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  1. Acts you don't "get"

    History is not being kind to The Beatles. The Beatles are history.
  2. Pearl jam for Glastonbury

    This is certainly true, but I'm sure that many people are like me - if they don't know much about a band and they get announced for Glastonbury, they will listen to their back catalogue to get to know them. I did exactly this for Neil Young in 2009 and really enjoyed him (and have done ever since). The same goes to a lesser extent for Metallica. Pearl Jam would probably not go down as one of the greatest headliners such as Stevie Wonder or Blur (assuming that this is measured by crowd pleasing singalongs), but I think they would do just fine. I'm not what you would call a hard core Pearl Jam fan as I had the early albums and then sort of drifted away. I started to listen to them again a few years ago and found that I really enjoyed the recent stuff. And I was at the Leeds show - class all the way.
  3. New site layout

    Yeah, it really is a great festival. It goes down on our list of 'must do's' every year. Of course, it helps that it's just 5 miles down the road from where we live! I reckon we may have to miss it next year though. My nephew has decided to get married that weekend, the selfish git. It does sometimes amuse me how people think Glastonbury is so diverse and I suppose it is to an extent, but you get so much more at Womad. I like the crowd too (generally), even the youngsters seem to be fairly chilled. On the Sunday evening we were walking out behind a group of young lads and they were enthusing over what a great time they'd had and how they were definitely coming next year. I did hear someone saying that the festival runs at a loss each year. I hope that's not the case. It would be a real shame for it to stop.
  4. New site layout

    I sort of know what you mean, although it was loud enough where we were close to the front. I don't suppose the weather helped. Yeah, we had great fun at the Ska Vengers. Being a bit ignorant, I hadn't realised they were Indian and so political. A fun way to finish the festival for us. The band before them were great too - The Gypsies of Bohemia. We started at Afro Celt Sound System, but thought it might be worth checking out Seu Jorge. I really enjoyed it, although it was a bit weird having him sing Bowie songs in Portuguese while the crowd sang along in English! This was the one time that I thought the sound could have been louder, you could here the general murmur of the crowd during the songs. Damn. Shame we missed them.
  5. New site layout

    I wouldn't disagree with any of that. Saturday night was a bit bleak (is Toots cursed this year? ), but we still had a good time. Managed to miss most of the other heavy rain showers. I said to my family that the food offerings at Womad are consistently better than those found at Glastonbury. Sure there are plenty of good food outlets at Glasto, but they are spread amongst the standard burger fare. You struggle to find a bad meal at Womad. Some great music to be found this year. A soggy Toots, Spooky Men's Chorale, Ladysmith Black Mambazo, Seu Jorge, !!! and lots of good old fun dancing in Molly's Bar were my highlights. Hell, I even managed to sort of enjoy Loyle Carner - for a miserable old rock lover like me, that's quite an achievement!
  6. Are Tories welcome at Glastonbury

    I think the clue is in your last line. 'A long time'. I get the feeling many of the posters in this thread will not have been around in the 80's when the festival was something very different to what it is now. Festival going back then was for those on the (left leaning) edges of society rather than the mainstream or at least Glastonbury was. Politics was interwoven into the very fabric of the festival. It might have become lessened over time, but surely we don't have to lose it altogether? Glastonbury has ALWAYS been about much more than music. Personally I don't care if you voted Tory - attend and have a great time, but please don't expect the festival to change because you don't like its politics.
  7. Mad Cool 2017

