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  1. Craig charles always puts on a good show, was lucky enough to win tickets for his private gig there the other year. Shame it lashed down from start to finish
  2. listening to some of the stuff on here I'm tempted to suggest the meet at pootopia with mick rather than down the front of the stage lol
  3. Looks like the early plans sold out now, surprised it took as long
  4. Looks like the early plans sold out now, surprised it took as long
  5. The village green is a strip of food stalls in general camping, the club klass is usually part of that, can't miss it really, it's the one with the massive queue from 8am !
  6. http://s3-eu-west-1.amazonaws.com/efestivals/forums/monthly_2016_07/image.jpeg.a225b4773695b41fcf882b762d154d09.jpeg Thats a link to last year's campsite layouts, can't imagine it will differ much from that
  7. I'm sure they had a skip next to the entry into general camping and security were telling people to take gazebos back to car or throw em on the pile
  8. They always produce a campsite map, ill have a look and see if ones produced yet and put it here if it is. All the fields are well signposted. Once inside the festival entry point, the field you are in is general camping which is pretty rowdy. If you head towards campervan field you'll come across a road that leads down to family camping and quieter camping. If you aim in the opposite direction once your through the entry point and head towards the main arena rather than campervan field you'll come across the wolf's wood which is the loudest field.
  9. Is that £400 for the pair of festival tickets and the thursday tickets, live in vehicle tickets and club class tickets ?
  10. the main stage looks alot light

    I don't dislike the line up, there's enough big names to keep me at the main stage a bit, there's nothing worse than spending your entire festival stood in front of the main stage. I like the fact there will be some gaps where I can go and catch random acts and take in a few new bands.
  11. The campsites still get rammed but they're split off into areas, there's rowdy, pretty rowdy, family , quieter and really quiet ! Trouble is if you go for the really quiet ones you have a bit further to walk. It's no that far in comparison to the likes of glastonbury though. Quieter camping isn't library quiet, it's just not mental in there ! That's about 5 mins walk from site enterance
  12. Can't see me and Mr Grump starting a 1000 person conga however mean we play our spoons mate.
  13. Been a lot of talk about the quality of this year's line up, if you could sub in an act from previous year who would it be ? Plus what headliner would you bring back from previous years to improve the card ? Who knows it may give the organisers ideas for next year !
  14. You'll find it easier to buy them closer to the date when people have the tickets in their hand, a lot o people are reluctant to sell tickets they don't have yet. You might find a few in the resale as well which will be after the payment scheme ends in June. They also have a waiting list on the official page for caravan tickets if you wanna try that, I'm sure the link will be on this page somewhere