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  1. Download 2016

    Hey, what about Wales v Slovakia?
  2. Lineup 2016

    Have Kings of Leon been ruled out? Been a while since they played.
  3. Download 2016

    Andy has just tweeted that Maiden and Janes addiction DONT clash. Great news for me
  4. Download 2016

    Anti-Flag, Janes addiction,Kadavar, Turbowolf,NoFx,Elctric Wizard, Graveyard,Monster Truck. Yup, that's a good announcement for me
  5. Down-will they still play?

    They're still on the poster so it looks like they are staying. Thought that they might have disapeared off the poster when the new announcement was made. on a separate note, should they be above Rival Sons? 
  6. Download 2016

    Personally I want to see Maiden and Janes Addiction so am hoping that they don't clash.
  7. Download 2016

    It wasn't generic pop-punk when they released it though
  8. Download 2016

    Is there anyone who clearly looks big enough to play third?
  9. Download 2016

    The only thing that I can guarantee is that everyone won't be happy.
  10. Lineup 2016

    Coheed and Cambria to Coheadline, ha ha. Went to see them on Tuesday night.Amazing band,they've got a huge cult following and Kentish Forum was jam-packed with fans going crazy.Great night. One of the most under rated bands I have ever seen, headlining the pit would indeed be a great booking.
  11. Down-will they still play?

    Just looking at Andys twitter account and there is no reference at all to Down and Anselmo. I'm sure I read tweets and replies on the subject over the last few days. Looks like he has 'sanitised' his account. Can anyone confirm this?
  12. Joe Bonamassa

    This has nearly sold out so the £90 price didn't bother some people. Wouldn't have minded going but for the £90 I would have spent on that I have got- 1 ticket for Coheed and Cambria/ Glassjaw in Kentish Forum £28 1 ticket for Therapy? Infernal Love tour in Bristol £18 1 Wales v Northern Ireland football ticket £20 1 tckets for Millencolin in Bristol £18 1 ticket for the Scuzz Uk throwdown tour in Bath £7 i reckon I got better value(oh, and I'll be watching Bonamassa in Bournemouth in March anyway)
  13. Down-will they still play?

    Probably, it usually is but I think people may take longer to be officially this time. Saying that, he looked so bad in his apology video that he may end up in rehab.
  14. Down-will they still play?

    Obviously the shit has hit the pan now with Phil Anselmo. Will Down still play? He's got away with loads before but seems to have gone too far this time. Thoughts?
  15. Headliners 2016

    Yeah, Incubus can certainly still put together a great set. There are some good tracks on the last two albums and they aren't bad but you have to be in the right mood to listen to them, which I haven't been.ha ha. As you say, first 5 albums are great.