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  1. line-up

    This will be my first Beautiful Days festival, what a cracking line up! I am volunteering with Oxfam as a steward so hopefully my shifts don't clash with my must sees!
  2. Boomtown?

    DM'd you with a link for one
  3. Coolbox advice needed! Coleman vs Igloo.

    Only if you can fit it in with the lid open. Otherwise the temperature inside the Igloo will remain unchanged due to its insulation. We were once in The Lake District in winter of 2009 where it dropped to -18c - so we used the Igloo to prevent food from freezing solid!!
  4. Disabled facilities - criteria to use them

    All the information is on GFL website http://www.glastonburyfestivals.co.uk/information/deaf-and-disabled-info/
  5. The size of the crowds

    There are more people backstage than ever before. Usually you can just wander up to get through. There have been queues each time this year.
  6. Gate C Status thread 2017

    Gate C is now straight to the search tent on hill of death. Cleared nicely
  7. 're entry

    Gate C is allowing re-entry.
  8. Gate C Status thread 2017

    Oh dear, the ice cream van has stalled at top of E21.
  9. Gate C Status thread 2017

    Re entry No need to queue again once you have been wrist banded. Use Hill of Death. Entry for 1st time Currently 3 hours..... Bring plenty of fluids and wear a hat.
  10. Shepton Mallet traffic standstill

    Yep totally with you on that @Mardy
  11. New security measures in place

    We are in CV East, had a cursory search. Some were getting more thorough ones. We have no glass and the guy who checked us realised this after seeing wine boxes and decanted spirits. Took 30 minutes from leaving last night's campsite to being on our pitch.
  12. Corbin Really !!

    Have one on me!
  13. Secret resales

    And it would appear @Bb-dog is my phantom too. Oddball!!
  14. Access in and out of Camper Van Field

    Your ticket and you will be handed a pass out which you need to come back in. West Campervan fields has its own gate, you won't use PGD.
  15. Camper Van East Drop Off & Blue Route Question?

    I can only help with the second question. Your wife needs to be dropped off at Bath & West and then get a shuttle to Gate A. Its a fair hike to CV East! Have a great festival!

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