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  1. You'll probably find that they'll have kept a selection o all tickets to be released after the first announcement, after that there's always a release of tickets that haven't been fully paid for in the 'pay monthly' scheme. But they're unlikely to be released until June. Good luck finding one at a decent price if you're checking the resale sites
  2. Better not be mate or I'm bunking with you haha
  3. You don't get extra points for presentation mind thurlow ! I was just ganna scribble mine down on the back of a fag packet, take a photo and post it on here !
  4. cheers, you were to blame till 9pm and then lippy took over till 1am ! that was in the days before he sat moping on the hill watching tom odell cos he ahem 'couldn't be bothered to move'
  5. nah I'm just gonna walk back to lowther park, the people next to us last year were doing that and they said it was fine, takes about half an hour but I can live with that. the wife and bairns are staying at the caravan park and will be ding their own thing thru the day, ill be heading in daily to enjoy to festivities !
  6. harsh ! i'm on my tod this year so ill buy you a few pints just in case youre telling the truth! before the stroll back through the dark woods to lowther caravan park. we'll see if the flaming lips comment draws lippy back to the forums. sure the doley has plenty of time on his mits right now
  7. weve been taking my 4 year old since she was 6 months old, its her 5th festival now and always seems to have a good time. the biggest adjustment youll have to make is rather than standing in fields watching bands all day its better to pick the acts you really want too see and anything you catch on top of that will be a bonus. kids get bored stood at stages all day ! for headline acts and late night things we tend to take turns going to the stage while the other stays in the tent with the sleeping bairn
  8. it usually February, the dates differ every year but it will be publicised days before the announcement
  9. you were there, I remember buying you a pint ! cant remember seeing thurlows cone around the fields though I'm guessing youll be putting the flaming lips at the top of the list will you lochland after the other days glowing assessment of them
  10. cheers thurlow, sure your lists already compiled and ready to post ! when ive looked its usually around this sort of time I start the competition anyways.
  11. firstly an apology for not really finishing last years league, which despite his moaning lochland won ! I'll try and be around more this year, home life dependant. so without much more to do I guess it's time to dust off the line up prediction game for 2017, the rules are the usual Choose 20 bands that you think might play, either big or small it doesn't matter, please don't put on the site regulars as if we included them then everyone's list would be the same ! So no craig charles, hotpots, riot jazz band, Thingymabobs and Thingmajigs or Tim burgess ! (Any other site regulars people can think of ?) You can make changes until the 11.59pm on the day before the first announcement comes out. The date isn't known yet but it will be well publicised and probably pretty soon ! Before the cut off point you can change your 20 as many times as you want, just edit them or repost, it doesn't matter which Whoever has the most acts at the time the final line up announcement is made will be the winner and the other people entering have to buy them a pint at festival (usually thurlow) In the event of a draw we'll use who has the most headline acts across the stages to decide then the headline support acts if there's still no winner. Don't forget it's just for fun and if I disappear, then I'll be back eventually
  12. Now the announcements are pretty much done ill do a final tally, itll be up by the end of the week !
  13. Were down to the last 2 months before the festival. Most of the line ups out there now so who tops everyones must see list ? Again theres a pretty diverse list to choose from
  14. Id quite happily take that after years in the mud ! No rain please !
  15. Never really been tempted to do the fancy dress bit, maybes when the bairns a bit older ! Like you say, last year was a bit random and they could do with a specific theme this year