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  1. Peeing on the land

    I heard that too. Very sad. I had a few heated discussions with people who I saw doing it and asked to stop. One guy was very contrite, to be fair, but plenty didn't like it all - not least the guy I kicked up the arse while he was openly pissing in the middle of Shangri-La. Don't feel proud of that, but hey - he deserved it.
  2. Weather thread 2015

    Night all. Have a good one.
  3. Glastonbury Free Press

    Sshhh, I want to see some of the festival!
  4. Glastonbury Free Press

    Yes there was the Select Daily, later the Q daily, and briefly the Firelighter. The Free Press in only three years old, and looking hugely improved this year. I did the layout and design last year, and am working on it to a slightly lesser degree this time round. Get hold of a copy if you can, and give it a chance
  5. Glastonbury Free Press

    We'll be printing two editions again this year - one released on Thursday and another on Sunday. Should be available from the info points again, I imagine. It's looking great, too
  6. Worthy FM

    Been listening since 12. Now it truly feels like Glastonbury week
  7. Worthy FM

    Cheers boss!
  8. Weather thread 2015

    What's the problem? It's still saying very minimal to no rain, and that the rain that does hit the UK will be over Northern England Northern Ireland, as far as I can see. Be cool, oh bi-polar ones!
  9. Worthy FM

    Anyone know when it starts broadcasting online? As I remember it's usually on the Monday (ie, today). Would love to plug my headphones in at work and really start ramping the excitement up, but there's no sign of a listen link on their website yet...
  10. Weather thread 2015

    Nah they just get it from the same source of the rest of the BBC stuff, I'd imagine. Nice in theory though
  11. Weather thread 2015

    It just underlines that total rainfall isn't an adequate indicator of how 'bad' the conditions were. To use a sporting analogy, it's like saying a defender is good because he makes lots of tackles - it doesn't paint the full picture. 2011, in my mind was a bit of a grim struggle - rain from day one, pretty cold and muddy until Saturday or Sunday. Getting around was difficult and I was cold and soggy from before I even got through the gate. 2014, there were some big storms when a lot of rain fell in a short period of time - like in 2005, too - but overall personally it didn't feel like a struggle at all.
  12. Recommendations

    Saw John at the St Werburghs Summer Fair in Bristol this weekend, playing on the back of a truck. He seems to have upped the amount of Hendrixy lead guitar playing in his act since I last saw him doing a more stripped back Bluesy thing. Good, though. He mentioned Glastonbury during his set - he was playing to about 12 people in a pen usually populated by goats and sheep!
  13. Weather thread 2015

    That monstrosity is only the Saturday. What do the other days look like? Do I want to know?
  14. Weather thread 2015

    Let the dog see the rabbit...
  15. Glastonbury Office number.

    Check your inbox