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  1. Sunday Legend 2016

    As long as its not full of Rainy Day Women, i'll take it
  2. NME's top 10 headliners of the century...

    Yep, that Streets gig was topfuckingnotch. Loved it.
  3. Sunday Legend 2016

    That's really not how Dylan works though, is it? He's not one for the nostalgia circuit or for faithfully reproducing his back catalogue. I can't imagine anything less likely, thank God. I love him to pieces for many many reasons, one if them being that he wont ever do something like that.
  4. Headliners 2016

    Mike Love, right up there as one of the 'orriblist people in music, and a load of session musicians gravefucking the beach boys. Reckon i'll pass. Horrific. And comparing it to Patti Smith? Thats the madest thing i've ever read on here (and God only knows there's some competition for that accolade)
  5. Bring Me The Horizon

    They look like they couldn't bring a piece of toilet paper to their own arses without help, let alone the horizon
  6. Acts Touring Around Glastonbury 2016

    I dunno who these are, but the one on the left looks Pete Doherty if he'd gone down the MDMA route rather than smack.
  7. Bring Me The Horizon

    I was thinking 'emo catfish'
  8. Bring Me The Horizon

    I literally never heard of this shower till yesterday afternoon when someone mentioned them on this site. I googled an image. That was enough. I'm out. They say never judge a book by a cover, but I say, judge a band by the gormless fuckwits gazing at the camera like an undicovered tribe who've never seen electricity before. Lord alone knows what dreadful shite they produce when they're actually given instruments but I'm not foolish enough to attempt to find out.  
  9. Bon Iver

    Really? Good God. I even listened to it the other evening (when these rumours first started) and decided it wasn't really happening for me. Will try again.
  10. Bon Iver

    Am I missing something, that second Bon Iver album isn't much cop is it? Have I (as usual) failed to realise its true magnificence or something?
  11. James?

    I voted it up, thought it was cracking, bruv.
  12. Headliners 2016

    Paul is definitely the most talented/gifted whatever of the Beatles. LIke stunningly so. His stock is at a low at the moment, and he's a become a bit of a figure of fun, but nobody can write a tune like him. I find it really curious that he's ridiculed so much at the moment. When he dies and his work is reassessed, man people will realise how wrong they were. He's due a major critical re-evaluation.   I mean, personally, I think he should have knocked it on the head 5-10 years ago, but still fucking hell. Paul McCartney (or however you spell it)
  13. James?

    You've rumbled me, I'm really Brian Molko. 
  14. James?

    It's got a lot better, still has a lot of problems, but compared to 25 years ago...
  15. James?

      Margate. It's a shithole alright. But i left when I was 20 or something. Never been back. Last 20 years have been Slovakia, UK, Slovakia, Hong Kong, Thailand, Russia, Slovakia, Russia.