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  1. Yeah, NIN into Pumpkins was great Had my biggest ever festival hangover next day,My mate drove home but I was unable to even get in the car as a passenger til about 2pm ,ha ha.,what a state!
  2. What a track that is by Arcane Roots.Awesome
  3. Going back to the original thread question,looking at the majority of posts on here I think we can conclude that Tories aren't welcome. To be honest, if I was a Tory this wouldn't bother me, I'd just turn up, rock out, drink beer and keep my mouth shut, I suspected a fair percentage of attendees already do
  4. The one bit of good news about them not replacing PWR BTTM and Big Jesus on the Lock-up is that there are now only 10 bands as opposed to the 14 on Festival Republic stage, means that there's less chance of a Breaking Benjamin/Ash clash.
  5. What's this Jack Rocks tent you speak of? is it a new stage? Or have they renamed one of the stages.
  6. Yeah, I know they have a history of not replacing a band and bumping everyone up a place but it's the first time I can remember them bumping a band up two places like they have with Tired Lion
  7. Didn't know BigJesus has gone That's a real shame as they didn't sound too bad will be poor if they don't replace them as big Jesus themselves were bumped up after PWR BTTM were removed from the bill That means Tired Lion have been bumped up twice, proof that the organisers aren't really trying with the lock up On a separate note, I hadn't noticed Broken Witt Rebels on the bill before, when were they announced?
  8. I'm a he and yes I was joking To be fair, sometimes sarcasm and jokes can be lost in text
  9. I appreciate it can happen in text but I think you've missed the tone of my post, it was jokey and sarcastic
  10. That's strange. When I tell people that I avoid anything to do with politics at Glastonbury I'm told that it is impossible and I must be at the wrong festival. Now it seems that there are two of us.ha ha. I'm beginning to wonder if there are more people like us who go to Glastonbury for the beer,music and laughs
  11. Well done for politely explaining,that's the real spirit of the festival,but I suspect that many wouldn't have delivered the message in the same way
  12. Seems many on this page are confusing 'aware of the festival's left roots' and 'torys not feeling comfortable telling anyone their political views'
  13. Good point, cos there's nothing in Glastonbury except left wing policies exactly like your Tractor example.
  14. I commented on this before in the 'how did avoiding politics at Glastonbury go?' To be clear,I'm 0% Tory but I have to agree that any Tory voters would have been intimidated had they had the bravery(stupidity?) to tell anyone who their political preference was. If anyone had done an experiment and filmed themselves wearing a pro-Tory T shirt all weekend then I think Glastonbury's peace and love image would have been tarnished forever. Ironically, some of the replies on this thread claiming that people wouldn't have been treated aggressively were agressive themselves. I felt that both at Download and Glastonbury, the bands were getting easy wins by getting the crowds onside by Tory bashing (if they were so political,why only have it part of your act when the election is in?). Enter Shikari don't wait until election time to put forward their labour views, they are openly and consistently Labour all year round. Some of the bands playing the festivals just jumped on the bandwagon and the Jeremy Corbin chant was reduced to the 'buttscratcher' style chants of some other festivals. I guarantee that there was a fair percentage of Tory voters at the festival, it's just that they didn't feel comfortable saying it and this is the only reason we haven't heard any stories about 'vile,aggressive,threatening behaviour', not because Glastonbury goers are tolerant and welcoming of all. My personal view is that all should be welcome at Glastonbury,whatever your creed,colour,race,religion,sexuality and political view