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  1. I mean, FWIW, i think she's been a very very positive force in pop music, written a couple of decent tunes, got a great sense of being a star and has been a very positive role model for her little monsters fanbase. But she's canny enough to understand her place in things.
  2. Nah, she's a name, but not that much of a name these days. Similar size to Pharell (sp?), maybe?
  3. Yeah, me too. I've started calling it ’The Glastonbury'. I love it
  4. Where does this leave the (i thought) nailed on Ed Sheeran
  5. Fucking hell, not bad is it, 3 or 4 gigs every summer playing to the nostalgia market, rest of the year sitting on your arse
  6. And i still still can't get into Push the Sky Away. It's just never clicked with me
  7. Bloody love murder ballads. Great album. Can live without a lot of his earlier stuff, don't really like a lot of his more goth work. The Birthday Party etc do nothing for me, i'm afraid.
  8. Those dates look pretty fucking perfect for the Friday night West Holts headliner. Mouthwatering if it turns out to be the case.
  9. Brixton is not sold out, it's a saturday night, and if they can't do that, there's really not much interest for them. It's a crying fucking shame
  10. Yeah, star wars didnt do it for me, this one is way better. They're over in Europe soonish, can't imagine them coming back next summer unless sales over here for this album are good. They do seem to be making a lot of effort to push this album mind, we got a world first playback and message from Jeff at EOTR (and, whoop whoop) a free badge. this one is right up there with their best, but they're still not doing much business are they? What's the London date, Brixton Academy? Long way to come to play that.
  11. No folks for me, and Cavey back. Let the good times roll
  12. I tell you what, the weather was abysmal, I saw hardly any bands and there were various family complications, but the only thing that saved this year was the company. A weekend boozing while sheltering from the rain with Wooderson, Nal and various other mates etc is always going to be tremendous fun. But I needn't have gone to Glastonbury to do that.
  13. Cheap Trick? Fuck me, this is a new low, even for this forum.
  14. I love it. For me, best thing they've done in an age. Reminds me of Yo La Tengo in places. First record of theirs in years and years that i want to put back on as soon as it's finished.
  15. I absolutely understand this. I had a few years where i seemed to be spresponsible for everyone and everything. Tickets, passing on reference numbers, travel plans, lugging every c**ts tent in, sorting out who's where & when. Reached a point in 13 where i just said 'fuck it', binned a fair few of them off, and focused on me and mine. Felt like a selfish twat for at least 20 mins, then it was a proper weight of my mind you have my sympathies, woffy