    We got home yesterday and I really don't know if I can adequately put into words my thoughts on the festival, but I'll give it a go. Firstly I have to say that we had the VIP package. I'm not trying to show off, but I think that this had a big influence on my enjoyment. The front of stage access was brilliant, although I'm sure it was damn annoying for those who could see an empty area of the pit while they were packed in like sardines. The VIP pass also allowed you to walk straight in and bypass the entry queues, which I heard were really bad, especially on the first day. The VIP area itself was very good. Unless the headliner had just finished it was pretty easy to get a drink and the staff were friendly and helpful. The viewing platform upstairs was lovely as you could see across the whole site and it was beautiful at night. We never had a problem getting between stages. Yes, it was crowded at times, but I've been in much worse. There are places and times at Glastonbury that have had me more concerned. Getting back to our hotel was fairly easy once you worked out not to wait in line at the taxi rank. We just walked up the road for a while and hailed a passing taxi. It probably took no more than 15 minutes to find a taxi and cost 12 Euros. The downside: The weather played a big part, especially on the first day. Yeah the screens didn't work, but you surely have to have some sympathy for the organisers who cannot possible have imagined the almost biblical downpours experienced. I think I saw some bloke leading animals two by two at one point. We were amazingly lucky that the evenings were mostly dry and we got to see some wonderful bands. The food situation could certainly have been better. As far as I understand they didn't have all the food stalls in one area last year. I guess the thinking was to allow more space in the arena for toilets and bars. I've never seen so many places to get a drink! We quickly discovered not to bother trying to eat after the headliner finished - you couldn't get close. We ate on the way in or the way out (sometimes both!) and it was very manageable. Yes, we experienced some poor behaviour from all nationalities, nothing to get too upset about, but the chatting and taking of selfies is a particular annoyance for me. At Wilco it was really pissing me off. Luckily there was plenty of space in the pit and I moved off to stand on my own and enjoy a great set in peace. On the plus side, we spoke to some lovely Spanish people who commented on how nice to was to see a family together enjoying themselves. Finally, the big negative. We walked past the area where Pedro was getting ready for his show as we were heading for the VIP area to get a drink and use the loos before going in to watch Green Day. We saw him inside the glass cage psyching himself up for his performance. We got into the VIP area and were in the queues for the loos when they started playing Purple Rain and the glass cage was lifted into the air. I assume the idea was for the glass floor to fall away and for him to perform at the end of a safety harness 100 feet in the air. Personally I just caught him falling out of the corner of my eye, but my wife and two daughters were looking straight at it. Thank God that there was a 10 foot solid wall around the area, so they saw him fall, but didn't see him hit the ground. They were really shook up and crying as we were held in the VIP area while the emergency services dealt with the situation. I can't start to imagine how some people who saw the whole thing would have felt. The previous evening we had watched a similar aerial show from the pit, I'm so thankful that we weren't in there to see the tragic event. About half an hour late Green Day came on stage. We went in to watch, but the evening obviously felt very strange after that. I think my wife was in shock as she felt cold and had to keep adding layers even though it was a mild evening. Should we have stayed? I don't know. As one of my daughters said - what else would we have done? Gone back to the hotel and dwelt on it? I'm sure many of the crowd (and the band) had no idea what had happened. The next evening my eldest daughter was still feeling ill at ease until they did the tribute to Pedro. We were in the pit waiting for Kings of Leon and they put up something on the big screens in memorium and played Purple Rain. Jesus, that was emotional, but somehow cathartic. Kings of Leon were just amazing. I'm not a big fan, but just something about that night - the emotion, the need to just party - I don't know what it was, but we just let go and had a wild time. I understand the criticisms being levelled at the festival and Green Day, but please go and read their official statements on the events that took place before rushing to judgement. Would I go to Mad Cool again? Yes, if the line up was good enough, but I think the VIP access is a huge positive and I'd think twice if I couldn't get that. By the way, I think the price of this package was 340 Euros? So, not cheap, but not too bad considering what you pay to see just one major band in a stadium. Anyway, whatever festivals you are doing over the next few months - stay safe and have a great time. I know I'll never be able to listen to Purple Rain again without remembering. Kev
  8. Mad Cool 2017

    I don't know about food prices, but there's a very informative post on page 17 of this thread showing the drink prices from last year.
  9. Kris Kristofferson.....

    Agreed. I described it to my wife as 'endearingly shambolic'. It was more genuine than a lot of stuff I saw over the 5 days.
  10. Mad Cool 2017

    ????? Where are you getting this from? Both the BBC and the Met Office are showing light showers between 2.00 pm and 5.00 pm, but otherwise sunny and 25°C. You're not The Nal in disguise are you?
  11. Mad Cool 2017

    We've got VIP tickets and they have told us we can pick our wristbands up from 3.00 pm on Thursday. I assume it would be similar for standard tickets. I don't know whether the gates open at the same time. We will probably turn up somewhere between 4.00 pm and 5.00 pm. It's great to be going to a festival where you don't have to check the weather forecast every 5 minutes!
  12. Flaming lips

    I have no idea why I haven't got to see The Flaming Lips in the past, but it hasn't happened for one reason or another. Over the years I've read a lot of posters on Efestivals extolling their virtues, so when they were announced to headline The Park it seemed like the perfect opportunity. My wife and 2 adult daughters arrived at the end of Sleaford Mods and took up a position in the centre and back a bit from the stage. We were almost immediately moved by security as they brought in a van and started constructing the platform that Wayne walked (balled?) across to during Space Oddity. We managed to stand just in front of the barrier around the platform and this proved to be an excellent position as we got to see all the crazy things happening on stage along with the wonderful light show. We all loved it. What an amazingly uplifting, happy, emotional, joyous experience. It's almost operatic. I can die a happy guy knowing that I've seen a man riding an illuminated unicorn whist wearing rainbow angel wings.
  13. So...did anywhere confirm showing the Lions game?

    That's a bit drastic isn't it? I know we and to win and all, but .......
  14. Mad Cool 2017

    I've been listening to Benjamin Booker as well. I really like it, but he clashes with Green Day, as do Cage The Elephant. Friday is the worst for me for clashes as I'll have to miss Spoon to see Rancid as well.
  15. Mad Cool 2017

    Thanks for that, it's really interesting. I guess something is lost in translation when a 'Cerveza' is 3 Euro, but a 'Mini Cerveza' is 9 Euro! I'm happy at 3 Euro for a beer.