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  1. The Vinyl Thread

    Reading up on it, might only be the Transatlantic records stuff that’s getting reissued. Those RSD ones are the stuff he did for Charisma. Pick of the bunch there is L.A Turnaround. Glorious album. I’m tempted now, damn you Nal.
  2. The Vinyl Thread

    I think all the BertJansch stuff is all getting put out again, I picked up that box set of the first 4 albums the other week.
  3. The Vinyl Thread

    There’s some stuff I quite fancy this year, more so than in previous years. Hopefully getting the Tom Waits reissues, Pictish Trail, The Streets, Bobbie Gentry, Erasure, Sandy Denny. We’ll see. Huge amount of shite there too, novelty records etc
  4. Bon Iver 2017

    That was great, but it’s really clear how much better the newer stuff is, especially live. Also, I really like the idea of a residency, mixing up the set lists etc.In that way, it reminded me of the summer of Prince at the O2 Never seen him looking as relaxed as he did last night. Sound was exceptional, especially the bass. So intense it was making the whole room shake. But the previous posters were right, incredibly rammed. Get there early or you’re stuck at the back. No room to move The support was fucking shit though, like a stars in their eyes version of the war on drugs.
  5. Bon Iver 2017

    Going tonight. Pretty excited about it all
  6. 2018 New Music

    Very much enjoying the new Low Anthem album. A thing of gentle beauty
  7. 2018 New Music

    It was a sheer blast apart from that ropey cover of ‘my cherie amour’
  8. 2018 New Music

    Get on this, it’s like Prince is back, a pure fucking blast, start to finish
  9. Bon Iver 2017

    Whereas i, on the other hand, am fucking delighted cos i’ve got one of the evenings with support and i was proper pissed off that i was going to be missing out on an extra hour of Bon Iver.
  10. Kendrick Lamar

    I prefer his previous album on pastry work; To crimp a butter pie
  11. Bon Iver 2017

  12. Bon Iver 2017

    Yep, me too. Why would they do that to us? Bastards.
  13. 2018 New Music

    Conversely, i think its an absolute belter of a single. Bodes really well for the album and summer UK dates
  14. Bon Iver 2017

    Long time since I've been to a concert like this, it says doors 6.30, what sort of time (realistically) do I need to be there? When I go to gigs here, if it says 7pm on the ticket, it can sometimes mean the band being on at 7. Been caught out a few times like that. Most notably the White Stripes. Got there at 8pm just in time to hear Jack White say 'You've been great, this is our last one'
  15. 2018 New Music

    I find him much beter live than on record, I rarely listen to him at home, but every time I've seen him, it's been great.

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