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  1. The ground is like rock, gave up weeding the garden earlier.
  2. Lots of lorrys carrying super fence arriving on site today, also speaking to a crew plumber starting his contract today.
  3. Yes, bloomin autocorrect
  4. Lots of Harris fencing delivered today. Saw at least 6 trucks while I was out this morning.
  5. Thanks was just trying to find it.
  6. There will be a lot more enforced road closures this year, together with closed laybyes and clear ways. The organisers are under a lot of pressure from licensing committees, locals and police to ensure the same chaos does not happen after last year. Will try and find closure information and post in a new topic so people are aware.
  7. Saw AA signs vans this morning while on the bus to Glastonbury, had only just turned up but thinking it's the first signs for deliveries going up.
  8. Not looking like it will. I am 90% sure I heard at the last meeting between Pilton Parish and the festival that it won't be shown due to breaching the sound regulations. Looking like they are being very careful this year after all the issues in 2016. Will find out for sure next week and report back.
  9. Crikey MrG not listened to that album in ages either. Just added to tomorrow's cleaning playlist.
  10. Good luck all trying for tickets tomorrow morning will be banging f5 like a loon at 9am.
  11. Well anouncement Tuesday silver Hayes, west Holts soon didn't say how soon sadly.
  12. Afternoon folks. thought I would pop in and wish anyone wanting coach tickets in today's resale the best of luck. Sorry I can not help today but will be helping Sunday.
  13. Blimey a thread about me eek. still here lost my mojo a bit best get my arse in gear and come back.
  14. Happy new year to all my NFR friends.
  15. No apple juice at the moment, two weeks we start the cider hic.