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  1. Hello everyone. well this is strange, way to hot to paint so mr splodge gets a day off. Just repacked the van after it's return from the repair shop ready for a few days away this weekend. Hope everyone is fine a dandy and the world is treating you well.
  2. Just waiting for Deb to come home with parts, new central heating pump and shut off valves. Then install new kitchen tap. What can go wrong
  3. Yippee, just fixed efests. i can once again post without waiting 15 seconds for each typed character to appear. Cost £18 but now a gold member, worth every penny.
  4. Happy Friday everyone Today I am learning to be a plumber and heating engineer, things could and probably will get messy. have a fab weekend everyone
  5. Evening Jeffie good to see you back
  6. Evening all. really need to be a gold efests member adverts and slow performance becoming a pain. took ages typing this like using a 8086 computer lol.
  7. Hi every one, sorry not been around for a while but working on house and other stuff has taken life over. Nearly broken the back of the major outside jobs on the house which is a big relief as summer is coming to a end hope everyone has had a great summer, will spend a few hours catching up on thread over the next few evening. happy to hammer f5 on either ticket day for anyone that needs help. Hugs X
  8. Sad news Neil hope all ok.
  9. just seen the news about the fire, hope everyone is safe and ok.
  10. No we don't get lanyards we get village passes for the cars and village pass for villagers car park.
  11. A361 is busy but not a problem. from May to July it is busier due to the festival infrastructure being moved in and out. Trapped in the Tuesday Wednesday before the festival and Monday after, they are supposed to keep the side roads clear for local traffic but..........
  12. Moved to Pilton last year, like you we have family living in Shepton. best move we made people are friendly and welcoming. Really nice relaxed unstressful village will a proper village community. went home every night from the festival I will admit it felt strange but it being a muddy year it made a big difference being able to have a hot shower and your own bed. village has The Crown pub which gladly has reopened recently, new owners are finding there feet so would be rude to comment at the moment. The working mans club is very welcoming and also has regular bands playing and of course you will get to see the emerging talent auditions and also the Pilton Party auditions. good schools nearby (we have no children) we are told. we go for a wander over Worthy farm when we want (except for when it's a no go area during the festival build) which is lovely. the only minus is no local shop and bus service is every 2 hours Monday to Saturday with no evening busses, car is essential. Please feel free to message me if you need more information and I will gladly help. sorry post a bit rushed but hope it makes sense
  13. @Sawdusty Surfer I am in all week if I can help more than happy to.
  14. Happy birthday Lucy, hope you had a fab day.
  15. Hi hope everyone got out and home safely. phew this year was hard work body finally gave up late Sunday afternoon so had to go home on the plus side really enjoyed the meet was lovely to put names to faces and catch up with everyone. got a cold and feeling knackered, few days rest and a good nights sleep will sort. Speak soon hugs X