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  1. Ah, Margo Price was talking about that on a pocast the other day. WTF with Maron, i think.
  2. Good setlist that. She'd be a fucking amazing headliner. Can't see it happening though
  3. Opposite for me, the thought of these c**ts playing (not Glastonbury, just anywhere) enraged me so much that I couldn't sleep. Pure fucking injustice that these fuckers are living high on the hog while Jeff Lewis, Mark Eitzel, John Murry etc have to scrape and crawl their ways through the lower sewers of the music industry.
  4. I'm ambivalent about the new album, but 'I don't know' is a song that does all sorts of inexplicable things to me
  5. All of which appears to make me Kenny Bania
  6. Big name that. Suspect we're fucked.
  7. Whiskey for the holy ghost is a fantastic album. Will have to get hold of a copy
  8. Had a right touch today. You never get cheap vinyl here in Moscow, except for old Soviet pressings, but anything new is 25-30 quid, mebbe more but this lunchtime, i had 20 minutes to kill, so nipped into MediaMarkt, big electronics superstore. Whole rack of discounted records. picked up bjork -vulcinara david crosby - if only i could remember my name bruce springsteen - the wild, the innocent a ramones comp air - pocket symphonies laughing len - death of a ladies man dylan - bootleg series no.11 the basement tapes box set total for the lot, about 75 quid. Normal price for the lot (and nearly all of them I've looked at and contemplated buying in the shop before) was £215
  9. Nothing for me and mine. Going out for a walk and a ponder. Staying away from social media
  10. Not a fucking sniff of the site
  11. S'alright, my folks got to 60 and decided they wanted to go (2010). They loved it, had a blast and it was really good for our relationship. They've been every year since, although i fear 2016 finished them off, don't think they,ll be back
  12. it absolutely lashed down during the Ukranian caterwauling on Friday Saturday morning, it was looking much better. As I walked up through Kidney Mead to see a bit of Skepta, the ground was almost dry, it had become bouncy again, like the whole site was one big Nike Air Max. Then it fucked hoyed down and it all went to shit. And stayed that way.
  13. All those middle aged men who felt vaguely threatened and confused by acid house and dance could suddenly relax again, their kids were listening to 4 boorish lads with guitars and proper songs with words and that. Something they could associate with.
  14. Quite the opposite. The worst thing about Oasia was that it led to Middle aged dads going to gigs with their teenage sons. It was so unthreatening that it removed the generation gap. Remove that and you remove any form of rebellion, which is the basis of pretty much ever interesting musical movement. Oasis pretty much led to a whole 20 years of mojo reading classic rock loving fuckknucles.
  15. Best things i had this year were the Delhi Dhosa, a lobster burger thing (I know, i fucking know) and some suprisingly excellent Pad Thai from a stall just inside the Other field