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  1. Boomtown Festival 2016

    Anyone found stage times out yet? I've established Damian Marley is on Sunday, hopefully last but I don't know that.
  2. Latitude 2016

    I am confused by the comments to about the punters; literally everyone we interacted with was friendly, pleasant and most often downright lovely. I couldn't even hate people dragging kids on carts through crowds - I just thought it was all great.
  3. Latitude 2016

    I adored it. First time, definitely want to go again. It's so middle class it's hilarious (free wine tasting?!!) but it was so friendly, felt spacious and was really well organised. Of course, the weather helped, along with both Father John Misty and The National being as utterly mesmerising as I'd hoped and the comedy being consistently brilliant. Did anyone else see Spencer Jones (from Big Babies) on the comedy stage on Sunday morning? So funny!
  4. The Missing Acts?

    I have very limited internet access on a trip to Cornwall but has no one else pointed out that Spinal Tap were on the Pyramid recently. Not to mention Kanye, if we're talking joke acts.
  5. Headliners 2016

    I bet the thingy knows...
  6. Acts Touring Around Glastonbury 2016

    Has he got an album title made up mainly of digits? If so, apparently he's as good as nailed on.
  7. Headliners 2016

    It's the ones that don't react you should avoid.
  8. James?

    It's pretty much always been their live highlight for me but it is one of those songs that either needs a good 10-12 minutes, the dark or, preferably, both. GAWI(AMU) is another absolutely awesome live track and they'll definitely include it - everyone knows when to do the Travolta, yeah?! It's an amazing thing when the whole crowd gets that right. I am so bloody excited about James "come(ing) home" to Glastonbury!
  9. James?

    I intend to go full Booth-style-whirling-dervish-dancing-man for every minute. I figure if I throw myself about enough it will look (to my eyes) as if the whole crowd is jumping. Seriously, though, they'll absolutely nail it. Then the problem will be how much of a let down everything after is!!
  10. James?

    I've been meeting people at the front left of the sound stage at whatever festival I've been at for over twenty years now. Never fails and, as a result of being so consistent, I even meet up with people I haven't arranged to see!
  11. James?

    He certainly did. There's a bad video on YouTube of it, which I believe includes my only, fleeting appearance on the aforementioned platform.
  12. James?

    I love the acoustic, Larry and Tim version of "Sit Down". When they did it at the Albert Hall about 4 years ago, with a fanfare from the upper tier and the two of them playing while ambling into the back of the arena before climbing on the mixing desk, to launch the show it was utterly magical. Hilarious that James are getting called out for not playing their anthem properly but Radiohead are always given a free pass to ditch all of their more authentic tunes.
  13. James?

    I wouldn't be surprised if they played "Greenpeace", given it's Glastonbury, and it's worth noting that Larry isn't playing with them on this tour so Adrian Oxaal is back, which might make tracks off Whiplash, Millionaires and Pleased To Meet You more likely. I really hope they don't deny all these people finding James for the first time "Sound" in all its majestic glory. I'm sure they won't.
  14. James?

    Pleased to Meet You is also fantastic, La Petite Mort worked brilliantly live. The live double album "Getting Away With It..." from before their hiatus is also well-worth checking out to get an idea of the live sound.
  15. James?

    Amazingly, I'm not. First tour I've missed since the comeback - was gutted but this very much makes up for it!!