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  1. Rolf Harris opening the pyramid in 2010
  2. Don't think it mattered, I had one computer on a wired connection at work, with my laptop tethered to the 4G on my phone (so not same IP). Got through on work computer, and only ever got to the holding page on 4G. There's no logic to any of it, it's all just down to luck.
  3. There's no fairer way to do it than what we have now. It could be argued that someone who's been to 15 or more deserves less of a chance to go again than someone who's tried to get tickets several times, and through no fault of their own, were unsuccessful.
  4. Imagine the embarrassment they'd feel if the camera caught them in their garden picking their nose or scratching their bum from 1.5 miles away!
  5. Dammit, you're right
  6. It's back!
  7. RAF are certainly out to play today, couple of jets in the 16:35 one! I think it's time I got back to doing some work, or at the very least go to another website
  8. Helicopter in the 16:25pm one
  9. That's my work suffering for the next few weeks running up to gates opening
  10. Got mines at 1:09 am, woop woop!
  11. I've got a way to go then, I'm on 4 on the bounce. Mates reckon I've got a magic F5 finger
  12. I'd recommend scouring ebay for an army surplus Bergen, complete with removable side pouches. Bonus is, if you also get a hold of the yoke, you can turn the side pouches into a day sack for lugging around booze each day.