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  1. Word Association Game

  2. Word Association Game

    PRIVATE Still one of the finest live performers I've ever seen
  3. Late for first announcement

    That's a relief as I'm a ticket for lifer too. It's a great season starter. If you've got a caravan like me or a camper it's also worth thinking about booking the night before the fest at the Caravan Club site at Cheltenham Racecourse. It gives you a chance to top up your leisure battery and water tanks so you are festival ready.
  4. Word Association Game

    DANCING (This gun''s for hire)
  5. Word Association Game

    MACHINE I think Elkie Brooks lives in your part of the world OneEye. Still great live at 72, so there's hope for us all. (To explain the connection if it's not obvious)
  6. Word Association Game

    Thanks for the gin recommendations OneEye. Dartmoor distillery may be a 10 minute walk from you but is probably a longer stagger home after a tasting. Our festivals for 2018 seem to be Wychwood at Cheltenham Racecourse (a good all round festival to kick off the season) with Green Man as our main festival. It has been running for years but I only went for my first time this year and it ticked all the boxes. All the best bits of Glastonbury without the hassle. Can't recommend it highly enough. Great organisation by people who really know music in a breathtaking setting. We'll probably bookend the season with a couple of the Something Else in The Dean events. Lovely tiny festival with only about 500 people but great fun and real chilling. Thanks for prodding the thread along. Seeing Thin Lizzy reminds me if you ever get a chance to catch Limehouse Lizzy they're absolutely cracking. Meanwhile for Christmas have a CAROL.
  7. Word Association Game

    CHEER Thanks Oneeye for playing along with this thread - it was getting to be a bit of a solo. I did think with Blue and Light to go for something by The Police but you took me on a nostalgia trip. Amazing to think that this version recorded nearly 50 years ago was a remake of an original from 60 years ago. I'm getting old. No, I am old! I note OneEye that one of your interests is gin. Mrs GH has bought a bottle of Slingsby Rhubarb Gin for one of my daughters, who's also into gin, for Christmas. Any thoughts?
  8. Word Association Game

    Has to be HAZE and a guitar masterclass
  9. Word Association Game

  10. Word Association Game

    START Has to be one of the all time best sets at Glastonbury
  11. Things that ur happy about

    That's got to be the attitude Feral. We only get one chance so go for it.
  12. Word Association Game

    STOP A great Glastonbury set and clearly enjoyed by Michael.
  13. Things that annoy you ?

    As I've told my daughters, for a lot of people a driving licence is probably the most important single qualification you'll get in your life. So many jobs, like my younger daughter's work as a community mental health nurse, are only possible if you can drive. Go for it Feral. Nothing to lose.
  14. Word Association Game

  15. Old Music Thread

    This is 1937 and, arguably, around the birth of the blues. This is 2004