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  1. A leaked fake
  2. Not sure how they'd go down at a festival. He did a festival in Spain last year, though that was a Prog festival. On the one hand you think, if someone likes music then they'll like Hand,Cannot.Erase.Then on the other hand, you can imagine someone at a festival wondering past a Steven Wilson set and think it's a bit boring and carry on past.
  3. Yeah, some of the guitar work on Steven Wilsons live shows are jaw dropping. In fact, just get Steven Wilson to play Glastonbury, at least that's more possible than the 0.0001% chance of Floyd playing.
  4. And their more cuddly friends- Puppy
  5. Yes please. Them, or the Descendants
  6. Too much information
  7. I don't think other festivals do a much better job of it, I'd say that the percentage is disproportionate in most festivals.
  8. To be fair, most people on both sides of the argument have agreed that it isn't discrimination.Its just that festivals need to make a concerted effort to book more bands with females. At no stage, until this post, was anyone suggesting that it was a deliberate attempt to block females.
  9. Yeah,i'm hopnig they're booked too
  10. What were his comments?
  11. The other problem we have now is that it will look like any female acts in the next announcement are only there because they got special treatment to fill a quota,when in reality they would have got there on merit and were probably already booked.
  12. You need too start writing for sites like crack in the road(the site who's tweets started all this discussion) as you've put a much better case forward than the aggressive conspiracy theorists currently tweeting for them. They seem to be accusing the festivals of deliberately not booking female acts when they should be encouraging the festivals to give more females a chance.
  13. Just speaking to my wife about it,she has her own theory- 'women aren't stupid enough to travel up and down the country for next to no money,sleeping in a dodgy van, smelling kebab farts' So there we have it folks, Mrs rivalschoolsprice has spoken, ha ha.
  14. I suppose some would see that as further evidence that the music industry is sexist,until they realise that there is a similar group for Coldplay ha ha
  15. It's still not quite what I said but it doesn't matter. And yeah, no-one can say the line-up is good,ha ha. Don't think that adding female bands like Paramore and Kate Nash would improve it though, ha ha.