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  1. Not sure how it came accross on telly but Chilis went down very well from where I was standing.Huge crowd,all seemed to be enjoying. I know they're not everyone cup of tea but there is a hell of a lot of people who still love them. Was a good day in general today.Clutch,Skindred, Slaves, EODM,Giraffe Tounge Orchestra, Part of Kaverlatek, Slaves secret set, Chilis, caught end of Mastodon as well as a bonus. Roll on tomorrow.
  2. Terrorvision
  3. My mate keeps mixing up Frank Turner and Frank Carter, having them both playing one after each other early on Friday isn't going to help.
  4. Thrice,Kverletak,Arcane Roots. One for each day for ya. Also, Giraffe Tongue Orchestra might be interesting.'Supergroup' of Mars Volta,Dillinger, Mastodon and Alice in Chains members.
  5. 14 Readings,zero wellies (though this wasn't wise a few times)
  6. Ha ha,my taste is normally even worse than that. As for worst day ever,the Friday of this year is a nightmare.
  7. The two songs by Giraffe Tounge Orchestra sound pretty good, will prob watch them. My Saturday is looking fine,one of the best days at reading ever for me personally.Clutch, Skindred, Slaves EODM,GTO, Kvelertak,Mastodon, Chilis.
  8. I'm hoping so, don't really want a Chilis/Mastodon clash
  9. After a huge Saturday night, I didn't get up I time to see them on the Sunday morning.Sounds like I didn't miss much,haha
  10. On the subject of Thrice, their new album is amazing. Personally,I can't believe Thrice are not huge.Really underrated
  11. Seen Dinosaur Pile-up a few times, supporting Weezer and Ash. pretty good to be fair, will prob watch as my Friday is looking a bit grim at the moment.A few I'll prob check out but so far I've only got Thrice that I definately want to see.
  12. The major difference between Glastonbury and Download was the fact that the mud was so sticky in Glastonbury. At least in Download you could get around the site(marginally) easier because you didn't get stuck in the mud as much. However, the fact that it rained all weekend in Download made that part worse as it was relatively dry in Glastonbury. Either way, I'm off to Reading in August.Come on weather gods, give me a break and let the sun shine in Reading.
  13. One of my friends who has gone every year for years and years was telling me by the John Peel tent on the Sunday that she was 'going to have a few years break' I told her that she is just tired and she would change her mind once she got home and got some sleep. Shes still adamant at the moment that she is not going, though my bet is that I'll see a 'yay, I've got glasto tickets' Facebook status on ticket day
  14. I didn't have to 'lug mine about' as it was rarely empty, haha.
  15. The best thing about the steel cups were that you get a freshly poured beer each time. i hate it when you pay the best part of a fiver for a pint and they give you one that was poured earlier, goes warm too quckly