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  1. Taylor Swift

    If I had the tech skills, I'd do a parody of Pettibon's Sonic Youth cover with Amy Lawn and Fabrizzo together. But I don't, so you'll just have to imagine it.            
  2. Headliners 2016

    Muse still adding dates around Glastonbury. They've just announced Moscow on the 21st
  3. The Vinyl Thread

    I"m jumping round the room like an absolute c**t to 'Revol' while my new wife looks on utter bewilderment.
  4. The Vinyl Thread

    One for Scruffs here, I picked up the repress of 'The Holy Bible' this morning for a tenner. Sounds tremendous. Last time I heard this record was 20 years ago on cassette, yet I can still remember loads of it. Proper testament to the power of music. I wasn't sure about getting it, but so glad I did.
  5. West Holts 2016 - would love to see list

    Protoje would be good, yeah. I'd be well up for that.
  6. Last 10 Albums

    This is a cracking read on Sinatra    
  7. Jeremy Corbyn

    Aaaarrgh, how can one man be so right about politics and so goddam wrong about music?
  8. Radiohead touring in 2016

    yeah, this is bang on I reckon. Metallica had never played before, had no relationship with the Eavii and no reason to, on paper, accept a booking on The Other, but they clearly did. With Muse, they know (and possibly) love the festival, they don't see it as just another gig (Remember The Edge playing during their last set, that's not the soprt of thing he/they normally do). I would be far less surprised about them taking a different slot than I would with Metallica, but like Neil says, that definitely was on the cards and they agreed to it.
  9. Radiohead touring in 2016

    I mean, these fuckers on here are always banging on about it, right?  lets see if it really stands up to a neophyte. Have they got the tunes to win me over?
  10. Radiohead touring in 2016

    hehehe. Nice work. Following the 'bands you've listened to' thread. I also decided to dive in to Radiohead for the first time, so I got Kid A too.
  11. Classic artists you just haven't ever listened too.

    Hehe, conversely, that was the first record i put on when i got home from work last night. Never listened to The Coral though.
  12. Classic artists you just haven't ever listened too.

    Loads and loads and loads of them. While i know every chord plucked by Jeff Lewis, the Rockingbirds, Cowboy Junkies, Band of Holy Joy and Cornershop, i have never listened to an album by, among others Led Zepplin, Coldplay, Radiohead, Muse, The Doors, ACDC, Pink Floyd, and a million other bands that everyone takes for granted. I never ever went through a classic bands stage. Not ever.   Good thread this, given me a kick up the arse to actually listen to some rather than dismissing them out of hand. Although that probably is more fun.   i'd never even listened to a Beatles album till late last Summer.
  13. The Joanna Newsom Thread

    I'm pretty underwhelmed by that EOTR lineup. Not much for me on there, picky bastard that i am. Redeemed mainly by Jeff Lewis and Bill Ryder Jones
  14. Sunday Legend 2016

    I think so, yeah. It was in danger of becoming a kitsch 'joke' booking. This is undoubtedly easy going feelgood music too, but of a different calibre   It's interesting, as to what arcade fireman was saying. With several of the bookings over the last few years, big big names, names that everyone recognises, but how many actual songs can the casual fan name. Might be true of ELO, but also equally true of Kenny Roger, Dolly etc. 4-5 massive tunes, then they play a few of the latest album, and a couple that 90% of the crowd don't know. I reckon ELO willplay their hits and there'll be a trace memory kicking in for a lot of people. I'm ready to be surprised
  15. Sunday Legend 2016

    I'm pretty pleased with this. Not my thing and I'm 50/50 if I'll be there, but it's a quality booking, no doubt about it. My folks and that are pleased with it, so it'll do me.