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  1. Wrong call by those booking the stages for me. Anyone who's been to see their live shows over the past decade will know they're a dish best savoured over time and not rushed. Plus with half a dozen new album tracks to throw into the mix and a crowd getting ready for the Foo Fighters on the Pyramid… Delighted they're playing, but that's not the right slot for them.
  2. Sorry, I'm sure this has been asked elsewhere, but I couldn't find a post. Do you have to buy car park tickets during the balance payment window or can you buy one later if you need to? I'm not as yet sure whether I'll be driving and don't want to chuck £45 on a ticket I'm not going to need. Any ideas?
  3. Must not rise to it. Must not correct the incorrect album title....
  4. Must not rise to it. Must not correct the incorrect album title....
  5. Anywhere but the O2! A few dates around the country would be nice too. They haven't been to Bristol since 2010/11
  6. Ha ha thanks! I started a new job editing a magazine about vinyl this week so such an article may well be on the cards...
  7. Whaaa? Where did you hear that? That's not the sort of line you can just throw about lightly on a day such as today!
  8. Yeah I don't doubt it, but when I get through that fence, all bets are off! I just go where the wind blows me
  9. Cheers! Good to be back. I'd love to say yes, but I've said that every time since about 2003, and not made it to one yet!
  10. 26!
  11. Hit refresh at 9am, got straight in. Banged in all the details for our first group of 6, timed out. Spend the next half an hour doing that dance unsuccessfully. My girlfriend, using the same wifi in my flat got straight through after about 15 mins, no timing out. By 9.30 we and another friend had got 26 tickets between us! Everyone's in, and after two years of working on the Free Press and last year off, I'm champing at the bit to go as a punter again! Congratulations to everyone who got a ticket. Keep the faith those who didn't. There's always a way in
  12. Had a year off last year - first one I've missed since 97, so I'm champing at the bit. Our group has grown to about 13, and while that makes me more confident that we have strength in numbers for Sunday, it's also going to make it more complicated in the heat of battle on Sunday morning. Who knows what's going to happen. Don't have a clue whether I feel confident, hopeless or somewhere in between. Best of luck everyone!
  13. Thanks guys very helpful. Would rather they went to a friend or someone through here even if it means not getting the full value
  14. Quick question guys: I'm coming to my first Latitude this year after 15 Glastonburys, and we've ended up with more tickets than we need. We have two to sell, but they both say my surname on as I'm the cardholder, and the terms claim they're non-transferable. Does anyone know how true this is in practice? I'm not a tout, and not looking to make profit, in fact I'll be looking to sell the pair for less than face value. Presumably the non-transferable thing is not enforceable, as all of the tickets bought in a transaction have the name of the cardholder on, and if the group all arrived at the festival separately it would be impossible for them all to produce ID for the cardholder. Anyone know?
  15. Very similar thoughts mate. In actual fact, I think I need a break. Had begun to go through the motions a bit. It's still by far the greatest festival out there, and I'll find it very hard not to be there when it's on, but I think it'll do me good and I'll return refreshed in the meantime. In the meantime, like you, I'm checking out some smaller ones. Latitude for the first time and Blue Dot, which looks utterly beautiful. Roll on 2017