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  1. Same here, Saturday is jam packed with bands I want to see but scraping around on Friday
  2. Please make Download an election free zone. By then we would have heard it talked to death with many Facebook/Twitter experts. Oh, and we can do without the bands doing some election rant before each song too. Could do without my favourite festival of the year turning into a 5 day version of Question Time.Ha ha.
  3. Eh? Crazy talk
  4. To be fair, Skynyrd have had some great line-ups since the crash with 4 or 5 original members and singers brother on vocals.Ive seen them three times since the crash and they've been great every time. The original members are dropping one by one so I've no idea what the current line up is like though
  5. Just had a look at these on YouTube. Live show looks pretty good, will prob watch if no clash with Korn
  6. Had a listen to Carpenter Brut, doesn't sound very Pit-ish
  7. Maybe Mongol Horde are the special guests in the Pit.Yay
  8. Is there more to add to the Pit/Lock-up? Third down are bands like Gnarwolves and Arcane Roots.As great as both are, their current tours are in 250 capacity venues.
  9. Is that a saying? Like 'Mon the Biff'
  10. Reading/Leeds - August 2016 Download - June 2017 Glastonbury - June 2017 Three/Four major festivals in 10 months, good going Are they the only band to do this?
  11. Wow! For some reason I forgot about this track. Brilliant song, play it Biffy.
  12. But we are Glastonbury warriors, don't knock a man for speaking the truth.
  13. Efests forum users to anyone who listens- 'Nah, Glastonbury is not about the lineup, it's about the whole experience' Efests today. - ' YYYYYEEEEAAAHHHHH! Cancel all appointments, stand by your beds, it's lineup day, baby' And yes, I'm worse than most, ha ha.
  14. It's not just a case of 'if you don't buy from touting sites it doesn't affect you' If we can't buy tickets cos they're all snapped up by touts, then we are being affected, even if we don't use the sites.
  15. Either way, the reality is that there will not be enough people refusing on principle to buy, whether it be tickets or sandwiches so it will continue. Yes there are idiots out there who will pay overinflated prices but the law needs to protect idiots too.