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  1. Yeah, I know what you're saying.Its just that I'm listening to new albums all the time and I suppose I find it hard to find the time to go back over old albums. For example, I've been listening to the latest albums by Descendants, Avenged Sevenfold,letlive and Korn.Im loving them all and it would be hard to switch one off to listen toShowbiz again.I haven't even listened to the new Metallica yet. so many album, so little time.
  2. Jesus!! Showbiz below 2nd Law.I know everyone's got their own opinion but wow! I haven't listened to Showbiz for years and years but when it came out it was a fantastic album. i take on board that if I heard it now it wont seem as good as when it came out(that has happened to many albums before) but I doubt I would be putting it below the 2nd Law.
  3. Fantastic line-up for me personally so far. Gulp......Well done Andy
  4. Yeah. If you are going to do the hilarious(!)trick of trying to fool people into believing their fake poster, at least get the days bands are playing right.
  5. You missed out 'band in too high a slot'
  6. Tomahawk had finished before Eminem started. I watched all of Tomahawk and came out thinking it was the end of the night, only to find that Eminem hadn't even started. By the way,I don't think Mike Patton is an Eminem fan.At the end of his set he said something like 'Thank you and goodnight, go and watch the Eminem greatest hits show' and pretended to shoot himself. Personally, I enjoyed the Eminem set.As I said,it was a bit of a bonus for me as I had no intention of watching him as thought that Tomahawk was clashing.
  7. If those 8 bands were announced I genuinely wouldn't care who else was on the line-up, seen 'me all before but would love to see them all again.
  8. Try to 'sell' your ticket on your Facebook page, stating that you can't go as you can't get time off work. Get one of your friends to publicly 'buy' your ticket on your page, get more of your mates to say how it's a shame you can't go but they're glad you sold your ticket, then phone in sick when the time comes around.They might have forgotten your request by then if you don't mention it again. If they do suspect, at least it will add credibility to your denial if you end up in a disciplinary.
  9. Yeah, I think the whole point of Slayer being in the first announcement is to pacify the 'they're not metal ' crowd.
  10. Up until a few years ago, Shepton Mallet Tesco used to have a hand written 'Strictly no dogs' sign on Glastonbury weekend. This always confused me as there shouldnt have been an increase in dogs that weekend
  11. That's hardly 'plenty of metal and hard rock bands' but I agree, it proves that SOAD could play.
  12. Surely they know that they are not major festival headliners anymore? if they looked out from the stage in 2011 they would have seen that
  13. My guess is that they'll put something like Def Leppard playing Hysteria in full on the second stage when Blink are on.
  14. Linkin Park played in 2014