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  1. Thanks guys very helpful. Would rather they went to a friend or someone through here even if it means not getting the full value
  2. Quick question guys: I'm coming to my first Latitude this year after 15 Glastonburys, and we've ended up with more tickets than we need. We have two to sell, but they both say my surname on as I'm the cardholder, and the terms claim they're non-transferable. Does anyone know how true this is in practice? I'm not a tout, and not looking to make profit, in fact I'll be looking to sell the pair for less than face value. Presumably the non-transferable thing is not enforceable, as all of the tickets bought in a transaction have the name of the cardholder on, and if the group all arrived at the festival separately it would be impossible for them all to produce ID for the cardholder. Anyone know?
  3. Very similar thoughts mate. In actual fact, I think I need a break. Had begun to go through the motions a bit. It's still by far the greatest festival out there, and I'll find it very hard not to be there when it's on, but I think it'll do me good and I'll return refreshed in the meantime. In the meantime, like you, I'm checking out some smaller ones. Latitude for the first time and Blue Dot, which looks utterly beautiful. Roll on 2017
  4. Get in there boyo. The shamen will be watching over you my son
  5. Cheers guys, I think it's not to be this time round, but I can't complain I've had a great run - 15 in a row, never failed to get a ticket, and landed the Free Press job, which was great fun and made me see the festival in a whole new light, even meeting my all-time hero Mr Eavis last year. I'll definitely be back next year
  6. Didn't manage to get a ticket this year and the job I had on the Glastonbury Free press didn't materialise this time round. Will be the first time I haven't been there since 1997. It's a really weird feeling, watching the build-up happening and knowing I won't be going. I've never experienced it before, as I've been to every one since my first Glastonbury in 1998. It really hit home just now when I looked at the TV guide and saw the Countryfile forecast would be on in a couple of hours, and then went.... oh.... Think I'm probably going to have to enforce a media blackout on myself and go camping somewhere where there are no TVs or radios for the weekend. Hopefully absence will make the heart grow even fonder and I'll back in a year's time even more excited to be there than ever. Have an amazing time everyone, drink it all in and savour every moment. I'm incredibly envious! DB
  7. Night all. Have a good one.
  8. Been listening since 12. Now it truly feels like Glastonbury week
  9. Cheers boss!
  10. What's the problem? It's still saying very minimal to no rain, and that the rain that does hit the UK will be over Northern England Northern Ireland, as far as I can see. Be cool, oh bi-polar ones!
  11. Anyone know when it starts broadcasting online? As I remember it's usually on the Monday (ie, today). Would love to plug my headphones in at work and really start ramping the excitement up, but there's no sign of a listen link on their website yet...
  12. Nah they just get it from the same source of the rest of the BBC stuff, I'd imagine. Nice in theory though
  13. It just underlines that total rainfall isn't an adequate indicator of how 'bad' the conditions were. To use a sporting analogy, it's like saying a defender is good because he makes lots of tackles - it doesn't paint the full picture. 2011, in my mind was a bit of a grim struggle - rain from day one, pretty cold and muddy until Saturday or Sunday. Getting around was difficult and I was cold and soggy from before I even got through the gate. 2014, there were some big storms when a lot of rain fell in a short period of time - like in 2005, too - but overall personally it didn't feel like a struggle at all.
  14. That monstrosity is only the Saturday. What do the other days look like? Do I want to know?
  15. Let the dog see the rabbit...