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  1. It's £11.15 a month with the thursday ticket on. Still not loads. This year's thursday line up gives me hope they're investing in the thursday going forward
  2. Yeah it's a good option to take if you were gonna go anyway, like you say £8 a month is nothing really
  3. If anyone wants early bird tickets for 2018 they're available on a 15 month payment scheme now, campervan also available and thursday tickets but not emperors yet. I'd hurry though https://kendalcalling.ticketline.co.uk/order/tickets/step/tickets/13326032/kendal-calling-2018-15-month-payment-plan-cumbria-lowther-deer-park-2018-07-27-09-00-00
  4. If anyone's after 2018 tickets then they're available on a 15 month payment scheme here https://kendalcalling.ticketline.co.uk/order/tickets/step/tickets/13326032/kendal-calling-2018-15-month-payment-plan-cumbria-lowther-deer-park-2018-07-27-09-00-00 Including campervan but not emperors field
  5. It might not be to your tastes but 'shite' is maybes a bit harsh, the tickets are only about £25 more than a few years ago when we got suede, Frank turner and example as the main acts
  6. I'll sort the meet up later bud, i'm on my own this year and around all weekend so anything suits me. I'll start it closer to the time
  7. I'm guessing if they're announcing the rest tomorrow then it'll be card filler rather than any major names. If there was anyone big they would have been in yesterday's radio release
  8. They've obviously got sub headline acts in place with the '6' headliner announcement so like you say, I could imagine feeder dropping back to a teatime slot, still worth a shout at that time though
  9. Enjoyed feeder the last time they played so ill make the effort to see them again. Not really sure why there was a radio announcement for that though
  10. Haha, best announcement of the day !
  11. Yeah he headlined Saturday last time as well, be a good chance to check out one of the other stages
  12. I think how you reacted to 2014 depended on your circumstances, I had years at glastonbury where the rain and mud were horrendous, but being with the lads it was fine and didn't stop us enjoying ourselves loads. In contrast the 2014 kendal monsoon was a nightmare because we went as a family with a 1 year old who needs a pushchair and my wife with walking difficulties, they didn't even leave the caravan 1 day because the idea of getting around was so bad. I don't mind the odd shower, no torrential rain this year though...please !
  13. Wad expecting a bit more than the theme of the fancy dress as an announcement !
  14. I'm with you there mate, let's blame frank if the weather goes tits up
  15. Yeah the beer on first entry only rule was always gonna be a nightmare to enforce, luckily they saw sense and scrapped it