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  1. WNY

    And let's be honest; nothing ever changes at Beautiful Days, ever. It's Groundhog Day in festival form.
  2. Bearded Theory 2018

    Orbital? The Mondays? Frank Turner? Paul & Jacqui?
  3. British Summer Time 2018

    Wise advice. Or, to put it another way; don't bother with gigs in Hyde Park. Seriously. You'll be surrounded by c**ts. C**ts with lots of money.
  4. Bearded Theory 2018

    Sounds like an American band; if I had to guess I'd say Dropkick Murphys or Flogging Molly. Both seem like Bearded type of bands.
  5. PSB vs PSB

    Too right. I've been to every Glasto since 1992 and the PSBs in 2010 is by far the best set I've ever seen on the farm. Everyone I speak to that was there says pretty much the same - it was a phenomenal gig. Neil and Chris have both said it's one of their favourite shows they've ever played too.
  6. Justice out, Soulwax in!

    Which begs the question why did they get booked on the same evening? Very odd, surely Bestival knew the staging spec long before the week before the festival?
  7. Tom Waits

    I guess if he played (which he never will, let's face reality) he'd headline West Holts? He'd probably be better suited to Acoustic but it'd likely be Portishead 95 all over again. I'd be happy if he ever plays any UK gigs again, let alone Glasto.
  8. Secret Garden Party 2017 Alcohol

    It doesn't have an arena/campsite divide; once you're in the gates, that's it.
  9. Levellers

    Just to add, they didn't headline NME in 92. They played 3rd on the Pyramid on Saturday evening, before Lou Reed and Shakespear's Sister. NME headliners that year were Primal Scream, The Shamen and 808 State.
  10. Avalon announce

    The Mavericks! Wonderful news, their last 2 albums have been ace. Really strong showing from Avalon this year.
  11. Comedy/Cabaret

    Bramble FM are always unmissable. Great way to spend 3 hours in the afternoon, watching chaos unfold.
  12. Foo Fighters announcement "engages" 20 million

    Excellent, that clears it up nicely.
  13. Foo Fighters announcement "engages" 20 million

    What kind of marketing c**t hole refers to someone going on the internet as an 'engagement'?
  14. Watched Over by our Loving Overlords

    Comrade Bamber has, pretty consistently, the greatest music taste of anyone on these here message boards. Loving your work, brother.