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  1. Ah, i've just googled it. I'm not really any the wiser, really
  2. Yeah, i'll be honest, i'm baffled. But that's ok
  3. I really can't get on with that new Lambchop. The use of autotune feels like a real affectation, contrary to Bon Iver. Possibly cos Kurt Wagner has one of the greatest natural voices in all of music.
  4. I was at Reading 90 but spent most of my time in the Mean Fiddler tent. Band of Holy Joy were astonishing on that Sunday. also, i remember the Wedding Present came out and started their set with a cover of the Cheers theme tune. Don't ever let anybody tell you things were better in the good old days.
  5. dunno, remember, he gets around. Get around round round. He gets around.
  6. As I understand it, he's on a double white line, trucking on through the night.
  7. Man, i love Jeff Lewis and i love that song. The latest JL album is really good.
  8. Bill Maher has been tremendous throughout the campaign. 'Real Time' has been essential viewing/listening.
  9. I thought Madness were pretty poor this year. That AC/DC thng was er... misjudged. The bowie cover was pretty dire. They looked like they were going through the motions throughout the set. 4/10
  10. You see? You see? you see what happens when you all stop listening to Erasure?
  11. Best stay out the circus field. Hundreds of the bastards.
  12. Hehehe. This is finally it. The act that unites all the right thinking efesters. No doubt some dreary long haired halfwit will be along in a minute to complain they don't make real music with guitars and that. But until then, I'm cranking up that greatest hits album and heading home with a grin on my face
  13. Erasure get my vote too. Great singles band. Think the last time I saw them was very late 80s/possibly 90 or 91. But that first greatest hits collection? Pure gold.
  14. Problem is, i don't listen to the radio, my new music is limited to the (excellent) thread on here, the lineup for eotr and the occasional downloaded kitson broadcast on Resonance. And none of those are bringing me the FF