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  1. Who popped your Glastonbury cherry?

    Rolf Harris opening the pyramid in 2010
  2. 4G success and the pain of having to break bad news

    Don't think it mattered, I had one computer on a wired connection at work, with my laptop tethered to the 4G on my phone (so not same IP). Got through on work computer, and only ever got to the holding page on 4G. There's no logic to any of it, it's all just down to luck.
  3. tickets and how it could be done better

    There's no fairer way to do it than what we have now. It could be argued that someone who's been to 15 or more deserves less of a chance to go again than someone who's tried to get tickets several times, and through no fault of their own, were unsuccessful.
  4. Trolley thread

    Another vote for the 2 wheeled fold up trolley from the efestivals shop. Got one a couple of weeks before the festival, after I'd decided my old one was no longer up to the task, great bit of kit, and a lot sturdier than it looks on the website. Only one minor gripe (and it is very minor), I wish it came with R-pins (cotter pins) for the wheels, instead of the supplied split pins, just cos R-pins are more re-useable.
  5. It's Florence

    What a pile of fucking shite that is. They'd better start figuring out how to make the park a LOT bigger. SFA's is gonna be mobbed
  6. Glastocam!

    Imagine the embarrassment they'd feel if the camera caught them in their garden picking their nose or scratching their bum from 1.5 miles away!
  7. Glastocam!

    Dammit, you're right
  8. Glastocam!

    It's back!
  9. Glastocam!

    RAF are certainly out to play today, couple of jets in the 16:35 one! I think it's time I got back to doing some work, or at the very least go to another website
  10. Glastocam!

    Helicopter in the 16:25pm one
  11. Glastocam!

    That's my work suffering for the next few weeks running up to gates opening
  12. Who would you like added when the full line up comes

    Black Rebel Motorcycle Club
  13. Brothers Cider in cans

    Now that would be epic, imagine getting a slab of ice cold brothers delivered to your tent in time for breakfast each morning....sheer bliss
  14. Trolleys

    Been using something similar for years, but have replaced the wheels, cos the originals can get clogged up with mud (which won't be an issue NFR-NFC). I put a length of threaded bar through both sets of 'forks' that then stick out each side. Onto which I put proper pneumatic bicycle wheels, taken from my niece's first bike. She'd got new one by that point, so not as bad as it sounds Okay the base can't fold away like before, but it doesn't really take up much more room in the car with the wheels off.
  15. Dear Emily.....

    Am I disappointed with the gay fish oxygen thief being announced as a headliner?......Yes Will it stop me going to the festival this year, and trying for tickets in the coming years?......No way Will it ruin my festival in any way?......No, don't see any reason why it should. As other people have already stated, there'll be a hell of a lot of other stuff going on that should be way better than Kanye West. If someone gives up their ticket on the back of the announcement of one headliner, they need their heads examined, and someone else will quite happily take your ticket whether they've any intention of watching the gay fish or not. PS Hope I didn't upset Kanye and his ego by saying there'll be way better stuff going on at the same time