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  1. only bad thing is i will have to deicide shall i watch whole set of Manics or whole set of Dinosaur Jr. i'd give them 8/10 for that timetable thursday - Warpaint - bored (might watch Foals) - Foos - Kurt Vile friday - Deap Vally - Rancid - Ryan Adams - Green Day - Slowdive - perfect day, but i'd like to see a bit of Cage of Elephant saturday - Xavier Rudd - Wilco - Manics - Dinosaur Jr - Kings Of Leon - M.I.A
  2. Beat Stage
  3. they were pretty good in Liverpool few weeks ago, that's what my wife says anyway ;-)
  4. found it in NME
  5. Manic Street Preachers on Saturday. Gracias :-)
  6. Gorillaz
  7. On wednesday, Roskilde will announce about 80 names completing the line-up. Maybe there gonna be some artists never mentioned before and some of them will be later confirmed for Werchter. Just a thought
  8. 1 - no european dates for Jack White so far 2 - last time he played Open'er he was headlining, this year all headliners spots already been taken 3 - April Fools Day
  9. The only one "new" band on Glasto lineup is The National, but i cant see them in Poland. Both The Avalanches and Haim cancelled their gigs last august, so I expect them to play in Poland this year, time will tell, when and where. As far as Biffy is concerned, there's a possibility.
  10. They were announced in february for Down TheRabbit Hole, but looks like they dissapeared from the line-up
  11. Those dates were announced last autumn
  12. They been announced for Bilbao, so pretty sure it is not them. They mentioned that this mysterious act will not be American one. Wondering if it remains true, is that act just delaying announcement or maybe it is no longer true and they can announce someone from USA?
  13. only timetable?
  14. Avalanches seem to be rumoured everywhere, why not at MCF then? :-)