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  1. The Future Of Download

    Yeah, I'd say Blink are Definately under consideration by Andy, as are Green Day.He won't worry about booking pop-punk bands to headline(he books pop-punk bands throughout the lineup anyway)
  2. The Future Of Download

    Yeah, I went to watch Clutch the other night in Bristol and was talking to two guys who were absolutely delighted with the line up. One of them said that 8 out of the 9 (not Nightwish)announced bands were in his top ten bands of all time. Personally I'm quite happy despite seeing all bands before except Disturbed.Theres loads of bands I watch every time they tour so seeing a band at a festival 3 years after the last time is no biggie for me.
  3. The Future Of Download

    I went to Donnington 1988 and the same conversations were going on back then(admittedly in magazines not the Internet forums, ha ha) As long as people still,want to go to festivals and listen to rock music they will find someone to headline.
  4. On a different note...Euro Football at G16!

    This is one of the most bizarre replys to a post of mine that I've ever seen. You made there comments. 1) I haven't defended anything, just pointing out that 13 out of 25000 is very much in the minority 2) I do condemn this behaviour, just wasn't needed in a post post pointing out that it is a small minority. 3) Where on earth do I imply the Glastonbury crowd is more troublesome that a football crowd??? Even if I did I'm not sure repugnant would be the right word to use anyway.   I'm even wondering if you were replying to the right post
  5. On a different note...Euro Football at G16!

    You're right, this is definate proof that the majority of football fans are hooligans. Especially like your last example, 13 out of 25000 fans at the Forest-Derby game.A clear majority.
  6. Lineup 2016

    Good man
  7. Lineup 2016

    Ask him when Mongol Horde are coming back
  8. Radiohead touring in 2016

    Jeez man, don't you know the Radiohead fan rules?  You're not allowed to say that OK computer or The Bends is your favourite album. oh, and don't you dare say you like Creep.   Delete your post before the Radiohead forum gets to see it, ha ha.
  9. Download 2016

    Funnily enough, I think it affects the people who started going in the last few years more as they have played recently but the longer I've been going the less the repeat headliners bother me.Personally,when I look at it in the context of the total times theyve played Download In the last 10 years I don't find it too bad. Maiden three times in 10 years, Rammstein twice in 10 years and Sabbath twice in 10 years. If you add the two times I saw Maiden when it was Monsters of Rock then it would be 5 times in 27 years that Maiden have played Donnington, Rammstein and Sabbath didn't play Monsters of Rock the times I went. To be honest with you, they would need to play a lot more often than that for me to get fed up with them.
  10. Download 2016

    I've saved this thread so I can just copy and paste the last 10 pages when Metallica get announced next year.
  11. Last night i watched Jools Holland........... and

    The programme with Duos and Duets was good last night. Slaves, White Stripes, Civil Wars, Royal Blood. Might watch it again tonight on iplayer.  
  12. Colston hall info

    Hopefully ,for your sake, there is a standing area. i went to watch Thin Lizzy there a few years ago and it was all seating. not the best for a rock show.
  13. Download 2016

    What also needs to be taken into consideration is the fact that Download need to get the big hitters in to keep Sonisphere at bay. You can guarantee that if Download didn't book Maiden, Rammstein and Sabbath then Sonisphere most certainly would(bizarrely, people would be praising the Sonisphere line-up and tickets would be snapped up) Its no coincidence that the one time Soniphere has managed to put on a festival in the last few years the headliners were Prodigy, Metallica and Maiden.
  14. Download 2016

    We can talk all day about lack of imagination and repeat bands but the simple fact is that Sabbath, Rammstein and Maiden sell anything between 10,000-20,000 more tickets than the likes of SOAD, Avenged Sevenfold and Linkin Park. Will Metallica and Slipknot be there again next year or the year after? Yes, almost certainly.Simply because they want to shift tickets. Unless Download want to downsize so they can have different headliners, expect to have the same conversation every year.
  15. Download 2016