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  1. Boomtown Festival 2015

    Ha! I was sure it was 8pm - turned up to an efests meet for the first time and must've missed it! Still, charming bar staff so I'll stay for a bit.
  2. Boomtown Festival 2015

    Ha! I was sure it was 8pm - turned up to an efests meet for the first time and must've missed it! Still, charming bar staff so I'll stay for a bit.
  3. Boomtown Festival 2015

    Camped in Trenchtown , just in from the gate, the last couple of years and we were very happy but had decided to go a bit further in this year. As they have changed the districts and their areas a bit this year, we think we're heading for Mayfair to be halfway on the hill but we're clearer on where we want to be than what it's called. For those worrying about flying solo at BTF, it's a very friendly festival although few people will be sober by late afternoon each day. I've met people and made friends easily - the camping area just inside the gates (that was Trenchtown) seemed full of people wanting to be sociable.
  4. anything else comparable?

    Boomtown goes on very late with some venues going all the way through to morning.
  5. Boomtown Festival 2015

    My advice is enjoy not being on a schedule, explore the festival and see where you want to be. The venues are so brilliant, you'll want to see them all. That said, every recommendation Neil's ever given me for Boomtown has been excellent so go back through the thread and see what he's posted about. Oh, and Squarepusher on that new Bang Hai Palace stage could be really amazing!
  6. anything else comparable?

    Boomtown feels similar but sounds very different. It can't come soon enough. This time last week I was soaring with the birds; right now I'm stumbling through a muddy trench.
  7. Your minor Glastonbury successes

    Reading through these posts and thinking about my own experience, was it cheaper this year? I know there was the eat for a fiver thing but I definitely felt I got away with a bit more left in my wallet than usual.
  8. Anyone else got Glastonbury blues/comedown?

    Crashing right now. I want to go home.
  9. Worthy View is Excellent

    First time for us and we thought it was excellent too. I think those steps and that hill added more than 5 minutes, though. Best thing for me was the 10 minute walk from tent to car.
  10. Your minor Glastonbury successes

    My first year with a prescription and I forgot every day. Funnily enough, the rheumatism is playing up today!
  11. Who were your top 5 of the weekend

    The Libertines - Pete was fat and off the smack and they were the best they've been in years. Felt like a freebie as well (thanks efests and Stubert2hats) Suede - I really wavered on my Saturday choice; could've been almost anywhere but Pyramid. Gutted to miss Mothership but Suede's set was one of the most joyous things I've ever seen at Pilton. Grant Lee Phillips - I missed Patti for this so thank goodness it was wonderful. Both the other people there seemed to enjoy it too. Stornoway - I love these guys and was terrified the rain would pack it out so ran to get there. The bigger crowd seemed completely bowled over. Truly a band that's still getting better and better. Lionel Richie - Just for a minute I thought it wasn't working but eventually it was about as much fun as anyone could cope with. Sang, laughed and danced with my favourite people in my favourite place. We Are The World was a mistake at the end, mind. Extra mentions: Ben Howard (sparse crowd, beautiful music, beautifully played); Mark Ronson (ran from the middle of The Libs to get back for Boy George, Valerie and a truly sensational Uptown Funk); Chronixx (Reggae to start the festival is always a winner and I loved this guy); Jane and Jayne (with a y) who were singing amazing songs about God and Jesus and stuff on the bandstand sometime before Stornoway were playing ("God doesn't want to be a pervert, God doesn't want to be aroused...) Saw little I thought was truly poor, although I was left utterly cold by Everything Everything whilst everyone else thought it was amazing.
  12. Suede

    Good to know.
  13. Suede

    There's a part of me that regrets not seeing Mothership Returns but, in the end, I couldn't resist Suede and they were absolutely incredible.
  14. Early leavers

    Just got home to Reading - sorry about that but, as others have mentioned, teachers can't book days off. I feel I thoroughly rinsed the fun out of my Glastonbury, it was a great year for me and far better the feeling I have now (elation and utter sadness that it's gone for another year) than the feeling getting up for work tomorrow if I'd stayed until the end and then come home. I stayed until after Lionel, which was amazing (anyone know what the estimated crowd size was for that? Felt busier than Dolly), and left on a fabulous high in glorious sunshine. That's your Hollywood ending right there! Am I gutted not to be there right now? Absolutely, but I will be in a month and in three months and on Christmas Day. Glastonbury gives me a brief few days of escapism from the real world but, sadly, I pay for that by living in the real world from the Monday after Glastonbury until the Friday (Thursday if I'm really lucky and I do extra things during the year for no other reward) evening of Glastonbury the next year. I had a fabulous festival. If I'm lucky enough to get a ticket for next year, I'd love to be able to stay Sunday night but unless things change, I'll just be very grateful for every minute I am able to enjoy.
  15. Weather thread 2015

    C'Mon! Even I'm a believer now!