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  1. Thursday night ticket prices

    For your £30 youll get ash and the charlatans plus probably 2 other bands and a better camping spot as theyll probably do the same as last year and limit thursday to around 50% of the capacity. Doing it that way splits the crowd entry  over 2 days
  2. Thursday night ticket prices

    Yeah theyre either £25 or £30 one of em. Plus add a bit on for booking fees
  3. Line-up announcement Monday

    Yeah theres a bit on there for me as well, madness, hives, noel g, ash, lightening seeds and others. Not that fussed about charlatans
  4. Most people use emperors for the free showers but there are shower blocks dotted round that you can pay £6 for that dont usually have queues. Emperors for a family of 4 with booking fees will probably set you back best part of £130 plus. 2 showers each over the 4 days will cost you £48 tops. Plus it always rains so you do get free showers as well ! 
  5. Line up prediction game 2016........

    Id be amazed if comfy numb has an @ account ! His smart phone was a yoghurt pot with a calculator strapped to it the last time i saw him !
  6. Line up prediction game 2016........

    Fairly comprehensive list, you had a tip off or are they just stabs in the dark
  7. Line up prediction game 2016........

    Ive got the radio x ap on my phone and the only show thats not available for playback for the week is the friday jack saunders show that had the story on.
  8. Line up prediction game 2016........

    I like catfish and the bottlemen but theyve had 1 album released, surely not enough to fill a 90 minute headline slot on main stage.    There would be some major disappointment if the 4 headline acts were in that leak 
  9. Line up prediction game 2016........

    I could see the charlatans as the thursday headline act and noel g playing friday or sat depending on which night he plays y not.  The others wont be main stage headline acts. Could maybes see blossoms, band of skulls and everythin everything headline the calling out tent. 
  10. Line up prediction game 2016........

    After last nights leak it wouldnt be fair to include the following bands in your predictions, noel gallagher, charlatans, band of skulls, everything everything, catfish and the bottlemen and blossoms. So from now until noon on monday please dont put the bands in your guesses as they wont be scoring for you.
  11. Line-up announcement Monday

    Be happy with the rest but the charlatans do nowt for me. Could see em headline thursday night 
  12. Line-up announcement Monday

    Yeah looking forward to the announcement after last years strong effort. 
  13. Line up prediction game 2016........

    They were miffed when y not released snoop doggs name before they had a chance last year so im guessing it may be someone thats gonna be on both cards who they want to announce first. It may be someone that will come as a surprise to us all a bit like snoop was last year.    Fingers crossed 
  14. Line up prediction game 2016........

    Get your predictions in. We'll make the closing time for em as noon on monday, the announcements in the evening.   If the announcement leaks early then we'll end the competition then 
  15. Line up prediction game 2016........

    Ill throw my list in then, 1.turin breaks 2.kodaline 3.new order 4.rudimental 5.madness 6.jess glynn 7.gabrielle aplin 8.public service broadcasting 9.shed seven 10.circa waves 11.cast 12.dub pistols 13.reverand and makers 14.jamie lawson 15.fun loving criminals 16.king blues 17.the feeling 18.newton faulkner 19.space 20.travis