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  1. You definitely made the right choice
  2. Hippy Bathday, skipper
  3. You know it. We'll get there, brother
  4. EOTR site is more beautiful than Glastonbury, for me. It's not the location that makes Glastonbury, I think, it's the scale of it all that takes my breath away.
  5. hehehe, I've currently got Skeleton tree on
  6. I think I need to see him live again. it's been too long. I reckon you're right, seeing PTSA live might make the difference. We'll see. I passed up the option of a ticket last time he came to Moscow, cos I was skint. If he comes back this time, I'll go.
  7. Man, dunno what's worng with me, but I can't feel either 'The Skeleton Tree' or PTSA. They just don't do it for me.
  8. There's not been, for the organisers, many good things about the festival in recent years, right? Death threats and petitions regarding Kanye, the foul, foul mud, traffic problems and negative feedback from last year. I wouldn't be at all surprised if EE and the rest of the team are feeling pretty down about Worthy Farm right now, regardless of any grief with local landowners. Hold it on somebody else's property, turn up, do the job, fuck off. No bumping into disgruntled locals in the corner shop, no local farmers feeling entitled to huge reimbursment, no wider public pissing and moaning that it's not what it used to be etc etc.
  9. Saw him on that tour in Vienna. Phenomenal
  10. "3 conspirators, apparently, Sarge, got there names here, a Mister Gwynn Powder, Theresa En and Paul Ott"
  11. hehehe, you know that Guy Fawkes, when he was poking around in the Houses of Parliament and was arrested for the Gunpowder Plot, initially gave his name as John Johnson. Always struck me as ludicrously unimaginative and unconvincing as a false name. ' of Johntown, Johnshire'
  12. hehe, Yog, that's just reminded me. One night we were all out in BKK, me and the lads I worked with, in a club, when it got raided. Music off, lights up, full on raid, coppers with shotguns, the works. Everybody rounded up for piss testing. Bricking it a bit, cos you know, we'd had a little dabble that night. Anyway, one of the boys I was with is like, "Right, look sharp, heads up, act confident and follow me", so the half dozen of us or so stride to the door, where the coppers are taking everyone's details, sending them off for pisstests etc, he whips out the security pass we have for work, marches past the police, brandishing his photo ID keycard thing and announces 'John Johnson, British Council', we hold ours up, eyes firmly ahead and keep marching and suddenly we're out in the street, scot free. Too fucking close. (Name has been changed, obviously)
  13. When I lived in Bangkok, I visited the nick where all the foreigners get banged up. Was pretty fucking grim, but then again, where isn't it?
  14. That's a great booking
  15. I dunno. He obviously is considered a draw, or field day and Primavera wouldn't be putting him so high up. I can see what you mean, and sure the crowd would thin out, but there would also be a lot of people right up for it. Seems to me it fills the brief of the Other stage exactly. I reckon they've been proper short sighted there.