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  1. What have you done today to get ready for Glastonbury 2016?

    Just bought some duty free Kahlua for early morning wake-up White Russians
  2. thye Common announces

    Ah, fair enough. I wore my tape out of it when it was first released. Blew my tiny teenage mind. Not sure I've listened to it for about 15 years though
  3. thye Common announces

    You're shitting me? In all the years i've been talking to you, that's the first bum note you've played. Your hitherto impeccable music taste has taken a body blow here. I'm flabbergasted. Would have bet my life in would have bern right up your strasse
  4. thye Common announces

    Coldcut. Fucking Coldcut. Only the makers of the greatest mix ever. Fucking Coldcut. Get in.
  5. Got any gigs coming up?

    I tell you what, i fancy a punt on John Murry returning to EOTR the week before those gigs. I still rate his performance there the other year as one of the most breathtaking gigs I've ever seen. Astonishing
  6. Got any gigs coming up?

    hehe, we met him here in moscow last year. Got the grumpiest looking photo with him ever.
  7. Got any gigs coming up?

    He's got a new song out tomorrow, I think
  8. Festival no 6 or ETR

    I love EOTR, just a brilliantly relaxing enjoyable festival. Small and manageable, great fun. Lovely community feeling. My only complaint is that it can sometimes feel a little staid, you get viewed askance if you dare to have more than 3 pints in any given 24 hour period.
  9. Pub Crawl on Thursday

    yeah, Cornish Arms is a good shout.
  10. Site Down?

    Damn, fatyeti beat me to the James gag.
  11. Bowie Tribute

    I dunno about revisionism regarding Prince, but fucking hell, Ed 'Stewpot' Stewart is doing bloody well to be included on all these lists of 2016 celebrity deaths.Fantastic bit ofRIP PR.
  12. Bowie Tribute

    It's genuinely baffling to me. What is the purpose of these tributes? It's an act of intense, self serving arrogance. If you really love the artist, as you proclaim to, then 99.99% of the time, you're not going to do a better job of covering Prince or Bowie than the originals. Waste of fucking time. Oh shite, Da Vinci is dead, here's my half assed, rushed, underrehearsed drawing of the Mona Lisa. What a fucking tribute.
  13. The Vinyl Thread

    Excellent. Was refelcting on it this week, getting a turntable set up here has made a noticeabledifference to the quality of my life in myriad ways. Delighted I did it.
  14. New map!

    The greatest, most underrated, beautiful band in the world. A band i fucking love, a band that mean so muchto me, but are pretty much unknown. the brilliant, brilliant AerialMaps.
  15. U.S. festival with the supposed killer lineup?

    hehe, I saw a poster for him playing here the other day on the way to work and nearly fell off my bike in surprise. Had no idea he was still alive/touring.