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  1. Cabaret Field bar, Wednesday 6pm: eFestivals meet

    I preferred dj matt james’ earlier stuff, i'm afraid. Not a fan of this new direction.
  2. Sigur Ros

    Hawley headlining the park? Can't see that. no idea where John Grant will be. If i had to punt, early afternoon Pyramid.
  3. Arcadia Lineup!

    Has Daniel Avery done anything since that cracking Drone Logic album? Will he be playing his own stuff? Will it be like that? Somebody tell me it will. I love that album. people moaning about the sound for arcadia, well, it's the way the glade etc are going too, you need to be inside the circle/hexagon/whatever of speakers, it reduces sound bleed (really important in somewhere like glastonbury where you have loads of sound systems in a relatively small area) and provides a better exprience for those in the circle and should reduce complaints from Pilton villagers/backstage crew etc
  4. Jogging at the festival

    Why is there no number 18?
  5. The Avalanches

    Next Wednesday, but tickets are long gone. Rarer than rockinghorse shit.
  6. The Avalanches

    Secret warm up gig at a tiny venue. 125 capacity. Going to be immense.
  7. Ticket Competitions

    Brilliant. Made up for you
  8. Next Announcement thread

    He is in no way big enough. Mid afternoon Other.
  9. The 'Abstinence Untill G-Day' Challenge

    Trouble is, Glastonbury is primarily a social thing for me. I get to see all my friends that I've not seen since last summer, and family too. So, obviously i need it as a social lubricant, plus i get ludicrously overexcited, and forget i can't handle booze anymore. Start chucking it down my neck like i was able to 10 years ago. Going to have to be careful this year, i reckon.
  10. Radiohead touring in 2016

    Watch the end of the gig, come out, jump in a cab down to Victoria. Still cheaper than a hotel.
  11. The 'Abstinence Untill G-Day' Challenge

    Was pondering this earlier. I don't really drink any more, rarely go out - maybe once every 3 months or something, and can't remember the last time i got smashed. My tolerance these days is fucking terrible. I'm a bit worried/scared about Glastonbury this year.
  12. Festival toilets

    Ah, yeah, i remember that. Couple of years ago. I've got it saved somewhere, hold up.... here you go
  13. This is fucking great, really impressive stuff. I'm starting to think this Internet malarkey might just catch on.
  14. Adele sub headliner?

    I'm baffled too. It all went a bit Columbo for a bit with jparx's forensic breakdown of all the possibilities. So, i had a l'il afternoon nap, as befits a man of my age, and now wake up to find it all Blackadder and Peepshow. Bewildering.
  15. Urgent Glastonbury Info

    yeah, it's to settle a bet, isn't it?