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  1. Neil Young

    I adored Phoenix - all three I attended were brilliant. It was my first introduction to Neil Young (I knew Heart of Gold from a video recording of Sounds of the Seventies on BBC2 and Rockin' in the Fireworks because of Pearl Jam) and was a bit overwhelmed by the noise he made, as I recall, but loved every minute.
  2. The National

    Sod it - I'm going to Suffolk.
  3. Kanye west confirmed

    I get so confused. I've just read the Ezrin article posted above, felt that I was finally reading a well-reasoned and thought out article on the sheer mediocrity not just of Kanye but of much of the current music industry and apparently the over-riding feeling here is that he's picking on poor, little Kanye. The way every part of the world, even these boards, succumbs to the banality of force-fed celebrity makes me very sad.
  4. The National

    I'm delighted to say it's from a conversation in another thread! I am definitely not going insania at any point in the future.
  5. The National

    At about £6 more than seeing Peter Andre in Liverpool, that seems fair for The National (what a world we live in!!!)
  6. The National

    How come Neil hasn't got them listed as such, then? I'm not doubting you (and the Latitude line up rumours are thin, to say the least) but if they're such a "big" rumour I'd have thought they'd get a mention.
  7. The National

    Now you're talking! JPT headliners of The National, Nick Cave and Gomez (weird current revisited obsession) would make it the best line up ever, even if Oldplay and Adele are top in the Pyramid field.
  8. The National

    You guys are missing the point - they'd be better on the JPT (or The Park) than in a huge open space. Of course they could sub the Pyramid but I want magic (not FM) and atmosphere. Plus, a headline slot means El Vy can play about 4.30pm on the Other/Park too.
  9. The National

    They would be the best headliner the JPT has ever seen (even topping Suede last year) and it is the perfect setting for them. Their performance at the inaugural Radio 6 fest might be the best gig I've ever been to but I think they get lost in a field in the daylight. Put them up against Radiohead and make people choose. Most will get it wrong and I won't get too crushed down the front!
  10. Smashing Pumpkins

    Nick Cave is always the one to be at and I have a lot of time for the Pumpkins.
  11. The National

    How about someone other than alt-j not into The Who with The National headlining? That would be much better.
  12. The National

    What do you mean?!! Nowhere for them to play? Last time I checked there was nigh on 1800 pages of nonsense and wild speculation about the fact that there's still a very clear spot for them on Sunday night!
  13. The National

    Any reason why I shouldn't still be hoping these guys are playing? As far as I can tell, they're still only confirmed for 2 shows at the moment, in May and July, one of which is in Europe (Spain) so surely they could yet be at Glastonbury?
  14. Morrissey

    "Better setlist" always means "my favourite songs" so, as far as Moz goes, for most people that means more Smiths and solo singles. Heaven forbid we should have to suffer any of his album tracks or old songs not favoured by Radio 1.
  15. Morrissey

    He was fantastic at the O2. Voice has rarely sounded better.

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