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  1. Tier 1 Tickets

    Its surprising how much it does add up to with all the add ons but the monthly payment scheme must bring it down into most peoples budgets
  2. 2016 dates and registration for pre sale.

    Thats shocking, more the ticket firm than kc tho. Utter liberty ! Youd think earning that much a transaction they could upgrade their servers and smooth their system out
  3. Who are you wanting as headline acts ?

    You shame us all with these comments
  4. Welcome to the KC forum

    Hello zippy and welcome to the forum, feel free to stick aound and chip in
  5. 2016 dates and registration for pre sale.

    I sadly gave my password to a few useless twats who couldnt be bothered to register only to find the passwords were only useable once unlike last year ! Was only after adult and thursday so not that stressed about it
  6. You been smoking the deer crap again fella ?
  7. They might as well progress it a bit more, if they hiked the capacity to 25k in the festival we've just been to and the major complaints were that people queued too long to get in, the beer was expensive and that the place could have done with extra toilets then it's hardly a damning verdict. A few years ago in the times of the urine fountains I remember the feedback being horrendous, they ironed the problems out and came back stronger. To top it all when your festival sells out quicker and quicker every year with a crowd increase built on then why not push it a bit every year as there's got to be a comfortable growth level to progress towards. They tweak bits and pieces every year, move a few bits around to deal with the increases. Go for it ! They know the sort of bands the crowds want to see and larger festival means they've got more chance of booking them.
  8. Staying offsite. Frowned upon by KC?

    Yeah possibly, really needs to be cleared up for next year, although as far as I'm aware the stipulation has always been there
  9. Any suggestions to improve 2016 ?

    Yeah more woodchips would have helped, although their was a stash close to where we were and I managed to steal about 12 carrier bags full of em !
  10. Has anyone got any suggestions to improve the site for 2016 ? Personally after seeing the effects the weather has on the site I wouldn't mind seeing a bit of extra tracking put down on the ground at the entry point to some of the fields, the deer lodge and accessable camping areas were horrendous by the Monday with a majority of the people in accessable needing a tractor for their cars to be pulled out. The trackway doesn't have to go that far into field, just past the initial entry point where the issues occurred. More toilets down by the woodland area was a must as well cos every time we went through there were more people lashing in the trees and nettles than queueing for the loos.
  11. Staying offsite. Frowned upon by KC?

    After all the confusion surrounding leaving the site did anyone actually have any problems or hear of anyone being stopped leaving ?
  12. After the trauma a lot of people had getting onto site on Thursday this year in time for the entertainment I can see next year being similar as people will leave home earlier rather than miss bands or arrive later leaving another bottleneck. Does anyone think is viable to open the campsites on Wednesday an let people arrive in more diluted amounts, they don't need to put entertainment on, maybes open a village green bar like they did a few years ago. The queuing aspect looks like one of the biggest complaints they had this year, is it viable to open Wednesday ?
  13. Just Say NO to The Hotpots in 2016

    Main stage Wednesday suits me fine. Or maybes on a barge in the middle of the lake !
  14. Who are you wanting as headline acts ?

    Another one in with a shout could be fatboy slim, loads of rumours over the years and would put on a great show
  15. Who are you wanting as headline acts ?

    I could see madness and the manics being decent choices, maybes bastille will be back on the circuit by then as well.