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  1. Lineup 2018

    Yeah, what's happened to them lately, gone quiet
  2. Lineup 2018

    Yup, just checked on setlist.fm and they play it every show. As i said, wasn't expecting to hear that and Total Eclipse of the Heart at Reading,haha.
  3. Lineup 2018

    Yeah, sort of half-watched them from outside the tent in Reading If I remember rightly they played a cover of total eclipse of he heart(which was joint top of my list of unlikely songs to hear at Reading alongside Maniac by Carpenter Brut)
  4. Lineup 2018

    Fair play you've got some fantastic stuff on there.Shows how many great albums have been released this year already. Saying that, I'd be listening to Prophets of Rage before at least half of the albums on there. Shows that it's all about individual taste but if Prophets of Rage are on one stage at Reading next year and the likes of xx and Tyler,the creator are on the other stages then watching POR will be one of the easiest clash choices in festival history.But,as I said, each to their own and all that.
  5. Lineup 2018

    As much as I love Zach,he hasn't done much 'moving on with his own project' since RATM finished If you take away a few EPs here and there and the reunion tour with RATM between 2008-2010 we unfortunately haven't seen much of him in 15 years. At least the other three have recorded and toured with Audioslave and Prophets as well as various side projects such as Waktat and the Nightwatchman
  6. Lineup 2018

    Are you serious ? if that's the weakest album you've listened to this year then I'd love your music collection (and you've obviously done well to avoid some well dodgy albums) I think everyone's mistake is hoping that it's the new RATM album or expecting Chuck to be as good a Zach.If you do that then you're setting yourself up to be disappointed When listened to under its own terms it's Pretty good in my opinion
  7. Lineup 2018

    Yeah.They were brilliant at Download, would be great to see them at Reading
  8. Lineup 2018

    Yeah, it's just something that's always annoyed me for some reason Interviewers don't help, if they're interviewing a male it's 'tell me about the writing process ' or 'how long did it take to record the album?' but when they're interviewing a female it's 'what's it like being a woman in a band?' I love it when more female bands get booked because I feel that when girls see females up on stage it gives them something to aspire to, but when people make an issue out of it it gives the impression that female bands are only booked to fill a quota or tick a box, which is insulting to the female bands who are there on merit.
  9. Lineup 2018

    I do my best not to bite when this subject comes up but they are not 'female acts' they are 'acts' Another thing that annoys me is when Zoe Lyons,Aisling Bea and Katherine Ryan get called 'female comedians' rather than 'comedians' I know your line up and was supposed to be a bit of fun but you aren't helping people's perception that female and male acts are somehow different.
  10. Lineup 2018

    Ha ha, yeah
  11. Lineup 2018

    Yes, but some want to turn it into a box ticking exercise A good band is a good band, gender irrelevant
  12. Lineup 2018

    Agh! Don't start the 'gender debate' again. Good music is good music, whatever the gender.
  13. 2017 festival

    Had a fantastic weekend in Reaidng once again, my highlights - - Idles -First band i saw (other than 5 mins of Puppy) as i had overindulged the Thursday night.Fantastic, great crowd, great performance.Loved it. Broken Witt Rebels - Went over to the Jack Rocks bar to see these.Some clssic rock tracks,very enjoyble.Jack rocks was a cool little bar/stage by the way. Jimmy Eat World - Same set that I've seen them do many times before at festivals but,if im honest, i dont really want them to change it. Tigers Jaw and Boston Manor - sort of half watched them both from the side of the tent.Both seemed top quality but not really my thing. Arcane Roots - What an amazing band! Seen them many times and their performance and songwriting is awesome. QOTSA -Can't believe how good this was.Amazing bonus.Was in the second row right in the middle.Brilliant. Billy Talent - Biggest surprise in a long time.Ive seen them before and listened them loads of times but they were absolutely amazing on Friday.Great performance and they seemed a step up in quality from the other bands in the Lock-up that day.Finished the day on a real high. Marmozets - What a frontwoman.Crowd loved it.Can see them getting big with their new album.Even their new single 'Play' which sounds a bit too polished on record sounded great live. Frank Carter - Seen him four times this year, still not bored.Unstoppable. At the drive-in - I must have different ears to everyone else.Everyone thought they were crap, everyone hated them, I loved them.I loved them last time they played(very drunk to be fair) and i loved their widely panned latest album. Korn - Brilliant.Never thought I'd see them at Reading.Loads of classics left off the setlist but i suppose thats to be expected. Turbowolf - Seen this band many times supporting almost everyone in Bristol.Never fails to entertain.I love this band. Carpenter Brut - For some reason I loved these.No idea why.Will check out again at a festival(prob wont pay to watch their own show though) Japandroids - Was going to watch half an hour of Eminem while I was waiting for While she Sleeps but the crowd for Eminiem ws HUGE and sound was terrible so watched Japandroids instead, good decision.Crowd seemed to grow as the set went on so seems like loads did the same. While she Sleeps - Real metal.More please.Can see these getting a good slot at Download next year. Muncie Girls,Culture abuse,Tired Lion - Nothing overly exciting about all three of these,lost interest in all three halfway through their sets.Only notable points were the fact that the Tired Lion vocalists voice was grating on me and Culture Abuse had some sort of implosion at the end of their set. Breaking Benjamin- Wow! Packed tent, massive singalong,seemed like everyone in the tent knew every single word and screamed them at the top of their voices.Brilliant. Ash - Barely had time to clap Breaking Benjamin before rushing the short distance to the FR tent for Ash.This band is perfect for festivals.Classic after classic.Will never tire of watching these.Their tenth Reading, if they play another 10 I wont complain. Gnarwolves - Dont know if it was them or me but they couldnt compete with the Ash\BB double whammy.Still love them though. Muse - I know they arent everyones cup of tea but they have been amazing every time i have seen them and Sunday was no different.I'm resisting saying it is the best ive seen them cos i seem to say that every time i see them but they totally blew me away.Fantastic.Brian Johnson turning up for Back in Black just topped it, huge surprise.Best festival surprise guest ever for me.10/10 General - Had a great weekend once again.Managed to avoid most of the idiots that many have mentioned on here.My top tip for avoiding dickheads is to avoid going near stages with 'radio 1' or 'dance' in the title, works for me.In fact, I would say tht the average age of festival goers was slightly higher than normal this year, though there was a lot of very young stewards and bar staff.Lovely weather helped make the weekend better and at some points people were complaining it was too hot.After 2016s Download and Glastonbury I'll never complain its too hot. Roll on next year
  14. Muse

    Muse were absolutely awesome last night. Great setlist, great stage show,great crowd. Probably the best I've seen them,amazing.
  15. 2017 festival

    Yeah, brilliant day yesterday. So much better when it's sunny Going back in shortly, still need the hangover to clear