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  1. yeah, absolutely. We're looking at a headliner for the Big Top; looking at previous names, Wild Beasts or SFA would both be a real coup for that stage.
  2. ah, right, thanks for that. So if I set SMS twitter notifications from both eotr and line of best fit, that'll cover most of it. Nice one. Yeah, spot on re the BB quote. After 20 odd years living abroad, it seems more apposite than ever.
  3. Thanks for this, OK, will try to get twitter notifications from you sent directly to my phone then. Appreciate the response.
  4. That would be fantastic. Absolutely love the new record
  5. Love those albums. Astonishing works of art.
  6. Does anyone know if there's any Twitter thing to follow to get info on the secret sets? Do eotr or line of best fit use it during the festival for info on this kind of thing?
  7. ah man, this is exactly what I need after that last weekend in Pilton in June *shudders at the memory*
  8. You know people who moan about modern music all being homogenous and no individuals left in the music industry. All this stuff about 'who are the headlners of tomorrow', it's all so anodyne now etc etc. Frank Ocean and Bon Iver co-headlining is a big fuck off to that idea right there.
  9. Pretty good, not too many clashes for me and a few really nice runs of acts one after the other that I want to see and should be able to manage.
  10. Looking forward to giving Blond(e) a go today. Borrowed it off the internets till I can get a physical copy
  11. New Ryley Walker out today, really looking forward to it, the last one was asolutely superb. Also interested in giving Lisa Hannigan's new one a go. Been enjoying the latest Oh Sees album this week. Not what I usually listen to but it's pretty good, especially the last song. Only thing that fucks me off about it is that it's 45rpm so I have to fuck about with my record player
  12. Newton Faulkner chopped his own ear off? Perfectly understandable. We've all felt the same when hearing him.
  13. Alongside an x factor finalist. He's found his level right enough. Actually, they've all found their level.
  14. Sold out, mate. Not a sniff. God knows I tried. Makes the clamour for Harry Potter tickets look like trying to get near the stage to see LCD soundsystem at T in the Park.
  15. Oh yeah, that's reminded me. On my last trip to the modern hell that is London, i saw a poster for the Green Day musical, currently on in the West End. Bad enough, you may think, and led me to a multitude of questions about what stripe of arsehole goes to something like that. Further car-crash style rubbernecking of the poster showed me that the lead actor/singer in this sorry debacle was... Newton 'fucks sake, no, my ears my ears, look at that twat, bring back conscription' Faulkner. Just let the enormity of that sink in. A Green Day musical featuring Newton Faulkner. It's c**t squared.