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  1. Self Confirmed 2016

    They were fantastic in the FR tent in Reading afew years ago, converted loads of my friends.
  2. The Pit

    Yeah,looks great collaboration. Strangely, when I googled them after they were announced, they came up on my search engine as if I had googled them before.Cant remember doing that but it obviously didn't register in my brain.
  3. Lineup 2016

    Surely he'll play a secret set or something later in the day, seems odd that he'll be finished at 12.50 on the first day
  4. Download 2016

    Yeah, same here. im a huge Glassjaw fan but seen them a few times and didn't want to miss what I thought was going to be a great Lemmy tribute.Will Defo watch Glassjaw now instead of a film tribute(which will probably be shown on to later anyway)
  5. Download 2016

    I find it hard to believe that they couldn't get a band together for the Motorhead tribute.Ithought it would be Mikkey and Phil with various singers, surely they could have rustled together a singer(and bassist) fromthe rest of the bands on the lineup.
  6. Lineup 2016

    Fantastic, love Mastodon. Just hope that there's no Chilis clash
  7. Lineup 2016

    I think it was confirmed onTwitter that Mastodon and Metallica wouldn't clash, obviously before Mastodon pulled out.
  8. Lineup 2016

    Are you sure? I remember coming out of the lock-up after watching Tomahawk thinking it was the end of the night, only to find that Eminem hadn't even started.That was a few years ago so I thought that was the start of the tents finishing early.
  9. Lineup 2016

    The Pitand the Lock-up finished early last year so they won't nescessarily clash with Chilis
  10. Screening of Euros?

    Yeah, I was thinking that as I happened to beup at Williams Green when they showed the Holland -Mexico game that someone was talking about earlier. iv resigned myself to missing the first Wales game against Slovakia as it is on the Saturday of Download.Again, I'll watch the Wales game if they show it anywhere but if not I'll happily watch Skindred/Deftones or whoever is on at the same time.
  11. Lineup 2016

    If you look at the size of venues they play,I'd say Clutch are bigger(or by the very minimum equal)than both.
  12. Screening of Euros?

    Let alone Wales,I'd even watch the England game rather than watch Adele, ha ha.
  13. Screening of Euros?

    Personally It's doubtful they'll show Wales so I don't know why I'm in the debate As a Wales fan,majorfootball tournaments have never interfered with my festivals before, ha ha. If they show the Wales game, I'll watch it.Ill be paying 0% attention to the 'football shouldn't be at Glastonbury' crew. The way I look at it, unless it's up against a Led Zep reunion or something, whcheverband I miss to watch the game I'll be able to see at another time.
  14. Screening of Euros?

    Exactly, people are only saying that it was a poor decision because England lost. if England had won it would have been 'that magical time I watched Engalnd beat Germany in the field at Glastonbury'
  15. Screening of Euros?

    All the stuff in the cinema tent isn't at Glastonbury either, you're watching stuff made elsewhere ona big telly.