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  1. Family friendly festivals

    Having just returned from Standon (after 5 or so Camp Bestivals) I can highly recommend it for anyone with Kids over 9. Camp Bestival is excellent, but Standon is more local to me (hertfordshire), and less full of buggies. Stacks of families, and a great vibe.
  2. New security measures in place

    Have you seen how much firewood they provide on site?
  3. New security measures in place

    It's fucking hot though, bring litres of water for the queues, and a brolly for shade. And sun cream for your neck, obvs. Seen a lots of lobster skin today
  4. New security measures in place

    They weren't looking for my stash though, which was nice
  5. New security measures in place

    Had my Swiss Army knife confiscated at PGB this afternoon. In years past I've brought an axe for firewood and a kitchen knife for cooking. Be aware. No reasoning with meathead security
  6. boutique camping place available

    This is still available. Had a couple of enquiries whether it includes tickets. It does not. But it is a cool in the hot sun bell Tent and they have hot showers
  7. Somerset Log Candles. ORDER HERE!

    I'd like 2 please Mr Sawdusty. Looking forward to seeing you wandering the site with one donned as a hat again. Boom shanka Neil
  8. boutique camping place available

    Yep, this. I have my spot, and you won't find me camped anywhere else
  9. boutique camping place available

    Pulled out of Glastonbury (never paid their balance) , so it's just my friend on their own in boutique camping. So it's likely she'll camp with our group in public camping now
  10. boutique camping place available

    Here's the website https://www.glastonburyretreat.co.uk/
  11. boutique camping place available

    A friend of mine has been let down by their friend who's now not coming to Glastonbury, but they booked Boutique camping together with Glastonbury Retreat. Sadly they can't get a refund, but apparently can transfer it to someone else. I think Glastonbury Retreat is up by Ped Gate B, near Windinglake I'm not sure of how much they paid, but think it's in the region of a grand for 2 people in a bell tent for the weekend. If you're interested, chuck me a DM, and I'll put you in touch. boom shanka neil
  12. Cineramageddon

    how many people per car?
  13. liz bish

    Speak with your hospitality ticket provider. Who are they?
  14. Flares

    They look fucking awesome, but scare the shit out of me
  15. Circus & Theatre Fields

    Jonathan Kay, daily from the Astrolabe, Wheel of four tunes on sensation seekers, most nights, just go bimble, and catch interesting stuff

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