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  1. They been announced for Bilbao, so pretty sure it is not them. They mentioned that this mysterious act will not be American one. Wondering if it remains true, is that act just delaying announcement or maybe it is no longer true and they can announce someone from USA?
  2. only timetable?
  3. Avalanches seem to be rumoured everywhere, why not at MCF then? :-)
  4. Official one looks almost the same. There's no Phoenix
  5. Lil Wayne been announced for festiwal in Switzerland a week after Sziget.
  6. Chrissie Hynde, Thurston Moore :-)
  7. Isle of Wight, rock in Vienna, Frequency - top 3 in random order. Most disappointing - Rock am Ring
  8. Here is my prediction, i reckon few of them should be announced: M.I.A, A Tribe Called Quest, Haim, Nicolas Jaar, Maximo Park, MO, House Of Pain, Gogol Bordello, Trentemoller
  9. I was in Bilbao in 2010 and that was probably best line up i ever seen. Wish them all the best cause i had a lovely time there. Hope they will sell out. The Killers & Depeche Mode are very strong set of headliners. Also MCF & NOS Alive are already sold out, so it might make things easier for BBK.
  10. That's so average. DM, Royal Blood, Cage The Elephant, Spoon & Brian Wilson. Nothing else. Wondering what is worse: this or Beni? So happy that Mad Cool is my summer destination.
  11. Once a shit, always a shit
  12. Thx for bad news ;-)
  13. Really surprised that Pinkpop managed to book Live, so far their only European date. A week later they'll be in Canada, not sure if they be back in Europe to do more festivals. second show in Taormina is Vedder's last European gig. how come so far nobody mentioned here M.I.A? She's playing Garorock on Saturday. i agree that we can forget about Killers, Kasabian, Biffy. Still have to admit that's the best line-up of the year, even if I can't stand some acts, mostly Saturday ones
  14. No idea who she is, but she looks hot
  15. No chance for EV, his date in Sicily is the last one. Lorde so far has 4 dates (roskilde, werchter, switzerland and hurricane) - all before BBK