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  1. Weather thread 2015

    Didn't read this properly, thought it was for this year, we're fucked I thought!
  2. out of office

    Just set mine! I'm out of here. 
  3. Stargazing

    And if you have a pair of binoculars you should be able to see the four Galilean moons orbiting Jupiter.
  4. Weather thread 2015

      Hardly a mudbath, and it didn't rain for long.   Seriously, do I need to give up my beloved cider?   
  5. Weather thread 2015

      Right, just been through all of my 2014 pictures and it looks okay to me, not much mud and plenty of pictures of us all laying around on the grass with the sun shining.   I have found one picture at the pyramid stage when Rudimental were on with dark black clouds but I'm sure that just missed the site.    So I'll say it again, 2014 was not a bad year!
  6. Weather thread 2015

      This.   I thought I was losing it, too much cider, 2014 seemed okay to me, don't remember long periods of rain at all. 2011 seemed much worse as there was plenty of rain leading up to the festival so it was very muddy but still had a great time.
  7. East Campervan fields

      Think they'll have to park in the car parks and walk to cv east.
  8. Campervan Ticket

    Got to be fair, the contact Neil gave me did a great job, sent the old one back on Saturday and the new CV ticket arrived this morning. 
  9. Weather thread 2015

    Surely it must be time for Big Dogs walks?
  10. Are you fit and ready for whats to come ?

    It hurts!
  11. Are you fit and ready for whats to come ?

    Cracked a rib a few weeks ago, it's slowly getting better but still sore, Hopefully another 9 days will see me back to full fitness!
  12. Campervan Ticket

    Had to return mine but they have promised to get it back to me this week.
  13. Weather thread 2015

    Anyone know how much rain the site got yesterday?
  14. Weather thread 2015

    Looking good
  15. Weather thread 2015