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  1. Word Association Game

    STRONG Another Grumpy Gonner who gave his last performance in Cardiff.
  2. Green Man Festival 2018

    Last year there was a superb programme with stage times, band profiles and loads more (though no unicorn poo). Also a mini programme on a lanyard. It's possibly the best planned and organised fest I've been to. Even got its own radio station, a la Worthy FM. If you're a beer man (I'm not) I'm told by those who are that it's also a bit like CAMRA heaven.
  3. Word Association Game

    WIDE Back to the excellent Mr AFL.
  4. Weather - have you got any?

    Lovely snow and ice here in South Wales so would be a risky drive down my mountain even with a 4-w-d. But Mrs GH has to drive to a conference in North Wales tomorrow. I suspect she won't be going.
  5. This year it's time to compare

    Have a look at Something Else in the Dean and its associated festivals like the Hobofest.
  6. Six Nations

    I'm happy with the final table. Teams about where they deserve to be.
  7. Word Association Game

    PIANO Great song and, as the lyrics mention "making love to his tonic and gin" it seems to bring it together.
  8. Done, enjoyed that survey. Good luck but please come back and post a summary of your findings.
  9. General News Discussion

    Isn't Williamson the guy Williamson wants to succeed May?
  10. Word Association Game

    It was a great holiday. Best bit was visiting Salt Spring Island, off Vancouver Island, where they were having a weekend fun and food festival. Worst bit was the Rocky Mountaineer which was non-smoking. I got caught twice by attendants leaning out of a carriage window sneaking a cigarette. They gave me nicotine gum in the end. On spirits try GIN. This is a local gig for me with one of South Wales finest - Andy Fairweather-Low, still knocking it out superbly at 69.
  11. Word Association Game

    GARBAGE A track from the amazing Rock Machine Turns You On album that opened so many ears to so much by way of musical possibilities.
  12. Parking up after festival

    Always worth looking up Caravan Club sites too. I stay on the one at Cheltenham Racecourse the night before the Wychwood Festival to have a chance to top up my leisure battery, fill my aquarolls and empty the lavvie. Then ready and set to move on to the festival site in the morning. You might be able to use Caravan Clubs sites for the day after too.

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