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  1. Yeah, Gary Clark Jr was great last year. Need the main man himself this year, Mr. Bonamassa
  2. Wow! I was expecting them to quietly be removed without any sort of announcement. will they replace them or will Big Jesus be bumped up? I think we all know the answer.
  3. Maybe Emily has read this thread, realised that the big secret is going to be a massive anti-climax and is currently frantically working behind the scenes to conjure up something worthy
  4. Definitely. Oh...and Alter Bridge
  5. I don't understand the people who say 'why Go to Glastonbury,with all that is going on,then spend it watching sport?' It's hardly going to take up up your whole weekend,If you're there for 5 days and spend 2 out of the 120 hours watching sport then I can't see that you've missed huge chunks of stuff going on elsewhere.
  6. My mum was the same when she heard that Dolly Parton was playing, made worse by the fact that she had tickets to see Dolly Parton in Cardiff(I think) but couldn't go as she was in hospital. i had no intention of watching Dolly Parton but ended up watching three or four songs out of guilt, ha ha.
  7. Gnarwolves instead of Liam Gallagher is one if the easiest decisions in the history of festivals
  8. Almost certainly won't be playing R/L. Also certain that they won't be replaced and Big Jesus bumped up
  9. Not sure if anyone has seen it but the s**t has hit the fan with PWR BTTM. Allegations of multiple sexual assaults (ironic as they were promoting 'safe spaces' at gigs) Not sure they'll be at Reading/Leeds as they are not sure if their tour will go ahead
  10. Brilliant for me personally. Though the fact that no-one will be up against Aerosmith might not suit some.
  11. Yeah, I thought it was pretty good too. I think we are in the minority though, ha ha.
  12. I've never been. Saying that, when people slag it off and say 'it's just all beaches and bars and kebab shops' I start to think 'Wow! I wanna go' ha ha.
  13. Maybe there's a 'Common misconceptions about Benidorm from people who haven't been' thread somewhere. Ha ha.
  14. I see your point here,but aren't you being just as bad as the people who we are talking about on this thread who can't understand why we choose to go to Glastonbury every year?
  15. As a 'local',this one always makes me laugh. In the 8 years I've lived here I haven't noticed the musical tastes to be anywhere different to anywhere else in the UK. In fact, if I told most of my neighbours and friends that Coldplay and Ed Sheehan were put on for their benefit, there would be riots in the streets.