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  1. Nice one, well done. Been a massive Sabbath fan all my life so I'm going to the last ever date on the Saturday In Birmingham. what date are you going to?
  2. I had no intention of watching Eminem as I mistakenly thought he clashed with Tomahawk. Came out of Tomahawk, Eminem hadn't started so watched him. Personally I enjoyed the set, been drinking all day, knew most of the songs, crowd around me were into it and singing along.Pretty good. Would happily watch again if no-one decent on the lock-up
  3. Thank you for your ...er....'passionate' response
  4. Quite often Slipknot and Disturbed were thrown in with the nu-metal genre as well. two more bands who didn't sound like each other.
  5. They were considered nu-metal bands when nu-metal came out but I don't know the criteria,ha ha.I liked all the bands but at the same time thought that Papa Roach,Korn,Limp Bizkit,Deftones and Linkin Park didn't sound anything like each other.
  6. KoRn are on top form at the moment and the new album is brilliant. But, no, I can't see them being at Reading either. Saying that, they won't be the heaviest band that will ever have been booked and other nu-metal bands have all been booked recently.i.e. Limp Bizkit,Deftones
  7. 2016 seems to be getting a bad press but is there any evidence to suggest that there were more celebrity deaths than any other year?
  8. I'm going to go on instinct alone and guess that I won't like a Tribe called Quest.ha ha
  9. I suppose the moaning from locals could only really apply to the Stones due to the size of them. Other than that its personal taste.For example the locals got Coldplay last year but some could have moaned that they'd didn't get Adele.
  10. I've only got a Sunday ticket and if two of the three headliners are Foo Fighters and Radiohead and I end up with Ed f~~king Sheeran then I will be crying real tears.
  11. Prodigy subbed last times they played so it wouldn't be a problem.
  12. Yeah, great album. Defo in my top ten for the year
  13. Yeah, I know what you're saying.Its just that I'm listening to new albums all the time and I suppose I find it hard to find the time to go back over old albums. For example, I've been listening to the latest albums by Descendants, Avenged Sevenfold,letlive and Korn.Im loving them all and it would be hard to switch one off to listen toShowbiz again.I haven't even listened to the new Metallica yet. so many album, so little time.
  14. Jesus!! Showbiz below 2nd Law.I know everyone's got their own opinion but wow! I haven't listened to Showbiz for years and years but when it came out it was a fantastic album. i take on board that if I heard it now it wont seem as good as when it came out(that has happened to many albums before) but I doubt I would be putting it below the 2nd Law.
  15. Fantastic line-up for me personally so far. Gulp......Well done Andy