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  1. General News Discussion

    There's plenty of time. I've known bills do that in a couple of days.
  2. General News Discussion

    It means diddly squat. Doesn't the Commons take precedence over the Lords? Anyway, the amendment just requires the Government to report on steps taken to remain in the CU - nothing else. They'll just go back and say 'We tried but the EU kept knocking us back'.
  3. General News Discussion

    Seems like the decision to shred the Windrush landing cards was taken by a Labour government in 2009. Interesting
  4. General News Discussion

    My cut off point is someone who has applied for and gained citizenship. It doesn't automatically happen no matter how long you've lived here.
  5. Things that ur happy about

    Thanks for saving me the trouble of Googling Conure
  6. General News Discussion

    The alternative doesn't bearing thinking about
  7. General News Discussion

    In addition to the above, it's not just person making the decision. It's the entire cabinet.
  8. General News Discussion

    Yes, because he would be a democratically elected leader of our country. It would be different if the military action involved an invasion (boots on the ground etc). That would require parliamentary approval which May would have had to have done as well. Of course if Corbyn was PM, this wouldn't ever be likely to happen would it
  9. General News Discussion

    Increasing the chances of peace wasn't what the military action was about. It was about stopping Assad from using chemical weapons.
  10. General News Discussion

    Well, I guess we both hate Thatcher then
  11. General News Discussion

    OK - how about an actual poll then Union reps don' t run the Country - unlike the 1970's (I doubt you were born then but it was grim) She's the leader of the Country for goodness sake. Well, lets hope not eh?
  12. General News Discussion

    Well, the public vote would be split roughly 50/50 if the newspapers are to be believed so that wouldn't help (unless you would accept a small no majority in which case you must accept the Brexit vote as well). Our representatives as you put it were voted in last May in a democratic vote. The Government is elected to govern on our behalf and to me that means making decisions like the one May had to make last week. No British personnel were in any real danger (we fired our missiles well away from any threat). If anyone had died, she would have had to take the flak. I read yesterday that Trump wanted to go in much harder than he did and was dissuaded from doing so by Britain and France agreeing to join a mini collation on condition that only chemical weapon sites were targeted. If true, that would have meant the decision to act would have had to be taken quickly.
  13. General News Discussion

    Any suggestions that don't involve military action and that would convince Assad that gassing his own people isn't acceptable would be useful. Corbyn certainly doesn't have any so maybe you do?
  14. General News Discussion

    What's to debate then? You seriously suggesting parliament need to debate whether of not to respond to the use of chemical weapons? Maybe your debate in parliament would go something like this - MAY - We must take military action to stop Assad's regime from using chemical weapons otherwise their use will become the norm. MP's - OK, tell us which sites will be targeted? MAY - I can't tell you that for operational reasons but they will be linked to the production of chemical weapons and it will be a proportional response designed to minimise lose of life. MP's - We're not sure we can all support you without more information. MAY - Sorry, I can't give you that but doing nothing is not an option as that would effectively condone the use of chemical weapons. CORBYN - What proof is there that chemical weapons were used? MAY - The French and Americans say they have proof, the Assad regime have used them before, the film and eye witness reports taken in the aftermath strongly suggests it (people were vomiting, coughing and foaming at the mouth after inhaling white 'spicy flavoured' gas). The Daily Telegraph report who visited shortly afterwards smelt chlorine on the clothes of the children affected. Oh, and they took photos of an empty gas canister of the roof. CORBYN - I need incontrovertible proof (sighs all around). CORBYN - I want a United Nations vote on the issue before I can support it MAY - Russia will veto it. CORBYN - Can't we all get together and talk about over a nice pot of tea. I'll supply the teapot and cosy and maybe some biscuits.
  15. General News Discussion

    It would also tell Assad which installations would be targeted and give plenty of time to move vital equipment to be moved. Corbyn is totally out of his depth on this. Watching him on Andrew Marr this morning made me despair that the Labour party I've always supported until recently would return. It seems it was Britain and France doing the pushing for a quick proportional response.

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