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  1. Or red wine pouring into my face…
  2. For the new songs, I'd go The System Only Dreams In Total Darkness, The Day I Die (although I don't much like it) and I'll Still Destroy You (already one of my favourite songs they've ever made)
  3. The run of I'll Still Destroy You, Guilty Party and Caring At The Liquor Store...
  4. Afraid not!
  5. National party!
  6. On listen 3 now. Very good. Big departure in a lot of ways. Very electronic and innovative. Not as bleak and poignant as Trouble Will Find Me. Love Nobody Else Will Be There, Born To Beg and Empire Line to death. Turtleneck might take a bit of persuasion...
  7. Noooo, not worth my job!
  8. I've got the new album. Arggghhhhh!
  9. YES!! Thursday standing
  10. Empty-handed
  11. Nope, I've been doing that all day!
  12. Aaaaargh
  13. Aaaaargh. Need more information!
  14. Racing Like A Pro... perfection
  15. Wrong call by those booking the stages for me. Anyone who's been to see their live shows over the past decade will know they're a dish best savoured over time and not rushed. Plus with half a dozen new album tracks to throw into the mix and a crowd getting ready for the Foo Fighters on the Pyramid… Delighted they're playing, but that's not the right slot for them.