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  1. Just 1 driver per van, done this for the past 6 years, we go down on the Tuesday, steady drive a few stops the last one being at a pub just outside Glastonbury town were we have food sorted. Into the car parks then into the queue...... normally in and pitched up by 09:30 am We stop in Glastonbury Town on the Monday night, so we don`t leave the festival until late Monday afternoon (means we can all have a GOOD Sunday night)
  2. merago, give us a shout after ticket day, there is a group of us who go down from Glasgow in self drive hired minibuses (normally 2 or 3 17 seaters) always a mix of some regulars and some new peeps. We do it at cost which dependent on fuel price is between £70-£80 return.
  3. Hi, anyone on here going?
  4. Morning all, well what can I say, that was one special weekend despite being betrayed by the weather Gods!!!!!! It was good to put a few names to faces and hope to repeat it next year but for a bit longer Now for the serious bit.......... I`ve had enough.... I have prayed, made sacrifices been loyal and true. i`ve argued with those that wanted " a little bit of rain" to keep the dust down BUT no more !!!!! I NOW DEMAND THAT THE WEATHER GODS LISTEN AND TAKE NOTE, NFRNFC NEXT YEAR OR ELSE YOU WILL SUFFER MY VENGEANCE. No more pleading, no more begging, it`s time to give us what we demand.
  5. Have a listen to this, friend of mine playing some Glasto songs.
  6. Keep an eye out for this, I will be inside it come and say hello. hopefully see ya on thurs
  7. Good luck.
  8. Yeah, hopefully make it. I`ll post a pic later of my NFRNFC shirt from last year...... if any of you see it come say hi.
  9. hi peeps, not long now :). Was at Download last weekend and willingly took what the weather Gods gave us (it was horrendous) in exchange for NFR at Glastonbury................. I kept my side of the bargain now its down to the Gods to keep theirs. Can someone confirm time and place of the meet have a safe trip and hopefully i`ll see you the other side of the fence NFRNFC
  10. 1981 my first, because if I had not done that one I may never of gone ......... and I would not be the person I have become.
  11. A new song by a couple of friends of mine for you happy peeps to listen to what do you reckon on it.
  12. This sounds like a plan
  13. Thanks, I still have my NFRNFC shirt as well, its white with long black sleeves with the sun and NFRNFC on the back so if any of you see me come and say Hi. What day?