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  1. Any know how long its taking from Shepton Mallet?
  2. my payment is pending.
  3. I had the 90001 page preloaded and managed to get two.
  4. got the two I wanted for my daughter and her boyfriend.
  5. gogogog
  6. see tickets IT tea break?
  7. Morning
  8. Just risked a toilet break, looks like I got away with it!
  9. sigh
  10. so did I, 2010 or 2011
  11. Everyone eating lunch?
  12. stress Don't know why it's added that quote!
  13. It's a good job I work at a pc almost all day!
  14. Think the longer we wait the better our chances. I knew of two other people trying for a ticket in the secret resale, and both have now given up.
  15. Thank you.