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  1. Now the announcements are pretty much done ill do a final tally, itll be up by the end of the week !
  2. Were down to the last 2 months before the festival. Most of the line ups out there now so who tops everyones must see list ? Again theres a pretty diverse list to choose from
  3. Id quite happily take that after years in the mud ! No rain please !
  4. Never really been tempted to do the fancy dress bit, maybes when the bairns a bit older ! Like you say, last year was a bit random and they could do with a specific theme this year
  5. If the free pints dont float yer boat im sure i could appeal to the other participants to give you a cash donation to put towards your bondage collection after penrith was voted bondage capital of england. Up to you
  6. Apparently, although not sure how many names it will consist of as it was originally supposed to be part of last weeks announcement.
  7. Its usually around 6 or 7pm, theyll drop an announcement on facebook and twitter
  8. Yeah like numb says its up to you where you camp, when tou state your preference when booking its just as a guide so they have an idea how many people want to camp in each area.
  9. I wanna be around when ur drinking from a nob shaped hipflask ! The photo opportunity would be priceless
  10. No you can just wander in to the caravan field, there is security but if you say youre going to see someone youll be fine
  11. If its made of glass or packed full of drugs then probably, otherwise head into the fields and enjoy yourself i would imagine !
  12. Go outdoors normally have some decent offers on if theres one close to you. Plus they normally have loads of tents up so you can have a wander round them and see what size suits you best.
  13. In the woodland area there were several dj booths and lit up areas that came alive after dark. You go past the silent disco and follow the path for a couple of hundred yards or so
  14. I know its got £12 postage but this seems like a really good deal, 2 bedrooms with plenty of space. Being a tunnel tent its easy to put up as theres no pole crossing, just thread through sleeves. Its got a hydrostatic head of 3000 which is decent for kendal. Most cheap tents come with a 1000 to 1500 hh which is basically showerproof and keep your fingers crossed ! Not sure how much youre looking to pay but it looks a bargain and there should be no problem getting a good few years out of it https://www.obelink.co.uk/lugano-6.html Even a youtube vid showing it Lugano 6
  15. Not really into the glow tent scene but the announcement hasnt been met with the best reaction on facebook