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  1. Festival Attendance - Dissertation Survey Help!

    Done but please come back and post your results and findings. Good luck.
  2. Word Association Game

    LOAD I appreciate the song is called The Weight but the chorus is "Take a load...." I used to have a young reporter who worked for me before he went into music management and became Shed Seven's first manager. Will be seeing them in June at Wychwood.
  3. Word Association Game

    Answer - when you arrange stuff like this. Though the nice royalties went to Monty Norman. SEVEN
  4. General News Discussion

    Be careful about what you share https://www.dailyrecord.co.uk/news/scottish-news/cops-make-arrest-over-music-12071927
  5. Word Association Game

    FIVE I'll see you and raise you one I'm glad that we didn't have YouTube in my teenage years. At the time this sounded quite risky but looking at the ties and neat jackets they seem disappoiningtly straight.
  6. Word Association Game

    FANTASTIC (rather ropey camerawork)
  7. Word Association Game

    BOAT Sadly Mr D has had to quit touring because of the onset of Parkinson's. His lifv shows were always pretty good - cheesy but good.
  8. Word Association Game

    FEED One of the most original acts I've ever seen at Glastonbury.
  9. NFR NFC - to tide you over the fallow year

    Pyramid shaped wedding cake
  10. Word Association Game

    Another sense is SMELL
  11. Word Association Game

    FEEL Sadly, another Grumpy Gonner but I love a bit of melodic rock.
  12. Plastic Bottle Ban?

    If they remove it will they be taking the piss?
  13. Plastic Bottle Ban?

    I always used to rock up to Glastonbury in my caravan and happily boast to the stewards "no glass". If you have to say "no plastic" too it will get silly. All our stuff like cooking oils was decanted into re-used plastic bottles. Surely there's nothing wrong with a limited number of plastic bottles as long as you re-use them.