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  1. Secret resales

    on a lighter note i think Neil is behind all these changes.......... ive used up almost half my alerts on checkpage and its only Monday...... if it carry's on like this and they don`t go on sale till next Monday i`m gonna be topping up my alerts every other day
  2. Secret resales

    Sunday tics now sold out............ and breathe
  3. Theatre and circus line up

    I'm still hoping for CoCo LoCo doing Alice and Alice
  4. Car Parking Tickets... Help Please

    The last few years we have come down from Glasgow, in 3 self-drive minibuses and have always paid when we arrive...... apart from the year we convinced the car park stewards that shared minibuses were free
  5. Car Parking Tickets... Help Please

    They wont be turning people away who don`t have car park tickets, can you imagine the chaos with people trying to get out and then trying to find somewhere to park
  6. Car Parking Tickets... Help Please

    You can buy them when you arrive, think they are an extra fiver though.

    Yay, tickets arrived ..... and I rememberd to get a parking ticket see you all in a field soon. NFRNFC
  8. Secret resales

  9. Secret resales

    Neil, you say the system is working well, have there been any alerts we should of had? I signed up yesterday but have not recieved anything (i have the top 2 boxes ticked) Just wanna make sure I havn`t cocked it up :)
  10. Secret resales

    any ones debit card is ok not just the lead bookers, there has been a large group of us trying for each other in both the main sale and subsequent sales and we have never had an issue.
  11. NFR NFC 2016 - The Friendly Thread for Lovely People

    Doing alright folks, been busy with a trip to Nicaragua last year and just back from the Reggae Festival in Barbados. Had a word with the sun while out their and was assured that that he/she :) will put in an appearance at Glastonbury this year. Not read the thread but hope all are ok, hopefully will see you in a field soon.
  12. Secret resales

    Some one has messaged me so offer now closed
  13. NFR NFC 2016 - The Friendly Thread for Lovely People

    Hi people just thought I`d swing by and say Hello. :)
  14. Secret resales

    I have one further ticket to get, (in the main sale and resale we managed to get 43 tickets) and have a large group of people that will still be trying in any secret resale. i am willing to add one other person should I get through (only have enough cash in the account for 2 tickets),myself and the rest of the group have various alerts (including Neil's, tnx Neil) DM me if you would like help and I will reply requesting phone no. reg details etc. I edit this post once the first person makes contact.
  15. What have you done today to get ready for Glastonbury 2016?

    Just bought 1.75 Ltr bottle (and it's plastic) of Mount Gay rum for £16. I new there was a good reason for coming on holiday to Barbados