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  1. 2018, early bird on festicket £72
  2. Metallica according to Zegut might be playing Download France, so they probably do some other festivals as well
  3. Somebody stop the rain, please
  4. Paid nearly 50 euros for a taxi yesterday from the airport. Expensive stuff. Couldn't take metro unfortunately. 12 euro seems more reasonable
  5. Be these about 2, flight 6.30. I will try to do it fast. U off to Madrid or Bilbao?
  6. Night at Stansted, morning flight to Madrid :-)
  7. QOTSA, Metallica, Arctic, National
  8. Mad Cool, Glastonbury, Werchter, Roskilde, all of them announced timetables at least one month before
  9. only bad thing is i will have to deicide shall i watch whole set of Manics or whole set of Dinosaur Jr. i'd give them 8/10 for that timetable thursday - Warpaint - bored (might watch Foals) - Foos - Kurt Vile friday - Deap Vally - Rancid - Ryan Adams - Green Day - Slowdive - perfect day, but i'd like to see a bit of Cage of Elephant saturday - Xavier Rudd - Wilco - Manics - Dinosaur Jr - Kings Of Leon - M.I.A
  10. Beat Stage
  11. they were pretty good in Liverpool few weeks ago, that's what my wife says anyway ;-)
  12. found it in NME
  13. Manic Street Preachers on Saturday. Gracias :-)
  14. Gorillaz
  15. On wednesday, Roskilde will announce about 80 names completing the line-up. Maybe there gonna be some artists never mentioned before and some of them will be later confirmed for Werchter. Just a thought