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  1. NFR NFC - to tide you over the fallow year

    Many thanks Sawdusty was really good to catch up again. Very lucky to have won a free reindeer and hope he and his partner in crime do not get up to mischief. reindeer are fab.
  2. NFR NFC - to tide you over the fallow year

    Was a truly amazing weekend had a blast as well. Was great to catch up with everyone. As you say see you at Boomtown, on the agenda as long as ticket gods allow.
  3. 20 years of eFestivals

    That's worse than mentioning the war
  4. Are Tories welcome at Glastonbury

    Nobody should feel excluded Glastonbury is and should be for everyone that wants to go.
  5. On site observations

    Glad to help
  6. On site observations

    Think you will have a problem with plastic pegs. No chance with those potato ones as well.
  7. On site observations

    Jackhammer would be useful
  8. The state of the ground.

    Siesta that would of been fab work is carrying on as usual guessing a lot slower tho.
  9. The state of the ground.

    Last night I would of said no but some nights have been cold, you will also feel colder after all the sunshine.
  10. The state of the ground.

    No the workers are not allowed to post pictures on social media so not to spoil the surprise.
  11. The state of the ground.

    Today's report. brutal on site so hot no breeze working was a nightmare. sunshine all day no cloud spraying the roads to keep the dust down but only lasts 10 minutes until the dust starts again. ground harder than concrete getting pegs in will be a mission anyone leaving before my next report have a safe journey and a fab festival hopefully meet at the efests meet Wednesday
  12. NFR NFC 2017 - The friendly thread for lovely people

    No idea at the moment will be painting in the morning. camped in the bin painters campsite which is near recycling and backing onto family camping. In our green and cream vw camper. Will drop you a text and try to arrange meeting up
  13. NFR NFC 2017 - The friendly thread for lovely people

    Yep, finished and got my ticket. overtime Monday and tuesday to earn some food. Not risking going home due to extra security and can not get my head around the re-entry system. its like Fort Knox down there.

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