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  1. Lineup 2016

    £200 is the most expensive raffle ticket ever. i usual only pay a pound.Saying that,the prize is usually a chocolate orange rather than Biffy tickets.

    I didn't find it complicated,was just wondering why that was the only genre not really catered for. Lets face it, there are a lot of acts on the line up that are a long way off being described as 'pop' No biggie, as I said, I'm quite happy to roam around the festival with no particular place to be at any time
  3. Download 2016

    Hey, what about a last ever,ever, EVER, Funeral for a Friend show.

    Enjoy, it will be great. Next time you travel around the world for a festival though, make sure it's Download Festival.You'll headbang until it nearly drops off, ha ha.

    I do find it strange as most other genres, however obscure, seem well represented. Some say that it is because Rock/metal/punk is well represented in other festivals but you can say that for Dance, Indie, etc but that doesn't stop Glastonbury booking them.

    I'm afraid, other than the odd band dotted around the festival, you are unlikely to find a lot that you like. As many of threads on here will tell you, there is loads to do other than watch bands.But if you are expecting to go from stage to stage watching Rock bands then I'm afraid you will be disappointed. For example, last year you would have had Enter Shikari, DFA1979,Motorhead and Rival Sons to watch but that would have been slim pickings for a whole weekend.A few other bands around the line up but not much. I'm the same as you in regards the type of music you like.I usually go to Reading and Download festival to watch bands and Glastonbury to amble around and generally drink too much, there's loads to see and do.
  7. Lineup 2016

    Ah right, fair enough. Most of the reports have left that bit off, no wonder my hangover-addled brain couldn't work out what the controversy was about. if he has done that then no wonder he has been pulled from the festivals in France, only himself to blame.
  8. Lineup 2016

    I haven't read all of the reports about Jesse Hughes' comments but I'm a bit lost on some of it. when he says he saw Muslims celebrating,is the outrage because they claim he made this up? Or because he should ignore it as it is a minority and he made it look like all Muslims were celebrating. He says that some Muslim security guards didn't turn up for work that night, has this been proved incorrect? Or is the contovery because he said this without proof? is the outrage because of his guns comments? Because many in America feel this way. i know I can research this myself but it's Sunday morning and my google search brings up more or less the same article with the questions above unanswered.
  9. Lineup 2016

    I hope R&L do start banning people for being bellends, would hugely improve the lineup. would have to change a lot of acts though.
  10. Lineup 2016

    Have they got the wrong Rag n Bone man on the official Reading Festival site? cant imagine this on the Dance stage http://www.readingfestival.com/line-up/artist/ragnbone-man
  11. Rage Against the Machine

    Would love Rage to get back together more that any other (realistic) reunion. Great live band. Side note- Wakrat were supposed to play Reading this year but pulled out for no apparent reason,maybe this is the reason?
  12. Radiohead touring in 2016

    Ha ha. But maybe it's like asking Franz Beckenbauer to attack more.
  13. Radiohead touring in 2016

    Yeah, the new album is good and all that,but am I the only one who wishes Radiohead would go back to rocking out a bit?
  14. Weather 2016

    Ah, the annual 'this will be the hottest summer in years' headline.Almost exactly six months to the day since the first 'this will be one of the coldest winters in a lifetime' headline.
  15. Radiohead touring in 2016

    If I'm being honest,with the build up, I was expecting another 'emperors new clothes' song from them but I quite like it. Looking forward to the album.