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  1. Blimey a thread about me eek. still here lost my mojo a bit best get my arse in gear and come back.
  2. Happy new year to all my NFR friends.
  3. No apple juice at the moment, two weeks we start the cider hic.
  4. Tried popping down to the farm earlier to take pictures of the new art installation, sadly couldn't get near due to it being fenced off, there is also a lot of work going on in the woods and backstage guessing the backstage work is drainage by the looks of it. Will go down again tomorrow or Saturday and hopefully have more luck.
  5. Was thinking the same, probably at 5am Benny Jr has finally caught up after Benny running around seeing his famous list of bands
  6. @mr gumby west bay was good thanks, one of our favourite places for a jaunt, mrs Splodge was after some sea glass but sadly didn't find any, good excuse to go back for a chippy tea by the sea. @lucyginger Boomtown on our list next year, finally plucked up the courage to go. Hope everyone is having a good day.
  7. Evening all hope everything gets better MrG soon, hopefully next weekend will make up for last weekend. carlos never to early to research alcoholic beverages for next years glastonbury. busy weekend (as usual) curtain and rail put up on front door (yippee no more Draughts) pictures hung, trip to west Bay and quince jelly made ooh not forgetting gardening. First festival tickets for 2017 brought today, Shambala here we come again
  8. All limbs present and correct all going good thanks, broken the back of the outside work so moving back indoors now. Hopefully have more time to contribute to the praising and general silliness need to read quite a few pages to get the gist again tho. Eek 79 pages best pour a beer and start.
  9. Morning everyone, thought I would pop in to say a qucck hello. weather currently stopped todays outdoor painting so log (wood) chopping it is hopefully I will have bodily bits still attached when finished.
  10. Hello everyone. well this is strange, way to hot to paint so mr splodge gets a day off. Just repacked the van after it's return from the repair shop ready for a few days away this weekend. Hope everyone is fine a dandy and the world is treating you well.
  11. Just waiting for Deb to come home with parts, new central heating pump and shut off valves. Then install new kitchen tap. What can go wrong
  12. Yippee, just fixed efests. i can once again post without waiting 15 seconds for each typed character to appear. Cost £18 but now a gold member, worth every penny.
  13. Happy Friday everyone Today I am learning to be a plumber and heating engineer, things could and probably will get messy. have a fab weekend everyone
  14. Evening Jeffie good to see you back
  15. Evening all. really need to be a gold efests member adverts and slow performance becoming a pain. took ages typing this like using a 8086 computer lol.