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  1. Yeah, me too. I made that decision last night not to take my little pocket knife (that i usually take) with me. It's daft, but you're never going to win the argument when you get to the gates.
  2. So that's that one nailed then, i reckon. Good work team.
  3. Glomar is pretty much, in this situation, a 'yes'
  4. Hehe, confiscating penknives is pure and simple bullshit. How many catering stalls are there on site? Hundreds. How many knives, cleavers etc on those stalls? It must total thousands. But no, we'll spend our time getting tiny penknives confiscated. Farcical.
  5. Yeah, the played a secret gig at Primavera the other week on a little stage
  6. Time is a different concept at Glastonbury
  7. Which seems pretty reasonable
  8. It'd mean letting us know on Thursday morning
  9. I'm having a proper sense of humour failure over that meme. Bang out of order, for me. Can't believe the up and downvotes on this thread. Pretty shit
  10. yeah, was thinking about this earlier, normally wear my heavier coat, sweatshirt, wellies to get there, to cut down on packing and space, but if we're queuing for hours in 30 degree heat, fuck that. it's shorts and t-short for travelling
  11. Got absolutely shocking reviews didn't it? I can recall Chortle really going to town on it. In much better comedy news, I just found out the godlike genius that is Simon Munnery is doing an Edinburgh preview near me in mid July. Hooray!
  12. Mate, all I want to do is give you Bunk Moreland advice, but it all seems inappropriate. I'm sorry you're having a tough time.
  13. there's pretty much no-one I want to see (now Prince is planted) for more than an hour. It'll do for pretty much anybody in the world. the idea that quantity = quality is bullshit. Springsteen, The Cure et al, nah, knock it on the head.
  14. Oh, and got a bottle of kaluha and a litre of spiced rum from duty free. And some tequila. No stopping me now
  15. Nice one. Just leaving Russia to head home. On the plane now