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  1. It's not just a case of 'if you don't buy from touting sites it doesn't affect you' If we can't buy tickets cos they're all snapped up by touts, then we are being affected, even if we don't use the sites.
  2. Either way, the reality is that there will not be enough people refusing on principle to buy, whether it be tickets or sandwiches so it will continue. Yes there are idiots out there who will pay overinflated prices but the law needs to protect idiots too.
  3. You sound like my dad whenever anyone buys a sandwich at a service station.ha ha
  4. What he said
  5. Forcing them to pay over the odds if they want to go as there are no available tickets #pedant
  6. I agree that the legislation would mean that someone whose plans change would be 'forced to be the loser'. However, the current state of play forces thousands of music fans to the loser at just about every major music event in the country. As I stated in my earlier post, we can talk all day about a genuine fan who cannot make the show anymore but the reality is the real problem of touts buying hundreds of tickets for the sole reason of trying to sell for profit. People can pretend all they like, but if tickets appear at vastly inflated prices at 9.01am on ticket day, you can guarantee it's not someone who bought a ticket before realising a minute later that they are working on the day of the concert.
  7. I agree enforcement would be an issue on minor transactions and small websites(or even good old fashioned touts outside a venue) but at least Stubhub, Viagogo Andy the like would have their wings clipped.
  8. Thanks. I haven't been to the cinema for years so I should stick to what I know, ha ha.
  9. Why do promoters need to give refunds if someone buys a ticket but later realises they can't make it for whatever reason? if I buy a ticket to a football match and later find that I can't make it, i can't ring them for a refund.Same with cinema tickets, flight tickets, holiday bookings,train tickets, etc etc. No idea why people who buy concert tickets need to be able to get a refund if they suddenly get invited to a wedding or their shift at work changes. They law needs a simple change- - resale at face value or less- legal - resale above face value - illegal That's all it needs, I'd even go as far as saying that the seller can't recoup their booking fees or postage.If they genuinely bought a ticket but plans later changed then chances are they would be glad to recoup the ticket value and be prepared to take a hit on fees. This would stop any need for any special system to 'beat the touts' such as providing ID at the venue or joining memberships. Also, let's be honest about this, it's not really about someone buying a ticket then later realising that they can't make it.Its about people deliberately buying bulk tickets for the sole reason to sell on at a profit.
  10. A band called The Ramona Flowers have got a 'Glastonbury warmup' gig in the Fleece in Bristol if that means anything to anyone. Unless it's the Fleece itself that has a Glastonbury warm up night and The Ramona Flowers are the band that playing.
  11. Judas Priest at Reading, that would be great news.Ha ha
  12. I've only got a Sunday ticket so Monday off will be fine. Have booked a whole week after both Download and Reading though, I'm way too old to be fit enough to go to work on the Tuesday after a festival.
  13. Some of the things done made no difference whatsoever and seemed to miss the point. For example, they made it Law that if you are selling a ticket on one of these sites, you must let the buyer know the original face value.The problem was touts buying in bulk and putting them straight on resale sites minutes after they had sold out.Hows making them list face value going to stop them? They also seem to want to treat a tout and someone who can't go anymore so wants to sell their ticket on as the same type of person when this is clearly not the case. Making it illegal to sell a ticket on above face value is the simple and obvious way to solve it once and for all,I've no idea what is stopping them.(for a start, I bet the touts aren't paying income tax on their earnings from ticket sales)
  14. Ha ha. Wouldn't be the only ukulele at Download this year. #kingblues
  15. I certainly don't think you are a troll for putting a line up prediction in a line up prediction thread. it was aimed at whoever thought they could lead people to believe it was the real thing. The clashfinder isn't really the place for someone to put what they think is a decent prediction as people take them as geniune(as proved by how this has blown up) If it was a genuine mistake by whoever, I apologise, but I can't help but think it was done by the same sort of person who in the old days used to put a fake poster up and then snigger when people got excited because they thought that their favourite bands were playing.