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  1. The National

    Anyone know where I can find video of the Glastonbury show? Specifically Turtleneck? Need it urgently for research purposes!
  2. The National

    I'd like to know that too, but in all probability I won't get time to ask it. So much else to cover!
  3. The National

    Interviewing Aaron and Bryce tomorrow. My life is complete. Highlight of my journalism career. Feel a bit sick, mind!
  4. The National

    I don't think it's a record that's going to blow too many new fans away, and it's a bit of a slow burner. A friend who's nearly as hopeless a nut as me said he felt pretty non-plussed after the first listen and had to force himself to go back in, but when he did it really grew on him and he loves it now. That being said, there are some truly great songs on there - particularly in the second half. There are some I'm still not entirely sure about - Day I Die, Turtleneck and Walk It Back. As with pretty much everything they do, it gets under your skin and takes hold. I don't love it in quite the same all-consuming, 'got to hear it twice a day' way I did Trouble Will Find Me or Boxer, but it fits into their catalogue really well, and is a fairly daring evolution while still calling back to earlier points in their catalogue. The guitar playing is amazing, probably the most impressive of any record they've done, but there's also less of it, due to the amount of electronic stuff going on. The orchestration at the end of I'll Still Destroy You is utterly amazing, and underlines just how brilliantly clever and artful the Dessners are at arranging music. What a song. Bryan really hammers home what a remarkable drummer he is, too. If I was able to give half marks, I probably would have given the album an 8.5 in all honesty, but I still think it's a beautiful, daring piece of work.
  5. The National

    My review of the album if you're interested http://www.longlivevinyl.net/national-sleep-well-beast-album-review/
  6. The National

    This (Guilty Party) and I'll Still Destroy you are for me the two best songs on the album (and they're back to back). For those not grabbed by the new songs they played live at Glastonbury, I'd say Turtleneck, Walk It Back and The Day I Die are my three least favourite songs on the album. Walk It Back certainly seemed an odd choice in a set that was only an hour as it's 1) quite long, and 2) doesn't really go anywhere.
  7. The National

    Or red wine pouring into my face…
  8. The National

    For the new songs, I'd go The System Only Dreams In Total Darkness, The Day I Die (although I don't much like it) and I'll Still Destroy You (already one of my favourite songs they've ever made)
  9. The National

    The run of I'll Still Destroy You, Guilty Party and Caring At The Liquor Store...
  10. The National

    Afraid not!
  11. The National

    National party!
  12. The National

    On listen 3 now. Very good. Big departure in a lot of ways. Very electronic and innovative. Not as bleak and poignant as Trouble Will Find Me. Love Nobody Else Will Be There, Born To Beg and Empire Line to death. Turtleneck might take a bit of persuasion...
  13. The National

    Noooo, not worth my job!
  14. The National

    I've got the new album. Arggghhhhh!
  15. The National

    YES!! Thursday standing