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  1. ah, that's a perfect companion piece to what I've just posted, yeah
  2. so, I've figured out, this is my problem with lots of bands of Radiohead's age, I went abroad to Slovakia in 1994, and was away for a good few years. I basically then didn't have any access to new music until I got broadband in, I dunno, 2006 or something. So there's a 10 year gap where all these bands became popular and I didn't get exposed to them. I came back to the Uk and they were fucking massive and I didn't really know where to begin with them. It was alright with bands I knew before I went away, and fine with bands that have grown up since then but I've got a blind spot from that period.
  3. Ah now, if you're an Os fan, you've had a rough old year. It must be pretty tough going at the moment. I suspect Radiohead provide the perfect soundtrack.
  4. yes, I really like in Rainbows too. Some really good stuff on there, I like Weird Fishes a lot
  5. Sneaking into someone else's tent while they're away and having a dump in their sleeping bag.
  6. Seriously, like just after that I listened to 'The National Anthem', and it's brilliant, love it. Basically, what I'm saying is 1) Kid A
  7. Oooh, bloody hell, where do I know that 'Lucky' song from? (I'm listening to Tuna's list in order) Got it! It's off that 'Help' compilation, isn't it?
  8. Oh shit, I've just incurred the wrath of all of you, haven't I. I'll take you all on, square goes. In front of the Pyramid. Friday 23rd June. 10pm. And you can bring your dinner.
  9. Fuck me, that's the first time I've ever heard Paranoid Android, What an appalling song. Interminable. Some kind of horrific Brian May guitar solo in it. I've only heard Kid A, Amnesiac, Rainbow and the latest one. Some absolute belting stuff on them, mind.
  10. Right, I have made a playlist of these songs to get me up to speed by June. Thanks very much, Tuna
  11. 2 becomes 1 is an absolute belter too
  12. I dunno really, but you're right, I'd never thought about it, uphill all the way, and designed for the oldest punters.
  13. cos it slopes downwards the wrong away, ie.away from the stage
  14. Bit harsh on Thom and the boys, but I can definitely see where you're coming from.
  15. yeah, but Radiohead, Pulp etc, there were loads of people there to see them. Defence rests.