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  1. A long shot but is anyone driving back to London with space in their car, preferably after Bill Callahan on the Sunday night? Obviously would make a financial contribution. I've tried the affiliated liftshare website but no luck as yet...
  2. Bands for 2017

    Is Bill Callahan definitely headlining the Sunday night?
  3. The week of the festival excitement thread

    Grandaddy would be absolutely incredible. Missed their London gig despite being up at 8am the day tickets went on sale. One of my favourite ever bands but I think it's quite a long shot! They have promised to come back touring in the new year though,
  4. The week of the festival excitement thread

    So excited, especially having missed the last two years due to work commitments. Did Green Man instead and while it's a worthy replacement nothing beats End of the Road. Can't wait for The Shins on the Thursday and the Friday lineup is incredible for me, maybe 15 acts I'd ideally like to see. Also looking forward to seeing how things have changed, new food stalls, the late night dancing at the garden stage, these new white toilets! Only disappointment is having to miss the Sunday evening, especially Teenage Fanclub (if anyone knows of anybody driving back to London on the Sunday night please let me know!)
  5. 2016 Wishlist

    Agreed! All the more frustrating that, for the first time, I have to be back for work on Monday. Last shuttle bus is 7pm