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  1. I'd say the Sunday leavers were in favour of 'Sexit' but I don't want to get Scruffs foaming at the mouth this early in the day. Or, indeed, 'Suxit'
  2. But but but the first day of the school holidays is always better than the last, right? I mean, time is relative. Stephen Hawkins never had to spend Boxing Day with my family.
  3. Yeah, i love them, but it's unfortunately going to take something pretty special from them next time round to move them up a slot. Or, alternatively, they split up for 5-7 years and then reform.
  4. They headlined JP in 2007 or 2008 if i remember right
  5. Yep, just got the mail
  6. Nah, Streets was 2011
  7. Hehehe, while we're at it, let us not forget the great Blur debacle of 2009
  8. The only other Sunday night act I can remember was The Streets in the JP
  9. Brother, one of my favourite Glastonbury moments was late Sunday 2014, bumping into you, wooderson et al on Williams Green, the final drink of the festival, all of us having one for the road, last of the cash over the bar, llast chance to see everyone. You lot, me, Bren, Chris, my Russian ex-students, large rums all round. Fucking beautiful. Beats any band I've seen there
  10. LCD were the exception, the last few Sunday evenings before that, I've been at the bar on Williams Green, can't remember a Sunday headliner I've seen apart from Murphy and the gang last year.
  11. Hmmm... dunno. There needs to be someone pretty fucking spectacular to lift me up on Sunday evening. Horses for courses, innit, but a huge part of the festival for me is meeting up with old friends who I've not seen for a year. By Sunday, I've had my fill of music and my body is knackered.
  12. I'm like a fucking walking Timotei advert
  13. Wednesday, without a shadow of a doubt. Energy! Optimism! Clean hair! Best day of the festival
  14. No bother, just thought I'd check. Thanks. Will get the UK based clan to sort it out.
  15. If I rembember rightly, it only works in the UK. Is that right, Neil?