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  1. Primavera Sound 2016

    How warm is the water that time of year?
  2. Primavera Sound 2016

    The beach stage, featuring those pillars of dance music Black Lips and Bradford Cox
  3. Primavera Sound 2016

    I saw Lush last week and met and talked with at least one of them.
  4. Primavera Sound 2016

    The band has played several shows. People have talked to the band at such shows.
  5. Primavera Sound 2016

    They were never even approached.
  6. Primavera Sound 2016

    Good question. I sneaked one into Coachella last weekend, but had access to the guest security line, which seemed to be operating on a policy of plausible deniability. Meaning my bag was opened but not actually searched each day. I am curious about Primavera because I'd love to bring my camera. I don't have a massive telephoto or anything, but point and shoot and phone pics just don't cut it for fests.
  7. Primavera Sound 2016

    So the reason they aren't playing is because Primavera didn't invite them. What the fuck, Primavera?
  8. Primavera Sound 2016

    Holy shit.
  9. Primavera Sound 2016

    I haven't seen Sigur Ros in 8 years. Don't mind me, I'm just getting antsy.
  10. Primavera Sound 2016

    My flight from LA ended up being over a thousand.
  11. Electric Picnic 2016

    Hoping the Radiohead negotiations worked out, and that the rest of the lineup is ace. Definitely need Lush and Bat For Lashes. Otherwise, I'll be checking out Iceland Airwaves. Guess we'll see soon enough.
  12. Primavera Sound 2016

    I can't say, but I do know their asking rate is surprisingly low.
  13. Primavera Sound 2016

    Really looking forward to this.
  14. Primavera Sound 2016

    I know for a fact this is not the case.