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  1. I only tend to talk toilets to non-festival goers who don't understand. There is always the assumption from people who haven't been to festivals that the toilets are dreadful, whereas they are not usually a problem once you have worked out which ones to go to or you get your timing right after the cleaning crews have been round.
  2. It's the time that counts
  3. JOHN Playing with myself again
  4. If you take a camera make sure that the first photo you take is of a sheet of paper with your name, address and contact details. I lost mine one year, reported it to Lost property. It was handed in and from the first pic they were able to find my address and it arrived in the post three days later. Keep cans in a washing up bowl full of water and covered with a tea towel so the tea towel is in the water. The water goes into the tea towel, evaporates and evaporation causes cooling. So nice chilled tins. Always make sure your back pocket is full of bog paper, just in case.
  5. Another cracking moment was Glen Tilbrook and The Fluffers in the Left Field in 2008. The Left Field was supposed to be the 'politically correct' tent but Lucy Shaw, the Fluffers bass player, was sex on legs and lots of the blokes forgot that they were supposed to be politically correct and stood there with their tongues hanging out. It was also possibly the best set ending I've seen. No way after this could you do an encore.
  6. Not actually a death but a re-vamp and a re-naming. Bristol's problem historically is that a lot of its wealth is founded on dubious practices - the slave trade, tobacco and booze. So maybe the Colston Hall could be renamed the Wills Hall after the tobacco company, which also endowed a building at the University, or the Harvey Hall after the sherry company. Safest would probably be the Fry Hall after the Quaker chocolate company. I'm not sure how far we should go in cleansing the past. As well as the Colston Hall, there is Colston School and Colston Road. Do they get renamed? And then there is Whiteladies Road which lead to Blackboy Hill - again references to a dodgy history.
  7. Great documentary film series
  8. No not a stupid question dizzymoo and thanks for thinking and asking. I've actually got a CV ticket sorted. Someone else managed to get two but now only needs one so I'm having her second. This year the CV Field tickets will also have a photo of the booker so I'm arranging to meet with the person whose ID photo is on the ticket and drive in with her in the car. Once in she can then go and join the rest of her gang. That might be something others might need to consider in the ticket help groups.
  9. Thanks Funkyfairy. As a caravanner my aim is to go on the Tuesday when the CV fields open even though we can't go onto the site proper until the Wednesday.
  10. More than happy to help in anyway if it gets people the tickets they want.
  11. Hi Funkyfairy that would be hugely appreciated. If you are successful I'll pay by immediate bank transfer, which usually goes through in about two hours. My details are: Peter Thomas: Reg 71693522 Postcode CF83 8RQ There are two others who would hope to come with me: Andrew Langley: Reg 2847092787 Postcode CF83 3BB Mrs Paula Smith: Reg 47145083 Postcode CF83 3BB Don't try for National Express tickets as I take a caravan - though I think I've already got the CV East ticket sorted.
  12. No use to me as I take a caravan.
  13. All help appreciated MilkyJoe. Should you hit lucky I'll pay by immediate bank transfer, which usually takes less than two hours to go through. My details: Peter Thomas. Reg: 71693522 Postcode: CF83 8RQ. Cheers, Pete (Grumpyhack).