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  1. Anyone found stage times out yet? I've established Damian Marley is on Sunday, hopefully last but I don't know that.
  2. I am confused by the comments to about the punters; literally everyone we interacted with was friendly, pleasant and most often downright lovely. I couldn't even hate people dragging kids on carts through crowds - I just thought it was all great.
  3. I adored it. First time, definitely want to go again. It's so middle class it's hilarious (free wine tasting?!!) but it was so friendly, felt spacious and was really well organised. Of course, the weather helped, along with both Father John Misty and The National being as utterly mesmerising as I'd hoped and the comedy being consistently brilliant. Did anyone else see Spencer Jones (from Big Babies) on the comedy stage on Sunday morning? So funny!
  4. So long as John Fogerty turns up, it'll be worth it!
  5. It's Eileen I feel sorry for, when Dexys are playing.
  6. Straight back to work (on the Monday) so no time to get too down, keep reminding myself how lucky I am to have been and then start the countdowns to Latitude and Boomtown. Oh, and I have already got some bottles of cider with mulling bags and cider-brandy from the guys that run the cider bus so a couple of those on Monday evening.
  7. Another here who missed Ray and Slash to be part of "the biggest England crowd watching the game" (including the stadium and official fanzone) telling you that, however much you love football, you'll massively regret choosing it over the festival itself. Don't do it, even if it is on. The Germany game essentially ruined the end of the festival for plenty of people. Plus, the festival might never start if they show the England game - won't James refuse to go on stage until after it?!!
  8. So do I. Some of the happiest (and hottest) days of my life were spent there.
  9. I think Radiohead turned the festival down because they didn't offer them enough money and have told the Eavii to stick it up their jumpers because they'd rather support Harry Styles at V festival next year anyway.
  10. I thought it was brilliant!
  11. I really think it's time you stopped spouting huge tracts of vitriolic Nazi rhetoric in almost incomprehensible German and then trying to hide it with some whimsical subtitles every time the line up isn't what you hope for. It could get you into trouble one of these days.
  12. What an opportunity. Thank you. C&TB are almost unbelievably uninspiring and average. They are almost semi-competent musicians. Menswear for the 2010s. It's an absolute travesty that they will be performing at Glastonbury. They seem like nice chaps. Unless you meant the actual creature, in which case they're much more dangerous than they look.
  13. I thought that levelled out a bit last year but I will add my very high recommendation for Boomtown - went for the first time 3 years ago and can't imagine missing it now. I should also say that, although I've always liked a variety of music, I'm generally an indie kid but not knowing much about some of the prevalent genres has added to my enjoyment as I follow lots of other people's recommendations, explore things with an open mind for myself and get immersed in the fabulous world they create every year! It really is brilliant. Edit: Here's the review I wrote for efestivals after my first experience to give you a better idea (it hasn't changed but it has grown). http://www.efestivals.co.uk/festivals/boomtown/2013/review1.shtml
  14. Annie Mac.....Tracy Beaker??
  15. Fatboy Slim.....Dead. This year just gets worse.