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  1. Thoughts on headliners for next year? I'm guessing... Daft Punk (if they really are saying Glastonbury, then I'm sure they'd also be at Primavera, Coachella, etc. Otherwise, I'd wager Depeche Mode as the big one) Smashing Pumpkins reunion Frank Ocean Nick Cave Bon Iver Vampire Weekend / The xx
  2. There have been rumors about them playing Coachella (and Primavera), but also "no, that's bullshit" info as well.
  3. Top 5 are: Radiohead Sigur Ros The Avalanches Lush (ticket, please) Daughter LCD Soundsystem was incredible last night. Such a dance party, and I was just a few rows back at Nancy's side. Was soaked with sweat.
  4. I thought it was outside the festival, but apparently it's inside the festival itself by the Ray Ban? Which is a dangerous place to do Hidden Stage tickets since it's so far from the gates that people will surely be stampeding and ripping off people that queued earlier than them. And hundreds, if not thousands, of people will be waiting for the gates to open so they can run inside and camp at the main stage for Radiohead. Really hope the organizers reconsider this so nobody gets trampled.
  5. It gets really hot in the metro. So does anyone know of a tourist-friendly cannabis club?
  6. I'm picking mine up Tuesday so I can go to that Deradoorian show. Highly recommended if you're going to be in town for it.
  7. Oh it's a sacrifice worth making, just sayin' since everyone is talking about clashes. Also torn between Explosions, Floating Points, Har Mar Superstar, and undecided between Air/Kamasi Washington/Suuns. Those are probably going to be last-minute decisions.
  8. Sigur Ros vs Chairlift and Julia Holter hurts, and seeing Lush means missing Cabaret Voltaire, Moses Sumney, Savages, and possibly a good spot for Radiohead. Hell.
  9. Where is the information desk? I really don't feel like running all over the place.
  10. How early does one need to be there to get a ticket for someone like Lush? Getting tickets for their regular shows here can be an impossible task, so I imagine a free, limited show at a festival would be worse. And does the main stage VIP viewing area get full? I was looking at the set times for last year, and if Lush is on at the same time, then that leaves zero time to get a spot for Radiohead.
  11. Another delay? Sweet.
  12. Set times today?
  13. Meh on those headliners, but some awesome stuff in the undercard. Lush! And I love seeing Warpaint billed so high.
  14. So who has the best cell service at the festival? Going to have to buy a local SIM card when I arrive.
  15. Radiohead, The Avalanches, Sigur Ros, and they just might address the Lush issue? Yeah, it's going to be legendary.