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  1. BBK absolutely fulfills the criteria for an Other headliner. New, exciting, hot (or whatever this years' word is). An alternative the Pyramid. Yeah, much better choice than some hoary old rock band. Other have a pretty good tradition in the last few years of taking a punt on at least one of their headliners. Sometimes it works (Skrillex), sometimes it doesn't (Deadmau5) but it's a policy I respect and admire.
  2. Good shouts, might get that F Lips, yeah. Got Carrie and Lowell, and you're right, it's a lovely sounding thing Last Beck I bought was morning phase, and it's failed to grab me, but if sea change is not too pricey, I'll have a punt on that yep. Thanks scruffs.
  3. Come on then efests, recommend me a record, I'm flying back to the Uk tomorow for a few days, want to pick up some vinyl. Recommend me something I can get. Nothing too obscure, got to be able to get it delivered before I fly out on Sunday. Hit me up with some prime cuts.
  4. Them 'Beach Boys'. It's basically a pub covers band, right? Fronted by a 24 carat arsehole. Or have I got the wrong end of the stick?
  5. That Day of the Dead compilation is excellent, I reckon. One of the very best 'tribute' albums I've heard. My favourite is that version of Loser by Ed Droste and Binki Shapiro. Absolutely stunning
  6. Latitude, i reckon
  7. hehehe. Love you, bambs. Don't go changing.
  8. I Want You Back is an amazing song. Better than anything the Beach Boys did. But i,ve never really got the Brian wilson thing. the only problem with the Jackson 5 opening with 'Can you feel it' is all the people hypnotised by Derren Brown will go on the rob, especially if the weather is alright and there's lots of green grass around.
  9. Thanks for the heads up. Ordered. Long wait till May. With that, Dylan bootleg 1-3 and the new Mag Fields 50 song thing out in a few weeks, there's going to be a fair few records waiting for me when i get home in the summer.
  10. Recent tour was pretty stripped down. The least lavish i've ever seen them in terms of dancers, costumes etc. All the money had been spent on lasers and lights
  11. You're off to Primavera though, right? We get to see them there. I'm pretty hyped for that.
  12. We timed it perfectly at eotr last year, saw the (always excellent) Jeffrey Lewis, went for a drink or two and wandered back to see the end of Whitney's set. All you really need is 'No Woman'. The rest is pretty generic and forgettable.
  13. Hehehe 'They say you open the Other Stage twice. Once on the way up and once on the way down. Good morning Glastonbury. It's good to back in this slot'
  14. Yeah, bloody right. Who wants girls at a festival, especially teenage ones. Stupid idea. Should be for bloody men. No girls allowed. They smell funny. Probly. Dunno. Never been close enough to one to check. And hopefully I never will. Especially at Glastonbury.
  15. A man with a grasp of semiotics. Can I get you half a lager?