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  1. Not a bad name check

    Not a bad name check for my friend and erstwhile colleague! Go Freddie! https://www.irishtimes.com/culture/music/dave-grohl-if-it-wasn-t-for-ireland-i-wouldn-t-be-walking-1.3212853
  2. Adele

    Not a bad view last night...
  3. Adele

    Just back from Wembley. She mentioned Glasto again, asked if anyone had been and described it as "the greatest night of my fuckin' life".
  4. Your (potentially) Contraversial Changes to Glasto

    20000 less peeps. Vary the site a bit. It does get terribly "samey". For sample why not swap JP and Acoustic round every other year? It's become such a mission to go from one side of the site to another would help East campers like me see more variety..... but yeah, first world problem. Sound issues need sorting. West holts actually sounded better from the hammocks than between the speakers. Felt sorry for The Jacksons who were barely audible. I took my nearly two year old, kept him to the kids field and theatre/green fields. Kept him well away from main areas and choke points. So to the guy above implying anybody who's brings kids needs to have a word with themselves: wind your neck in, or petition the Eavii to get rid of the kids field and ban under 13's. Was a cool festival. Very very different with kids: no running off for secret sets etc, but just as rewarding in different ways. And, we now have Iplayer, so jobs a good'un
  5. Gate C Status thread 2017

    Cos originally they did, if you had camping gear you had extra searches, if you were rucksack only different queue.
  6. Gate C Status thread 2017

    Keep changing the rules. Firstly if you had "no camping gear" you could go down the fast track to get banded. Now all in same queue. Lost of pissed off campervan peeps having to join main queue despite having nothing on them to search. Could easily have avoided this by letting campervan get wrist bands yesterday especially considering the forecast and extra security.
  7. Any way still to get in - pretty much entirely theoretical

    Back of the van outta glastonbury/shepton ain't happening anymore. Festival know about it, and every van will be searched in and out of site.
  8. Weather 2017

    That mud at Glasto is Jurassic mud. I read this on the Somerset live website last week, so it must be true. It makes me happy as I like to take newbies to the top of the hill of death on a Tuesday night, look at the astonishment on their faces as they begin to comprehend the scale of the scene laid bare below them, before beckoning to that gorgeous vista and gently whispering, "Welcome, to Jurassic Park". And I didn't even know..
  9. New security measures in place

    Searches taking place off the highway.
  10. New security measures in place

    There is no specific threat against the festival. Emailing them to ask what is going on is futile. The police/festival have a plan and revealing it early would reduce its "operational effectiveness". Every car is apparently going to be searched.....
  11. Weather 2017

    Pouring in Pilton now.
  12. What level of security would you accept?

    Look I'm taking my kid and pregnant missus and fuck any angsty nerd who thinks blowing people up will scare the shit out of me. But then I deliberately went for a weekend on the piss in Nice two weeks after their attack to a) show solidarity and b to say fuck you, so perhaps this is just the way I look at things. When troubled geeks attack your way of life, live it exactly as you would if they never existed, otherwise it's not your life your living but a pale substitute for it.
  13. Secret resales

    Yeah I just got a couple of web alerts too.
  14. Secret resales

    I love the way the laptop has a BSOD in that pic.
  15. Secret resales

    They lady/guy at the ticket booth would know how Sparta felt.