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  1. Predictions for 2018

    They would be a great addition
  2. Which artists on which stages?

    It’s just a personal thing. I really don’t like the woods stage. When I’m watching a band there I could be at any festival. It’s just not special. I have seen a few bands on there that are more suited to that stage father John Misty being one. Do you think they would the oh sees would get a bigger crowd on there or would it just be a quarter full. I could not imagine them getting a huge crowd.
  3. Which artists on which stages?

    I also feel oh sees are pretty much made for the garden stage. I personally think its definitely a downgrade being on the woods stage. Woods stage is pretty much like any other stage at any other festival.
  4. Which artists on which stages?

    Wow less than 100 people what a shame. No according to that definitely will not be headlining any stage. Would be perfect on the garden stage.
  5. Which artists on which stages?

    Garden headliner destroyer - oh sees- Jeff tweedy oh sees do hope they are on the garden stage again.
  6. Predictions for 2018

    Yes I watched Billy in 2008 . Who can ever forget that fantastic moustache.
  7. Predictions for 2018

    Just an ok from me. Titus decent booking loved the monitor not been keen on much since. Nice to see josh t Pearson back would have been even better with lift to experience. Return of billy childish is good it’s been a long time. Return of Jonathan Wilson. Was hoping for some late night big top booking more electronic. Dan Deacon next year maybe,
  8. Predictions for 2018

  9. Predictions for 2018

    Would love Dirty Projectors to make a return. Its been so long
  10. Predictions for 2018

    Hoping for any of the below. Deerhunter iceage Bob mould no age grouper mario Batkovic Jenny hval nils Frahm dan deacon Bitchin Bajas kamasi Washington lift to experience
  11. First announcement 2018

    Agree with this. James Holden would be so good on the garden stage. Not just in the big top .
  12. You get ten acts and ten acts only

    Will more than likely change every month. Not in order just too difficult. Feist Oh sees Destroyer Protomartyr Julia holter Ariel pink James holden & the animal spirits Kaityln aurelia smith Mulatu Astatke Idles
  13. First announcement 2018

    Vampire weekend, kaityln Aurelia smith, , Ariel pink, destroyer, sandy Alex g, idles, protomartyr, very nice
  14. Predictions for 2018

    Warpaint can not see them headlining at all . Not nearly enough interest in them these days.
  15. Predictions for 2018

    Kamasi Washington is a great shout he would be wonderful.

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