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  1. Ha ha, I was trying to drive my point home.
  2. I gave up on KOL about two or three albums ago but I'd watch them 10 times in a row before I watched Sting
  3. I gave up on KOL about two or three albums ago but I'd watch them 10 times in a row before I watched Sting
  4. I gave up on KOL about two or three albums ago but I'd watch them 10 times in a row before I watched Sting
  5. Ha ha,yeah
  6. My mate wore a Misfits T-shirt to Reading this year and a girl we were talking to said 'great show, we've been watching it on Netflix' ha ha Worse than the people who think the Ramones are a Tshirt designer label.
  7. Just flicked over to Kerrang TV. The song playing looks and sounds like a pop song.What has happened to Kerrang??? EDIT....the song has just finished, it was Against the Current, young and relentless
  8. Thrice are a top quality band, as proved in Reading last week, if the Kerrang editor thinks they are boring or crap and champion Pvris then there is no hope for the mag.
  9. I have to defend callum97 here. i can't comment myself as I'm not a fan as I only saw a tiny part of them as I was walking and queueing at the bar on the left hand side but many who I spoke to said they were boring. Either way, callum97's point was that he found them boring, his opinion. You only have to look at the differing opinions on RHCP to see that we all don't think the same on here, and I'm glad we don't.
  10. Had a fantastic weekend once again. Saw some incredible performances from some great bands. Highlights were Biffy,Clutch,Skindred, Cage the Elephant, King Blues, Slaves,Arcane Roots, Thrice and Slaves secret set. Though,after getting soaked and caked in mud in Download and Glastonbury, the main highlight was that it was mostly dry with no mud Also,Red Hot Chili Peppers went down very well from where we were standing.I know a lot didn't like them and apparantly it didn't come accross well on TV but there was a huge crowd and most were having a great singalong.Went to the left of the crowd near the end so I could make a quick exit to catch the end of Mastodon and the crowd was even more ram-packed there.As I said, I know they aren't the most popular on here but the organisers will see the Chilis booking as a huge success. All in all, a great weekend once again, may have over indulged even more than usual this weekend(no mean feat) but I've got a nice week off work to recover.Yee hah.
  11. Not sure how it came accross on telly but Chilis went down very well from where I was standing.Huge crowd,all seemed to be enjoying. I know they're not everyone cup of tea but there is a hell of a lot of people who still love them. Was a good day in general today.Clutch,Skindred, Slaves, EODM,Giraffe Tounge Orchestra, Part of Kaverlatek, Slaves secret set, Chilis, caught end of Mastodon as well as a bonus. Roll on tomorrow.
  12. Terrorvision
  13. My mate keeps mixing up Frank Turner and Frank Carter, having them both playing one after each other early on Friday isn't going to help.
  14. Thrice,Kverletak,Arcane Roots. One for each day for ya. Also, Giraffe Tongue Orchestra might be interesting.'Supergroup' of Mars Volta,Dillinger, Mastodon and Alice in Chains members.
  15. 14 Readings,zero wellies (though this wasn't wise a few times)