone is keeping as well as can be and that you all have a good Xmas. if you've got a minute and have spotify etc have a listen to a friends album Healing My Soul by K D McKay. he would be interested in your views, I know you can be trusted to come up with constructive comments Have a good un peeps and will hopefully see some of you in a field next year.
  4. Equinox Festival - Anybody been?

  5. Equinox Festival - Anybody been?

    Will do The flag i`ll be flying at camp will be the usual one (see my avatar) flown upside down as normal.
  6. Equinox Festival - Anybody been?

    I`m going, should be a little crowd of us, cant not go really...... Gong with Steve Hillage just cant be missed
  7. Boomtown Fair 2017

  8. NFR NFC - to tide you over the fallow year

    NFRNFC !!!! Almost but not quite
  9. Gate D Status thread 2017

    Arrived from Glasgow at about midnight. Minibus and vans unloaded through security by 1 am into the zigzag pen camp chairs out beers open- life is sweet
  10. Site map

    Thats the one Ta.
  11. Site map

    Does anyone have a copy of this years site map? one with the grid lines on?
  12. 2017 Glastonbury tube map

    Added 3 additional stops to last years map we camp in Boilertown which flys the the flag thats my avatar (always upside down) the other 2 extra stops are where a lot of other friends camp
  13. Secret resales

    for me it rang, recorded message giving options 1) make a booking 2) question regarding an existing booking. So I pressed 1 and got music on hold until operator available.
  14. Pictures of your Glasto gang!

  15. Who's arriving when 2017 Poll

    9am Tuesday leave from Glasgow in a self drive minibus and 2 transit vans (23 of us) few stops on the way down, into the Knowle Inn at Bawdrip by 8pm (the 3 drivers have a kip while the rest carry on drinking) into the car parks by midnight then join the Q (if we can this year)

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