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  1. Welcome to the KC forum

    Hello bud, welcome to the forum. You've joined at the quiet part of the year but it will pick up sooner or later, feel free to chip in or have a stab at the line up prediction game. What could be better that going to you're first festival with the promise of numerous free pints and the bragging rights of topping the league !
  2. Who would you like to headline in 2018

    There you go mate, line up thread started. You after the pints this year ?
  3. Line up prediction game 2018

    Yeah, I know its early but people have been asking for it, probably 3 to 4 months till the 1st line up announcements so plenty of time to change your mind without the panic setting in. Choose 20 bands that you think might play, either big or small it doesn't matter, please don't put on the site regulars as if we included them then everyone's list would be the same ! So no craig charles, hotpots, riot jazz band, Thingymabobs and Thingmajigs or Tim burgess ! (Any other site regulars people can think of ?) You can make changes until the 11.59pm on the day before the first announcement comes out. The date isn't known yet but it will be well publicised probably late January but don't quote me on that ! Before the cut off point you can change your 20 as many times as you want, just edit them or repost, it doesn't matter which Whoever has the most acts at the time the final line up announcement is made will be the winner and the other people entering have to buy them a pint at festival (usually thurlow) In the event of a draw we'll use who has the most headline acts across the stages to decide then the headline support acts if there's still no winner. Don't forget it's just for fun and if you don't wanna turn up to pay your pint or collect one then don't stress it. People come and go every year, some make it, some don't and some fall over in the mud and nearly fracture their shoulder ! Massive respect to those who make the effort If anyone can think of anything to add or change then please chip in, plenty of time to refine it this year !
  4. Who would you like to headline in 2018

    It's normally January I start that but I can kick it off early, probably a 4 month wait till the 1st announcement though ! I went to Electric Fields the other month and caught Jesus and Mary Chain, couldn't see them headline Kendal but they were excellent.
  5. Who would you like to headline in 2018

    Maybes not headline acts but I caught Band of Horses and Jesus and Mary chain at a festival last weekend and they were both excellent,
  6. See you in the hills ?

    What an excellent weekend. Lovely weather, lovely setting, great music. Can't fault anything. If anyone from Kendal checks this out then ask the electric fields sound guy to sort the kc main stage next year. Really impressive
  7. Live in vehicle ticket

    Good luck, don't stress not having one just yet, plenty of time to go as the tickets won't be sent out for another 9 months yet and a lot of people won't sell till they've got them in hand
  8. See you in the hills ?

    And calling them the square sausage munching brigade isn't offensive ?
  9. See you in the hills ?

    I'll be there, see u in the hills as well ! Line up is really good, loving band of horses, they would have been great at Kendal as well
  10. Half way to selling out already

    I don't think they went past 30k this year, probably a thousand or so short of it, but you could see where the camp site and the arena had expanded when you looked around, theyve had a licence for around 3 years now to increase the capacity to about 35k but they always stated they wanted slight increases rather than just a major jump. I could see another controlled increase next year to push the boundaries a little bit more but there's no way they'll jump all in at 35k, it would take a lot of rejigging the layout of camp sites and the arena plus a credible 2nd stage to contend with extra crowds like that.
  11. Standout act of the festival

    Had a look on twitch and I managed to find seasick Steve set and a couple of surprise guest slots from Tim peakes
  12. Bluedot 2018

    What poor management did Kendal Calling suffer ? The place ran pretty well considering the mud, if it was that much of a calamity I doubt they would have sold half the tickets for next year in the first couple of days they were on sale
  13. Half way to selling out already

    Would be some canny hacked off people if they sold out and January's announcement consisted of scouting for girls, the feeling, Frank Turner and the hotpots as headliners lol
  14. Half way to selling out already

    I think they'll get close to doing it, although a lot of the mad rush will have been yesterday and it'll probably slow down a bit now emperors and live in are sold out. Do they not usually keep some back for when the line ups announced though ?
  15. Emporers fields

    You gotta be careful who you get favours from mate, never know what you'll get