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  1. Hi gang!
  2. tell me about it!
  3. just watched that video you posted. incredible. there for the taking, but only if you go and attack. which haye doesn't do in any great form until the 12th when it's far too late. shite match, just glad my brother gets them for free.
  4. as will take that in the olympiastadion! still hoping that robbie gets a serious throat infection in the next couple of weeks
  5. didn't realise you were there. i wore my taffin tshirt specially for it! getting this on the free, can't wait! first livi preseason game, beer/take away then fight!
  6. i'm a f**king amazing catch!
  7. welcome to my world!
  8. just discovered the song 'i'm down' at the weekend watching paul mccartney live on sky arts hd. was great how they faded between the shea stadium original and the recent gig!
  9. discovering rx bandits. just a shame it's too late for me to see them!
  10. get your hopes down. pleased for you, but don't go she might end up being shite in person
  11. the one with the most girth! nah, my account got deleted after about 5 minutes
  12. i set up an account on plenty of fish with just a pic of boobs in a bra and vest. in a minute i got 12 messages from guys being very suggestive and got 3 pics of cocks.
  13. pervy guys aren't all bad. least you'll never be short of sex!!
  14. the majority of guys are pervs. what don't you understand about this. plus the shag sites cost money so of course they're going to be all over a free one!
  15. i've had lots of them. if conversation dies like that, probably not worth meeting. unless you just want a shag so aye, i was meant to be meeting someone, but it kept getting put off and i wasn't fully commited to it so it's not gonna happen anymore.